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32 Things to Do in Belitung, Indonesia (Natural Spots and Attraction)

by devani

Belitung is an island of Indonesia, Southeast Asia. Thus, Belitung island is located in Sumatra, covers 4,800.6 kmand the island’s population is 271,868 people in 2014. Meanwhile, Belitung is better known in English as Biliton. The island is perfectly beautiful with beaches as the tourist attraction. Also, the beaches are different from other beaches in the world. Despite its virgin beaches, white sands, and beautiful waves, the natural big rocks on the beach is the nature masterpiece of God.

Meanwhile, Belitung island became so popular started in 2005 after the released  of ‘Laskar Pelangi’ (The Rainbow Troops) novel sequels written by Indonesian writer Andrea Hirata. The novel itself narrates a story of  10 kids chasing their dreams in Belitung islands. That is why, the beauty of Belitung started to blow in all over the worlds. Indeed, if you have plan to visit Belitung Indonesia, then here is the list of best places to visit in Belitung.


Belitung Best Natural Spots

As it said, Belitung blesses with many beautiful beaches. If you ever wonder where heaven is, then this is the list of things to do in Belitung, Belitung.

1. Tanjung Tinggi Beach 

Pantai Tanjung TinggiTanjung Pandai is the most popular beach in Belitung island. Meanwhile, Tanjung Pandan beach is the setting of place of Laskar Pelangi blockbuster movie. That is why, people feels curious whether just to see what they have watched in the movie. Thus, it’s not only local tourists yet international visitors love to come here every year as the movies is being played in many international film festival. However, Tanjung Tinggi beach is located in Sijuk district, Belitung or it’s about 37 km from Tanjungpandan city.

Indeed, Tanjung Pandan beach is a super beautiful beach with its perfect white sand, calm waves, clear blue water, and coconut trees along the way. Yet the most uniqueness of Tanjung Pandan beach is its granite, I mean, big granite on the beach. Thus, you can jump and climb the rocks. Also, the perfect scene is to see the beach view from the top of the highest and biggest granite. As a result, Tanjung Tinggi beach may be the most beautiful beach you ever seen in your entire tour.

2. Tanjung Kelayang Beach 

Tanjung Kelayang beach Just as popular as Tanjung Tinggi beach, Tanjung Kelayang Beach is really beautiful. In the west side, Tanjung Kelayang is full of big granite just like Tanjung Tinggi beach. Thus, you can play on the granite, jump then swim. On the middle of the beach, the are two granite shaped like two big turtles. Meanwhile, that’s the beach icon. Also, along the way is holy white sands. Then, you want to talk about the water? It’s perfect. The beach is clean, blue clear water just like the water drops from heaven.

Meanwhile, the beach is perfect for your honeymoon trip. Thus, if you go there alone, it’s just okay for your escape place as the beach is quite, safe, and sound. Also, you walk around the edge of the beach, sunbathing there, or just laying while reading your favorite novel. No matter what you want to do, the beach will just relax your feeling. Indeed, the beach location is in 27 kilos from Belitung center.

3. Lengkuas Island 

Lengkuas IslandLengkuas island is small island in Belitung. Thus, the beach location is in north Belitung or you can sail around 30 minutes to across this island. Just like all beautiful nature in the world, Lengkuas island is covered with blue sky and clear blue water. Indeed, you can handshake with the local people there. They are friendly and so traditional. Also, you can see or maybe join to the local fisherman chasing fish. If it’s not, you maybe just gentle sitting on the best spot of the island and looking around on how great the scenery is.

Meanwhile, the best spot is an old lighthouse in Lengkuas island. The lighthouse has been there since 1882. The lighthouse stands for 70 meters tall used to be the ships compass. Then, it’s not only an island yet you can learn about the classic history of the lighthouse.

4. Berahu Hills 

berahu hillsBerahu hills location is in Tanjuk Binga village, Sinjuk district, or it’s about 18 kilos from the city center of Tanjungpandan. Thus, the name Berahu Hills or it’s ‘Ship Hills’ in English has meaning that the hills shaped like ship if you see it from distant. Also, the hills is perfectly beautiful with beaches view around it. Thus, you would love to climb it, stand on the top with your hands open, and let the happiness wind swipe off your hair.

Meanwhile, there are complete facilities here such as restaurant, swimming pool, and of course hotel rooms. From the top of the hills, you feel so much enchanted to see the view around. That is perfect beach around, the trees, the local people, and sure the best beauty you ever seen. At night, that’s the best time you must stay at the top of the hills as there you can watch the stars. Indeed, the counting stars as Belitung sky is perfectly clean from pollution you used to smell in the capital city. As a result, that’s the Berahu hills.

5. Punai Beach 

punai islandPunai beach is the most beautiful beach in Tanjung Kelumpang village. Well, it’s about 93 meters from the capital Tanjung Pandan. Meanwhile, Punai means pigeon, so likely this beach is the home of pigeons. Likewise, there are many pigeons used to stay there. If you are lucky enough, you may see the pigeons when the beach water is in a low tide. There is also Punai island if you sail a little far from the beach.

