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12 Best Things to Do in Anyer, Banten Indonesia

by Yoga Adi

Anyar or Anyer is the name of a sub-district in Serang District, Banten Province, Indonesia. This district has a very famous beaches as a tourist areas. It was also the starting point of Post Road, Anyer Road to Panarukan built by the Dutch in the nineteenth century, which lasted 1,000 kilometers on the eastern tip of Java island. In the Offshore Anyer there is the island of Sangiang Island, an uninhabited island with a large area of ​​untouched forests. This area is also known for its coral formations filled with tropical fish.

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Beside that, what else you can  find in this place. Interested? Check this out all the things to do in Anyer, Banten Indonesia:

1. Sambolo Beach

Sambolo Beach offers a panoramic view of the beauty of the beach which has a stretch of white sand. Public facilities that available in the area of ​​Sambolo Beach is also very complete and adequate.

Tourists can do various fun activities on Sambolo Beach, such as playing water or sand, swimming, or just exploring the coast to banana boats, donuts, jet ski and parasailing. Also, in Sambolo Beach there are also food stalls or culinary that you can taste delicious. What a nice place, right?

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2. Marina Beach

Marina Beach is perfect for you who like the water sports, because you can find many of them in here. You can enjoy the various rides. Other than that the greatness of Marina Beach tourist attraction is the presence of accommodation facilities like lodging, villas, or resorts, which ideal and have many varieties. The facilities also complete, so you will be comfortable when traveling in here.

Until now, Anyer is popular with coastal tourism, just look at how many beach tourisms in Anyer. The plus factor of this beach compared to other beaches in Anyer is Marina Beach has a more water sports. Because of that, all of you who come here can do the activity of the game and exercise it in the same way, the holiday will feel more exciting. This is absolutely amazing place.

3. Marbella Beach

Marbella Beach is located not far from Sambolo Beach. To get to this Marbella Beach area of ​​Sambolo Beach, you can simply walking down the coastline of Sambolo Beach. The name of this beach is quite unique, named Marbella, where Marbella itself is the name of the hotel.

So this Marbella Beach area is in front of Hotel Marbella. You could say, Marbella Beach’s condition is very very clean and there are some resting place to relax. What a perfect place for you who want to enjoy the luxury while relaxing.

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4. Cibeureum Beach

Cibeureum Beach offers a quite unique and different atmosphere compared to the presence of other beaches in Anyer. This is because the visitors will be able to feel the atmosphere of a quiet and comfortable beach that used as a relaxing location.

Also, in Cibeureum Beach area there are many coconut trees that grow along the coast , make the beach becomes more shady. In addition, tourists can also try the delicacy of culinary food sold by residents in the area of ​​this beach. So what are you waiting for then? Come here !

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5. White Sand Florida Beach

Another destination in Anyer-Banten that very popular is Florida Beach. It white sand is wider than other beaches in Banten. From here, you can see the beautiful sunset panorama and beautiful beach charm. Other activities that can be done while on vacation here is to play and enjoy on the beach or play beach volleyball. The ticket price is only Rp 10. 000, – per person.

Just like its name, this beach has clean white sand and almost perfect cleanliness. The white sand here is so beautiful. As long as the eyes saw, there’s a stretch of white sand all the way. On the coast, there are also shady and cool trees, make the tourists more comfortable in here. With it potentials, this beach is very recommended for you. 

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6. Jambu Beach

Jambu beach has a white and soft sand beach . The condition of Pantai Jambu is still very clean, natural, even still virgin. This Jambu Beach offers beautiful panoramic view that you can enjoy. The view is also stunning, plus the sea atmosphere you’ll feel here.

Other than that, you can play water or relaxing on the beach. In addition you will also find a swing that you can play while enjoying the beautiful atmosphere of the beach. What a perfect place to relaxing your mind and body. Such as great things to do in Anyer, Banten Indonesia.

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7. Carita Beach

Carita Beach is already very popular and famous among the people of Indonesia. In fact, arguably has become a favorite beach for citizens of Jakarta. Carita Beach location is indeed not too far from Jakarta and will experience an increase in the number of visitors if the holiday season comes.

Carita Beach offers beautiful panoramic beaches and sea views. Not only that, even the underwater park is very fascinating. This Carita Beach has been designated as Nature Nature Park by the Minister of Agriculture. So its a must visit place for you when visiting Anyer. Such as great things to do in Anyer, Banten Indonesia

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8. Anyer Beach

Anyer Beach is a coastal area located in the District Anyer, Serang regency, Banten. This Beach has a beautiful white sand beach. Anyer beach is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Banten. The majority of visitors in Anyer Beach are resident of Jakarta and surrounding areas. In Anyer Beach area there are various complete facilities such as lodging and hotels that are adequate.

