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16 Impressive Things to Do in Downtown Ubud

by Hindarko Luh Setyawanto

Ubud is the center of art in Bali. Many prominent artists live in Ubud to seek inspiration from the culture and beauty of Ubud. If you are tired of the beach atmosphere, come to Ubud. Let’s find out the impressive things to do in downtown Ubud ..!

1. Visiting Monkey Forest Ubud

Monkey Forest Ubud is the number one place you must visit in Ubud. The monkeys who live here are a long-tailed monkey species that has the Latin name Macaca Fascicularis. In addition, the forest is home to 115 tree species.

Monkey Forest Ubud has about 600 monkeys that are free to roam. If you bring food or snacks into this forest, the monkeys will come to you in a horde and bravely take it.

How to Get There
Monkey Forest Ubud is located at Monkey Forest Street, Ubud. The admission is Rp 50,000 for adults and Rp 40,000 for children. Opening hours is 9 am – 6 pm. It may take a day to explore Monkey Forest Ubud. There are various things to do in Monkey Forest Ubud.

2. Visiting Puri Agung Saren

If you are a fan of culture and history, you should take time to visit Puri Agung Saren. It is the palace of the King of Ubud which was built around 1800 AD.

After passing through the gate, you will feel the splendor of Puri Agung Saren despite being made of red brick. Various carvings and reliefs become ornaments that decorate each wall of the palace. In addition here you can watch a traditional Balinese dance performance.

How to Get There
Puri Agung Saren is located at Ubud Street, Ubud. It’s free entry. Opening hours is 8 am – 7 pm.

3. Visiting Dalem Agung Padangtegal Temple

Dalem Agung Padangtegal Temple is in Monkey Forest Ubud area. The temple which is dedicated to worshiping Lord Shiva is situated in the southwest part of Monkey Forest Ubud.

The temple was built around the 14th century. Besides Dalem Agung Padangtegal Temple, in this area there are also Beji Temple and Prajapati Temple.

How to Get There
Dalem Agung Padangtegal is located at Monkey Forest Street, Ubud. The entrance to Monkey Forest Ubud is Rp 50,000 for adults and Rp 40,000 for children.

4. Watching Kecak Dance at Trena Jenggala

In Ubud, every night tourists can watch traditional Balinese dance performances. There are several places in Ubud that hold Balinese dance performances.

One of them is Trena Jenggala. Here tourists can admire the famous Kecak Dance that tells the legend of Ramayana. Kecak dance is performed by dozens of men who sit in a circle while singing and shouting “cak-cak-cak”.

How to Get There
Trena Jenggala is located at Hanoman Street, Ubud. The admission is Rp 75,000. Kecak Dance show is held every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 7 pm. Besides watching traditional dance performances, there are other things to do in Ubud at night.

5. Shopping at Ubud Traditional Market

If you want to buy a typical Balinese souvenir, Ubud Traditional Market is the right place. You can find a variety of items with a variety of colors styled very neatly to attract tourists.

There are key chains, plates, ceramics, bags, hats, silverware, paintings, Balinese cloths, etc. It’s good for you to go around first to look at all merchandise before making a decision. Here you must be good at bargaining.

How to Get There
Ubud Traditional Market is located at Ubud Street, Ubud. Opening hours is 4 am – 6 pm.

6. Visiting Yoga Barn

The beautiful nature of Ubud is the perfect place to restore body, mind and soul. No wonder it is easy to find Yoga studio here.

Yoga Barn is a reputable yoga studio that is well known among tourists. At the Yoga Barn there is a wide selection of classes, from beginners to experts. Surely there is something for everyone.

How to Get There
Yoga Barn is located at Pengosekan Street, Ubud. Opening hours is 7 am – 9 pm.

7. Visiting The Blanco Renaissance Museum

Mario Antonio Blanco is an American Spanish painter who is famous for his Balinese woman painting. In 1953 he married a Balinese dancer and was blessed with four children.

The Blanco Renaissance Museum was built in 1998 and stores about 300 paintings. The founding father Soekarno and former president Soeharto were among his admirers.

How to Get There
The Blanco Renaissance Museum is located at Penestanan Street, Ubud. The admission is Rp 30,000 for local tourist and Rp 50,000 for foreign tourist. Opening hours is 9 am – 5 pm.

8. Visiting Puri Lukisan Museum

For art lovers, it is obligatory to visit the Puri Lukisan Museum. Here you can see various Balinese paintings from pre-war era to modern times.

At certain times Puri Lukisan Museum also holds exhibitions of paintings from various countries. In addition to painting, the museum also displays a variety of beautiful wooden statues.

How to Get There
Puri Lukisan Museum is located at Ubud Street, Ubud. The admission is Rp 85,000. Opening hours is 9 am – 6 pm. Take time to enjoy the beauty at Puri Lukisan Museum. You will have lots of things to do in Puri Lukisan Museum.

9. Visiting Caramel Patisserie and Café

Caramel Patisserie and Café offers a cozy atmosphere and a wide selection of cakes, pastries and deserts.

Lots of customers give excellent reviews of delicious taste and friendly service.

Caramel Patisserie and Café has a second floor overlooking the main street where the scenery is beautiful. In addition they also serve chocolate, tea and coffee.

How to Get There
Caramel Patisserie and Café is located at Hanoman Street, Ubud. Opening hours is 9 am – 10 pm.

10. Visiting Black Beach Italian Resto

As well as Padang cuisine, Italian cuisine is also easily accepted by the people of Bali. Therefore when you crave Italian cuisine, you must come to Black Beach Italian Resto.

Their pizza and pasta got lots of praise from customers. If you want to eat while enjoying the stunning views of Ubud, ask for a table on the third floor.

How to Get There
Black Beach Italian Resto is located at Hanoman Street, Ubud. Opening hours is 7 am – 10 pm. Well, there are indeed many things to do in Ubud.

More impressive things to do in downtown Ubud :

11. Pampering yourself at Venezia Day Spa, Monkey Forest Street, Ubud
12. Learning at Nadis Herbal, Suweta Street, Ubud
13. Culinary Tour at Bebek Bengil (duck dishes), Hanoman Street, Ubud
14. Culinary Tour at Warung Babi Guling Ibu Oka (roast pork), Tegal Sari Street, Ubud
15. Visiting Owlhouse Art, Bisma Street, Ubud
16. Visiting Taman Saraswati Temple, Kajeng Street, Ubud

All right guys, life is short. You know you will never have the right time. So make time to try all those impressive things to do in downtown Ubud. Let’s visit Ubud..!

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