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Heaven for Batik Lovers: 6 Batik Villages in Indonesia

by Ivonne Puspakencana
batik village in indonesia

Batik is a traditional cloth coming from Indonesia. It has been the identity of Indonesia and is really famous in other countries too. For those who travel to various cities, then you can even get batik which is typical to the city itself.

Do you know that some cities have batik villages? If you wish to buy some batik cloths, then you can visit these batik villages. The price will be more tilted and you will find various choices of batik. If you want to experience something different, you can also see the manufacturing process of batik in that village.

Let’s explore these 6 batik villages in Indonesia for your amazing experience.

  • Batik Laweyan Village, Solo
Batik Villages in Indonesia
You arrive at the village once you see this sign board

Solo is home for many batik manufacturers so that Solo has several batik villages there. One of them is this Batik Laweyan Village.

In Laweyan Village itself, there are dozens of houses which function as batik shops, workshops to the workshops of various batik creations and the houses of the batik owners as well.

You can find various Solo batik here. The prices are also various. Batik print is the cheapest while batik with natural coloring will be the most expensive.

Laweyan Village is an ancient settlement which existed since the days of Kingdom of Pajang in the 1500s.

While you’re in Solo, make sure you have a tour to these historical places in Solo too!

  • Batik Griloyo Village, Yogyakarta
Batik Villages in Indonesia
First lady of Indonesia, Mrs. Iriana Joko Widodo visited Batik Griloyo Village

Batik Griloyo Village is the center of batik craft. It is located in Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta. Many tourists visit this village to learn batik. Besides, this batik village also sells batik education tour packages.

Besides learning batik and shopping for batik here, you can also have some more activities here which are included in the tour packages.

You can also see the traditional house and tomb of the Mataram kings at the top of Imogiri Hill. If you participate in the activity of exploring this batik village, you can also enjoy the traditional food of the village, pecel kembang turi and wedang uwuh.

Besides batik, there are some other things to buy in Yogyakarta night market. They are cheap and good! While you’re in Yogyakarta, you can also explore these 5 cultural attractions in Yogyakarta. You can learn a lot here.

  • Batik Trusmi Village, Cirebon
Batik Villages in Indonesia
The entrance gate of Batik Trusmi Village

Trusmi is known as the name of Cirebon batik shop or brand. However, it is actually the name of one village in Cirebon batik producers.

This batik village is located in Plered Subdistrict, Cirebon. You can find this area behind the large Batik Trusmi shop which is on the edge of the Plered Highway. From there, you will find dozens of batik centers.

They make, process batik fabrics or even just sell them at affordable prices. While exploring the village, don’t forget to enjoy some culinary specialties, such as tahu gejrot and empal gentong.

  • Batik Palbatu Village, Jakarta
Batik Villages in Indonesia
Houses painted in batik motifs in Palbatu Batik Village

Never thought that Jakarta also has a batik village? Indeed, it has Palbatu Batik Village. It was established not long time ago, in 2011, however this batik village has made two MURI records. This village got the records for the longest batik road and the most batik-painted house.

This village is really Instagramable as you will see various batik paintings on the streets and the house. This village was used to be created to preserve the Betawi batik motifs to the city community. However, now, there are some studios used to learn batik, both for the locals and foreign tourists.

If you wish to get another recommended places to buy batik, you can consider going to these places to buy affordable batik.

  • Batik Putat Jaya Village, Surabaya
Batik Villages in Indonesia
Women are making batik cloths in Batik Putat Jaya Village

Do you know Dolly’s prostitution in Surabaya? Since it was destroyed, it becomes a batik village which is crowded with tourists in Surabaya named Batik Putat Jaya Village. This village has a distinctive batik motif, mostly leaf and fruit motifs.

This batik village is located in alley 8B. This alley never gets deserted by many people, including mothers, students, even local and foreign tourists.

If you are visiting this batik village, there are many activities you can enjoy in Rumah Batik, such as training to make batik, discussion, and even buying some batik cloths.

  • Semarang Batik Village, Semarang
Batik Villages in Indonesia
Batik murals which are perfect for your photo background

Semarang is known to have some batik motifs, such as asem, gombel, blekok and others. All of these motifs can be enjoyed in Semarang Batik Village, which is located not far from the Old City and Johar Market.

Don’t forget to visit Pecinan while you’re in Semarang and get all the things to do in Pecinan, Semarang.

This village is quite unique as it is not only interesting for shopping, but also for hunting pictures. There are some Instagramable batik murals you can use as your photo background.

Visiting batik village is not complete without shopping for batik, starting from batik clothes or cloths, but also for accessories, bags, shoes and even Semarang batik-pattered keychains!

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