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Find Your Eternal Peace at These 4 Temples in Mojokerto

by Widiya

There are a huge number of temples all over Indonesia in various sizes, shapes, and areas, yet not every one of them is viewed as holy. By and large, a temple ought to be situated where the world’s magnetic path goes through densely. 

It very well may be in the edges of an outskirt town or city, or in the dwelling place, or on a ridge. A temple shows the belief which is the basis for any living being. You might also want to know about temples in Yogyakarta.

Temples are made to build up the belief that God exists. It is so important to have faith in God.

We have our choice to live and lead a daily existence as we like. Constantly, we fall on to the negative side of life since that gives us temporary solace and joy.

If that is the case, visiting a temple may get us back on the right track as temples give us eternal peace. Down below is a list of temples in Mojokerto that you can visit when in dire need of peace.

A List of Temples in Mookerto

  1. Tikus Temple 
Temples in Mojokerto

Tikus Temple is situated in Dinuk Hamlet, Temon Town, Trowulan Subdistrict, Mojokerto Regency, East Java, 13 kilometers toward the southeast of Mojokerto. The name ‘Tikus’ (rodent) is utilized by the people in the local area. 

They say that the site was the nook for a colony of rodents. The construction of Tikus Temple that takes after a pool has welcomed contentions among students of history and archeologists concerning its function. 

A few researchers accept that the sanctuary was a pool, a washing place for the royal family. However, some others imagine that the structure was a water repository and distribution channel for Trowulan people.

Nonetheless, the pyramidal pinnacle proposes that the temple likewise works as a worship place. The structure of Tikus Temple takes after that of a washing place, as it has a pool and a few structures inside the temple precinct. 

  1. Jolotundo Temple 
Temples in Mojokerto

Jolotundo Temple lies on the slants of Mount Penanggungan, one of the hallowed heaps of Java. It is a position of profound force and a holy spring. 

The temple is an inherent Javanese andesite stone, with refined carvings that stood the trial of time. The Jaladwara (‘water entryways’) from which the water streams is a Nāga, the snake watchmen of the waterways and lakes. Speaking of lakes, here are lakes in Jambi worth visiting.

The water from this sanctuary is of high quality — even from a simply biological outlook, the Jolotundo water has been positioned in studies as the third best water on the planet for its great minerals. In any event, when saving the water for quite a while (two years) the smell, shading, and taste of the water did not change at all. 

  1. Wringinlawang Temple 
Temples in Mojokerto

Wringinlawang Temple is situated in Wringinlawang Hamlet, Jati Pasar Village, Trowulan Subdistrict, Mojokerto Regency, or 11 kilometers from Mojokerto in transit to Jombang.

Rumors from far and wide suggest that close to the temple, there was a major banyan tree, and the temple was named after it (in Javanese, Wringin is a banyan tree, and Lawang is a door). 

Prior to rebuilding, the southern portion of the door was as yet unblemished, standing 15.50 meters high, while the northern half was just nine meters high. To one side and right of the steps prompting the space between the two parts of the door, there is a segment divider two meters high. 

The space between the two parts is very huge. No etchings or eases are found on the temple dividers. 

The temple’s rooftop is a layered pyramid with a square top. The state of the rooftop and the topsy turvy pyramid decorations on the rooftop are like those found on Bajangratu Temple. 

  1. Kawitan Majapahit Temple 
Temples in Mojokerto

Kawitan Majapahit Temple is situated in Trowulan, the previous capital of the domain, built at the foot of the overwhelming Mount Arjuna.

The temple complex lies just toward the north of the Segeran Pool, a huge rectangular region of water lined by the trademark red block of the city that is believed to have once been a diversion spot for the Majapahit royals and their visitors. 

The complex comprises a progression of altars, sculptures, and other religious items, put around a progression of lakes. The first thing that the visitors will see is a temple devoted to Shiva, built with a red block in a style suggestive of the Majapahit Temples in Trowulan. Also, check out cultural temples in Central Java.

So, that is a list of temples in Mojokerto. While you are at it, make sure to read our other articles about things to do in Mojokerto and waterfalls in Mojokerto.

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