In addition you can also do a variety of fun activities such as playing sand, swimming, water sports, diving, snorkeling, surfing, or just relaxing to enjoy the panoramic view of the beach, and enjoy a culinary dish seafood dish on the beach. Sure, its a must visit place for you.

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Other Anyer Attractions

Beside those attractions, you can also visit these places too, the Anyer points of interests:

9. Mount Batur

The next tourist location is Mount Batur. If we travel from downtown Cilegon, the distance is about 8 km, with time travel around 10 minutes. This place is one of the intention of agro tourism with the purpose of special interest tourism, like camping, hiking, learning the flora fauna and so forth.

Mount Batur is always made as a climbing trek for fans of nature. Mount Batur is located in Pulomerak district. To get here, you need about 1 hour when the traffic is jammed. If there’s no traffic jam, it can be reached within 30 minutes, although its impossible.  This mount provides many interesting activities for the tourists such as Camping, Flora and Fauna study, Hiking, Jogging, and also Gantole. The people in the village of Mount Batur so friendly and often smile to make tourists feel at home. Really nice isn’t it? so what are you waiting for?

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10. Sangiang Island

Sangiang Island is a marine tourism park in Banten. By the tourists, this place is also has a nickname, Seven Wonders of Banten. Just like the nickname, Sangiang Island has stunning natural scenery. There are beautiful beaches with white sand and clear sea water, including Tanjung Raden, Batu Mandi, Pasir Panjang and Legon Waru. Various kinds of typical plants such as sea pine, ketapang bayur, sea waru, walikukum, dadap laut, and also nyamplung.

If you visit Tanjung Raden Beach, you can see beautiful variety of marine life using glass bottom boat. To reach Sangiang Island, you can travel 2 to 3 hours to Anyer, then cross to Sangiang. It takes approximately 1 hour to cross. Many travel services offer tours to Sangiang, with the rate around Rp 400. 000 – Rp 600. 000 per person. If you want snorkeling, the equipment can also be rent on the spot. What a great place, right?.

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11. Merak Island

The island which is right in front of Merak-Bakauheni Port, has a total area of ​​20 hectares. Merak besar Island has functions, one of them is the forest, protecting from the incoming waves that come to the Port of Merak. Protecting the Merak Integrated Terminal and also ferry port. Merak Besar Island is still natural and has no inhabitants.

The island also has a wealth of marine flora and fauna. When you come here, you can also find the coral website of Krakatau Tsunami that erupted in 1883. To reach this island, from downtown Cilegon we need a time around 15 minutes to get to the Merak Besar Island. The transportations you can find to get here are also vary. Choose anything you want, and make a great experience when visiting this island !

12. Dano (Danau) Swamp

Dano swamp is also known as Danau Swamp Natural Reserve. When you go from Jakarta, the distance is around 101 km. In this tourist attraction, there are many swamps and also the lake. The area of ​​the Dano Swamp is 2. 500 hectares. Many kinds of trees grow here. The animals that exist in Dano Swamp are variety of reptiles, at least there are 250 species of birds in this swamp. This swamp is said to be a rare thing in the world because there are only two types of swamp like this, in Brazil and in Dano Swamp Banten.

Dano swamp is so mysterious. Many myths exist in this swamp. The local people believe that Dano swamp is closely related to the White Crocodile black magic. To get to the Dano swamp, you can choose 3 lines, like Jakarta-Serang-Padarincang-Dano Swamp, then through Serang-Anyer-Cinangka line, and through the Cilegon-Anyer line. You can choose whatever you like that suits you. Indeed, if you come to Serang, don’t you ever forget to visit this unique Swamp.

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How to Get There

Indeed, to enjoy more Anyer attractions, here are the guides:

  • Location and Route

For the tourists who come from Jakarta and surrounding areas who want to vacation to Anyer Beach, Carita, Karang Bolong and surrounding areas, Its suggested to go there via Alternative Route : exit the toll gate of Serang – entering serang town – road sudirman -A. Yani – Ciceri – Serang Mall – Governor Office, turn right – about 50 meters, turn  left Mayor Syafei Road –  then go to Tatakan – Sari Mountain – Mancak – and finally Anyer.

Its also recommended to use navigation system like Google Maps to help you.

  • Entry Ticket

The entry is very cheap, ranging from 10.000 to 50.000 per person. It considered pretty cheap, if compared to all the things you can get while visiting those attractions. Well maybe you can add more if you want to enjoy some facilities in the area. Suit yourself.

That’s it, several things to do in Anyer, Banten, Indonesia. Actually, there’s more thing you can explore, and i want you to find it yourself, and make a great experience of it, careful not to get lost though. Also, don’t forget to make a very nice memory of it, and please keep the environment clean, to make the beauty of those places still maintained. Enjoy your holiday, have a great day!

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