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Let’s Go Down to the Sea in These 4 Marine National Parks in Indonesia

by Widiya
Marine National Park

Indonesia has the biggest and most biodiverse coral reefs, mangroves, and seagrasses of any nation on the planet. As the world’s biggest archipelago, Indonesia is the host of probably the most interesting marine life in Southeast Asia.

A large number of these animals are endemic to the archipelago, some are even ensured by the administration because of their status as endangered species. Thus, if you want to stay sane in between the clamor of the world, having a short excursion out of the chaotic city to one of the marine national parks in Indonesia is a decent decision. 

Visiting marine national parks in Indonesia can be considered as the best choice to ease your pressure, particularly on the off chance that you love the ocean. Listed below are the best marine national parks in Indonesia, check it out.

List of Marine National Parks in Indonesia

  1. Kepulauan Togean National Park 
Kepulauan Togean National Park

For the individuals who are looking for a remarkable spot to appreciate marine life, this national park is an extraordinary alternative. This national park is well known for its lovely marine life and coral reefs, and definitely one of the best national parks in Indonesia.

It is arranged in Togean Island, Central Sulawesi and was set up in 2004. This spot offers different activities to do, for example, swimming and plunging at Kadidiri Island, exploring the nature at Malenge Island, angling, visiting Mount Colo in Una-Una Island, and even social get-away by visiting Kabalutan to see Bajo lodging and find out about the local culture.

  1. Wakatobi National Park 
Wakatobi National Park

The national park is a piece of the archipelago in southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, and comprises a few islands. The four primary Wakatobi islands in Indonesia are Wangi-Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko (hence the name ‘Wa-Ka-To-Bi’).

The Wakatobi archipelago is situated in the purported Coral Triangle, a valuable ecoregion. In the Coral Triangle, you can see many reef-building coral species.

The islands themselves may as of now seem as though truly amazing get-away goals. Be that as it may, Wakatobi’s submerged world is considerably increasingly stunning.

The Coral Triangle just covers 0.6% of the planet’s maritime territory, so it is an exceptionally small natural surrounding. Nevertheless, the district is home to an incredible 76% of all known coral species on the planet.

In this way, it does not shock anyone that a large portion of Wakatobi is a piece of Wakatobi National Park, a secured marine reserve. 

  1. Karimunjawa National Park 
Karimunjawa National Park

Arranged some 90 kilometers northwest off the northern shore of Jepara Regency in Central Java Province, the Karimunjawa Archipelago is a chain of amazing coral-bordered islands loaded with submerged quality confined in the open Java Sea.

Here, the white seashores are magnificent, swimming is brilliant, snorkeling is exceptional, and the pace of life relaxed as a destination characterized by coconut palms and turquoise oceans. 

In 1999, the Ministry of Forestry set up the Karimunjawa Marine National Park incorporating an absolute zone of 111,625 hectares. As a marine national park, Karimunjawa has a blend of five distinct biological systems that guarantee a progression of nature undertakings for any guest.

Coral reefs, ocean grass, and kelp are three marine biological systems by the lavish mangrove backwoods that wonderfully reflect views over the undulating water surface.

As your boat cuts over the still water toward the beginning of the day, you will see the glow of the early sun rays fall on the marsh tropical woods along the coast.

They look exceptionally fabulous. 

  1. Bunaken National Park 
Bunaken National Park

This is one of the best national parks in north Sulawesi and was built up due to the marine bio-assorted variety it bolsters since it is on a transient course for protected creatures and in light of the fact that it is of high monetary incentive for fisheries and the travel industry. There are more than 20,000 inhabitants in the territory who rely upon the common assets of the national park.

The dread was that on the off chance that the region was uncontrolled, at that point over-angling, dangerous angling rehearsals, and unchecked contamination would demolish the marine environment which would be to the weakness of everybody concerned.

Due to its immense biodiversity, Bunaken is additionally a spot where uncommon and imperiled creatures can be discovered, for example, coelacanths, dugongs, whales, and turtles, as well as dolphins. 

The national park has a remarkable bathymetry, which is a fascination for visitors scuba diving at Bunaken Island. The nonattendance of a mainland shelf in the northern piece of North Sulawesi permits the seaside territory to drop legitimately down to the ocean bottom. 

So, that is a list of marine national parks in Indonesia. Those are a portion of Indonesia’s marine national parks that are recommended to be visited for an excursion.

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