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Head to These 7 Best Beaches in Bali For Snorkeling

by Widiya

The best snorkeling destinations in Bali are accessible for all. If you want to stir things up around town, get a mask, and snorkel, you can head to these spots complete with the delightful submerged gardens with tropical marine life. Bali surely has a few seashores with natural wave barriers, which make the water ideal for snorkeling.

Assuming you settle on someplace quiet that offers an oceanside view, manors in Bali are ideally suited for such a sight. So, here is a list of the best beaches in Bali for snorkeling.

List of Best Beaches in Bali For Snorkeling

  1. Crystal Bay
Beaches in Bali For Snorkeling

This sheltered inlet is practically great: with blue-green waters, inclining palm trees, rough islets directly seaward, and a sloping background, it is likewise astoundingly undeveloped.

With more cows nibbling than vacationers lazing, it makes the beach a lot more charming because it is sufficiently remote.

With a couple of laidback cabins close by and a small bunch of covered rooftop bistros on the beach, the reefs are famous among scuba-divers and swimmers who generally show up by boat from more developed areas.

  1. Blue Lagoon
Beaches in Bali For Snorkeling

While the ocean side is an exquisite spot to chill on, you can make the most out of your snorkeling agenda by heading out early morning. This is when there are fewer individuals around, and the oceans are frequently at their calmest.

By the evening, the waves can get a little uneven, which means you will have hindered vision under the water. It likewise poses a higher possibility of getting injured when pushed against the coral.

More daring explorers may also prefer to leave in the late evening. This is when guides will show you the secret miracles of the nighttime wildlife stowing away in the midst of the marine greenery. You might also want to read about marine national parks in Indonesia.

  1. Nusa Dua Beach
Beaches in Bali For Snorkeling

Snorkeling can be limited in the southeast because of solid flows and riptides. However, the Tanjung Benoa reef of Nusa Dua is an optimal snorkeling spot for amateurs. Completely clear waters and vivid coral make this reef on the retreat line of the south coast ideal for sunbathers and spontaneous snorkelers.

The water is shallow, and the reef is not sweeping all that much, so it is child-friendly and an extraordinary first-time snorkeling spot. The reef is not difficult to reach either, and you can swim out to see it any time of day.

  1. Seminyak Beach
Beaches in Bali For Snorkeling

An expansion toward the north of the surf, sand, and nightfalls of Kuta and Legian, Seminyak is undeniably more refined, with a more tasteful exhibit of shops, bistros, and inns.

With roads undeniably less stifled by traffic and peddlers, Seminyak is famous among families, and rice fields are still noticeable among the rampant manor constructions.

The waves are perpetually well-known among surfers yet possibly perilous for swimmers, and further north the sand turns out to be darker and uninviting. In contrast to its southern adversaries, bistros spread beanbags across the sand late every evening for the magical combination of dusks and mixed drinks.

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  1. Tulamben Beach
Beaches in Bali For Snorkeling

Tulamben beach is an hour’s drive north of Padang Bai, looking out towards Lombok. The different and copious marine life in the wild, including an occasional hammerhead and whale shark, is a major attraction to snorkelers, as well as scuba-divers.

Easy admittance to the Coral Gardens from the ocean side means snorkelers can get a truly interesting perspective on this shocking biodiversity. In any case, that is not all.

Many individuals are attracted to the magic and mysteriousness of a wreck. At Tulamben, the USAT Liberty wreck has become one of those otherworldly spots for explorers to experience. The boat sank off the coast in 1963 and has since become home to many fish and types of coral.

  1. Virgin Beach
Beaches in Bali For Snorkeling

Virgin Beach in Karangasem is a slight stretch of white sand, generally viewed as undiscovered but growing in popularity because of brilliant sandy shores contrasting the volcanic sands around the island. Limited groups and shallow waters guarantee peaceful circumstances and undisturbed marine life.

The Virgin Beach reefs are only five to ten meters from the shore, making them effectively available for beachgoers and sun lovers. Bountiful exotic fish and sometimes even turtles populate this reef, and you can promptly lease snorkeling stuff from any of the seafront warungs.

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  1. Legian Beach
Beaches in Bali For Snorkeling

Located between the shopping centers and clubs of brazen Kuta, and the bistros and stores of tasteful Seminyak, the paths of Legian are still packed with shops, bistros, and bars, but the pace of life there is unquestionably less rushed.

As an extension of Kuta, Legian Beach is wide and white, yet additionally wavy. It is a good place for surfers and snorkelers. With beachside lodgings confronting a vehicle-free way as opposed to an uproarious street, Legian is legitimately well-known among families.

So, those are the best beaches in Bali for snorkeling. While you are at it, make sure to also check out the best snorkeling spots in Indonesia and things to do in South Bali.

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