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16 Unusual Things to Do in Seminyak Bali

by Hindarko Luh Setyawanto

Seminyak is best known for being Bali’s upscale area. Here you can find five star hotels, classy restaurants, luxury boutiques and beach clubs. You will see people behaving more politely as well. But that does not mean life in Seminyak goes flat. Let’s find out the unusual things to do in Seminyak Bali ..!

1. Taking a Glance at Your Future

It seems everyone is interested to see his/her future. Or at least to see if he/she is on the right track to make his/her dreams come true.

If that is the case, tarot reading might help you. It will describe your current state and suggest wisely the next step you should take. If you are having lunch or tea time at Biku Restaurant, then tarot readings are available for you.

How to Get There
Biku Restaurant is located at Petitenget Street, No. 888, Seminyak, Bali. Tarot readings are from 1 pm – 5 pm. The price for 15 minutes reading is Rp 150,000.

2. Yoga

Yoga not only burns your fat, it also balances your body and mind. In addition, yoga can help you cope with stress.

Fortunately yoga is quite popular in Bali. Even if you are in Seminyak for a vacation, you do not lose anything by trying yoga. Come to Jiwa Bikram Yoga. It has experienced instructors and lots of classes, ranging from beginner to advance.

How to Get There
Jiwa Bikram Yoga is located at Petitenget Street, No. 78, Seminyak, Bali. Opening hours on weekdays is 7 am – 9 pm while on weekend is 9 am – 6 pm.

3. Pole Dancing

Today pole dancing has evolved into a new sport that is loved by urban girls. It is undeniable that pole dancing is associated with sexy movements.

So while you are in Bali, why don’t you do crazy things like pole dancing? It will be an unforgettable experience and you can brag it in your social media.

How to Get There
Pole Studio Bali is located at Mertanadi Street, No. 25, Seminyak, Bali. Opening hours is 8 am – 7 pm. Every Sunday it is closed.

4. Lazy Day at Potato Head Beach Club

Potato Head Beach Club is Seminyak’s most famous place. It’s definitely a must visit club.

Located by the beach, it offers stunning views of the Indian Ocean and sunset. Potato Head Beach Club also serves a variety of menus. From light meal, Western food to Indonesian food, from soft drinks to liquor.

How to Get There
Potato Head Beach Club is located at Petitenget Street, No. 51B, Seminyak, Bali. Opening hours is 10 am – 2 am. Potato Head Beach Club is inarguably one of the best fancy clubs in Bali.

5. Being Vegan in a Day

It is common that your weight increases during holiday. Diet is temporarily off. You eat anything that looks delicious.

To hamper weight gain, you can try to be a vegan for a day. Come to KYND and see for yourself mouth watering vegan foods.

How to Get There
KYND is located at Petitenget Street, No.12X, Seminyak, Bali.

Opening hours is 6 am – 5 pm.

6. Eating Organic Food

You must have heard the term organic food. It is made from organic plants, i.e. plants that grow without the help of chemicals.

Therefore organic food is believed to be healthier for the body.

To complete your culinary adventure, come to Café Organic. Not only healthy, its organic foods have instagramable look.

How to Get There
Café Organic is located at Petitenget Street, No. 99X, Seminyak, Bali. Opening hours is 7 am – 5 pm.

7. Taking Diving Course

The beauty of Bali is not only on the land, but also in the sea. And the best way to enjoy its underwater beauty is by diving.

While you are in Bali, take time to learn to dive. Adventure Scuba Diving Bali has certified instructors who will teach you the basics of diving.

How to Get There
Adventure Scuba Diving Bali is located at Dewi Saraswati Street, No. 50, Seminyak, Bali. Once you have a diving license, explore the underwater beauty of Tulamben Beach. That is one of things to do in Karangasem Bali.

8. Supporting Local Artists

Art is a part of Balinese life. There are many painters, dancers and sculptors who live in Bali.

Nyaman Gallery showcases artwork from Balinese artists. All works here are for sale. Don’t worry about plane baggage. The gallery can ship what you buy to your address.

How to Get There
Nyaman Gallery is located at Raya Basangkasa Street, No. 88, Seminyak, Bali. Opening hours is 9 am – 9 pm. If you love art, stop by Ubud. It’s the center of Balinese art. And certainly you will have many things to do in Ubud Bali.

9. Expanding Your Art Knowledge

Balinese puppet is not as famous as Javanese puppet or Sundanese puppet. Therefore TV stations never show Balinese puppet. You can only see Balinese puppets in Bali.

Theater Art Gallery has numerous collection of Balinese puppet. If you are looking something for display in the living room, Balinese puppet can be the right choice. It will give the color of Bali in your home.

How to Get There
Theater Art Gallery is located at Raya Seminyak Street, No. 73J, Seminyak, Bali. Opening hours is 9 am – 10 pm.

10. Horse Riding at Seminyak Beach

Seminyak Beach has a breathtaking view. Strolling along its coastline is the perfect way to spend your afternoon.

Instead of walking, you can ride a horse while enjoying the sea breeze. Lucky for you, there are many horse rentals in Bali.

How to Get There
Seminyak Beach is located in Seminyak, Bali. In addition to Seminyak, you can meet other beautiful beaches in Badung. Go there and you will find various things to do in Badung Bali.

More unusual things to do in Seminyak Bali

11. Bungy Jumping at A.J. Hackett on Arjuna Street, Seminyak, Bali.
12. Having dinner at Ku De Ta on Kayu Aya Street, No. 9, Seminyak.
13. Shopping stylish outfits at Seminyak’s boutiques.
14. Hunting souvenir in Seminyak.Square on Kayu Aya Street.
15. Visiting Trick Art 3D Gallery on Sunset Road Street, No. 789, Seminyak
16. Bar hopping

Allright guys, now you know the unusual things to do in Seminyak Bali. Unleash yourself and enjoy every second of your holiday. Have fun..!

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