Meanwhile, Punai beach is just perfectly beautiful. The nature of God is everywhere here. You may enjoy the clear blue water and its white sands. Also, there is a coconut plantation there. Then, you may want to stay in the hotel nearby or just bite the best seafood of Punai beach. If Tanjung Kelayang beach presents the big granite rocks, in Punai beach there are only small granite yet still beautiful.

6. Pasir Island

Indeed, Pasir is Indonesian Language that means Sand. So, in English this place name is Sand Island. Meanwhile, the location of Pasir island is nearby Tanjung Kelayang beach. Thus, it only takes about 15 minutes by boat. Actually, Pasir island is an unique place that you may love to visit. You can jump yourself through the water, that’s shallow and safe to swim.

Also, you will find sea animals here. They are laying on its white sand through the clear blue water. Meanwhile, there is starfish that you may play with. It’s a big red starfish, just like that Patrick Star. Yet, you cannot bring the red starfish home as that’s illegal. Likewise, Pasir island is surrounding by many beautiful islands. So, you get double view of beauty here.

7. Kaolin Lake 

kaolin lakeKaolin lake location is in Air Raya village, Tanjung Pandan. Thus, it only takes 10 minute if you want to go there from the capital Tanjungpandan. Thus, kaolin lake is likely a white beautiful crater. The water has blue light color. Thus, the scents of brimstone is so sting. Yet, it has perfectly vies. Thus, the white crater wasn’t made by mountain eruption. It was created by an old mining, an kaolin mining.

Meanwhile, kaolin mining is a mineral material to produce paper, cosmetics, food, and toothpaste. Thus, almost all Belitung area was the mining place but now it’s long gone. However, you can still enjoy the beauty of nature in Kaolin Lake. Nevertheless, this beautiful lake haven’t been touched by the government nearby so you wouldn’t be served by public facilities.

8. Penyabong Beach 

One more beautiful beach of Belitung, here is Penyabong beach. Thus, Penyabong beach is located in Membalong district, which almost so far form the capital Tanjungpandang or it’s about 70 kilos. Thus, it’s a secret beach with a great white sand and granite on the beach. Meanwhile, there are lines of trees from students’ work. While walking around the beach, you may learn those trees name in Latin from the board. Thus, there are also big granite here and one small island in the middle.

Meanwhile, the view is as perfect as anything. Yet you may be careful cause this beach has the big level of waves. Further, you may want to surfing there. Indeed, there are many seafood stands in the corner of the beach that you can try.

9. Nyiur Melambai Beach 

Nyiur Melambai beach is located in Lalang village, Manggar city, North Belitung. Thus, it is another beautiful beach that you can found in Belitung. Meanwhile, Nyiur Melambai beach has greenish and bluish water. Also, the wind is pretty heavy here yet the wave is friendly. Also, there are lines of pine trees along the beach. The trees looks like dancing by the wind. That’s beautiful.

Meanwhile, there is a series of small twigs constructed like a train rail. Then, there are green grass around it. Indeed, thats just a super unique view you rarely found exists in a beach.

10. Tanjung Pendam Beach

Tanjung Pendam Beach Tanjung Pendam beach is one more popular beach of Belitung. Sure, it has great view like a painting. Meanwhile, the wave on this beach is calm and the wind so. It is the best place if you just want to have a relax time. You may sit or lay on beach seat and stare at the beach. The water is perfectly blue mixing with the beautiful blue sky too. Meanwhile, you can sunbathing, reading your favorite novel, or do sun meditation there. Also, stare there in the evening to see how beautiful the sunset is.

Meanwhile, Tanjung Pendam beach is located in Sijuk district, Tanjungpandan. Thus, the beach is just easy to reach. Apart laying on the beach, you can also check out the local people’s art works there. The art works of paintings and handcrafting. Thus, you may also buy it for souvenirs. As a result, Tanjung Pendam beach is a beautiful beach you worth to visit while you are in Belitung.

11. Memperak Island

Memperak beach location is in East Belitung district. Thus, this island is quite far from visitors yet its beauty is know in all over districts. Meanwhile, Memperak beach has a very clear water, it’s bluish and greenish. Thus, the beach it’s the best escape place if you want to have great relax time. Then you can swim there as the wave is friendly and not too high.

Thus, Memperak beach is well known as the best snorkeling beach. As the beach has the most beautiful sea life view. Meanwhile, the fish and another sea creatures are well organized. I mean, they still protected and natural. Indeed, Memperak beach is totally the best holiday spot you may visit with your best friends or lovers.

12. Batu Berlayar Island 

Meanwhile, Batu Berlayar means “sailing rocks” in English. Thus, the name is taken by one rock shaped like a fisherman sailboat. Then, that rock becomes the landmark of Batu Berlayar beach. Also, the beach is filled with granite on the water. Thus, you may step the rock to feel the beach closer.

Also, you can find sea animal on the beach such as fish and starfish. Then, Batu Berlayar beach has beautiful background ever with its clear blue water touch. Walking around the beach is absolutely the best refreshing you have been finding. As a result, you can also swimming between those big granite. That is perfect experience!

13. Burung Mandi Beach 

burung mandi beach Burung Mandi beach location is in Burung Mandin village, it’s 70 kilometers from the main airport. Thus, Burung Mandi means ‘bird bath’ in English. No one really knows if birds love to bathing there. Yet, the name is taken from the month nearby also called Mounth Burung Mandi.

Thus, Burung Mandi beach is the only beach in Belitung with mountain background. So, you get double experiences here that you visit beach and also feel the mountain air. Burung Mandi beach is just so beautiful. Also, the clear blue water and its pine trees line combine the beauty with the mountain view too. As a result, the scenery is perfect for photo shot and holiday destination for all your family, lovers, and best friends.

14. Kepayang Island

Belitung is well know as an island with many beautiful beaches. Thus, Kepayang beach is one of them. Meanwhile, Kepayang has meaning ‘mind-blowing.’ Indeed, the word is to explain how beautiful the beach is till it blows your mind good. Also, Belitung has typical white sand and granite beach, so do the Kepayang beach is.

Meanwhile, it’s just unbelievable beautiful. The white sand, big granite, clear blue water, and of course the wave are perfectly beautiful. Also, you can do snorkeling and diving there. Kepayang beach has its own natural and beautiful sea animals.

Rainbow Troops Tours in Belitung

Belitung is well-know world wide as the ‘Rainbow Troops’ tale. Since the novel and movie went to public, it’s automatically promoted the beauty of Belitung. Also, the novel is being translated in more than 30 languages and won many literature awards. Then, the setting of place of the novel, which is Belitung, became the famous tourist attraction. As a result, visiting Laskar Pelangi spots is one of the things to do in Belitung, Indonesia.

15. Gantong Elementary School Replica 

replica laskar pelangi The novel narrated a story about ten kids in Gantong Elementary School. They were the only students there, the poor school. Thus, they started their dreams in that small school with their lovely teacher. Also, they started being best friends. On the movie adaptation, that school was rebuilt for the movie shoot.

Meanwhile, the school was the real school where Andrea Hirata, the writer, took admission in. The location is in Belitung inland. Since then, the school attracted tourists to visit and learn how they grew up. Till now, the school replica is protected but free to visit. It’s a beautiful old school whit its story.

16. Tanjungpandan City

Tanjungpandan is the district capital of Belitung. Thus, the city is setting of place where Laskar Pelangi movie most taken in. On this small city, you can visit the exactly places of the movie. Likewise, the streets, the schools, the zoo with its wild crocodile. Also, there is a monument of meteorite.

Then, you can relax in traditional coffee shop in Manggar. Just for your information, Belitung people love to hang out in traditional coffee shop and socialize there. They have unique and tasty coffee. Belitung attractions.

17. Andrea Hirata’s Word Museum 

museum kata andrea hirataMeanwhile, Andrea Hirata seems the most influential writer in Indonesia. From his Laskar Pelangi sequal, he’s likely changing the Indonesia mindset. Then, he built a museum named Word Museum in Laskar Pelangi street, Gantong village, Belitung. It seems like the only popular literature museum in the city. Thus, in the museum you may check out the Laskar Pelangi stuff. Also, it’s behind the scene.

Moreover, there is a lot of books, novels, all about literature. Also, you will see some beautiful masterpiece of Andrea Hirata. It is kinda like heaven from those who love art. Then, Andrea Hirata prepares a lot of post cards everyday that you can write for your lovely ones, and it will be send to them. It’s totally sweet things to do in Belitung Indonesia.

More Beautiful Attraction in Belitung

18. Bendung Pice – The colonial legacy located in Lenggang village.

19. Hot-spring Buding – The only hot springs of Belitung. This place located in Bukit Jaya village.

20. Marsila Waterfall – Beautiful waterfall in Bentaian region.

21. Simpang Tiga Waterfall – The pure waterfall that you will love so much.

22. Bandoeng River – A water spot that you can play jet sky, banana boat, sky water, and more.

23. Batarak Rock – A great big granite in Bukit Batu beach.

24. Fuk Tet Che Temple – A Tri Dharma worship place in Kebon Baru village.

25. Turtle Rock – A great big granite under the tree shaping like a turtle.

26. Sun Li San Temple – A beautiful temple on the hills.

27. Istiqomah Buding Museum – A place of heritage stuff from North Belitung Kingdom a hundred years ago.

28. Serdang Beach – A beautiful beach in Manggar district.

29. Keran Island – The best place to see coral reefs.

30. Buku Limau Island – The population of Bugis tribe since 50’s and still hold their tradition even now.

31. Mount Lilangan – Best beautiful month since Belitung is full of beaches.

Meanwhile, Belitung island is just so beautiful. One of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia. Thus, there are many best places to visit in Belitung. Also, Belitung has its own natural phenomena like beaches with granite that you can never see in another world.

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