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6 Wonderful Things You Can Find in Kerinci Seblat National Park

by Emilia Kurniasari
Kerinci Seblat National Park

There are a lot of national parks you can find in Indonesia. One of them is Kerinci Seblat National Park, or also being known as TNKS (Taman National Kerinci Seblat). It is one of the best national parks in Indonesia.

This National Park which covers about 1.4 million hectars area is located in Sumatra island. This national park extends along 4 provinces in Sumatra island, there are Jambi, West Sumatra, Bengkulu, and South Sumatra.

It will be so interesting to talk about this wide national park. Can you imagine how interesting Kerinci Seblat National Park is? Please check them out below, there are 6 things you can find in Kerinci Seblat National Park.

What You Can Find in Kerinci Seblat National Park

  1. Mount Kerinci
Mount Kerinci

There are some reasons why you should visit Sumatra for exploring national park. Mount Kerinci is one of the famous mount in Indonesia located in Sumatra. There are so many people interested to climb this mount because you don’t any specific hiking skill to reach the peak of Mount Kerinci.

Although it is a volcanic mount, but can be said that Mount Kerinci is quite safety especially for newbie climbers. It is because the last eruption of this mount was in 1970. If you have more time to explore, you may see a lot of wildlife around.

If you plan to climb this one of the popular mountains in Indonesia, remember that the starting point is in Kersik Tua. It is about 5 to 6 hours to go by bus or car. You can also find out many homestays in Kersik Tua to have good rest before and after climbing.

  1. Lake Mount Tujuh
Lake Mount Tujuh

Lake Mount Tujuh is located in Jambi province, near Pelompek Village. As one of the best lakes in Indonesia, this lake is located between 7 mountain peaks, some of them are Mount Hulu Tebo, Mount Madura Besi, and Mount Tujuh itself. It is the highest lake in Southeast Asia and also the largest lake after Lake Toba.

This lake is so beautiful with its clean air. You can also look some kinds of flora and fauna, such as different types of orchid and many kinds of tropical birds.

How if you want to explore for more than one day? Before you start climbing to reach the lake, it will be easy for you to find many places to stay for a few nights.

  1. Lake Kaco
Lake Kaco

Lake Kaco is a unique lake in Kerinci Seblat National Park. As its name ‘Kaco’, it means ‘mirror’ which in bahasa Indonesia is ‘kaca’. You can imagine to have your self reflection when looking to this lake. If you come from River City, just go towards Lempur Village. It takes about 45 minutes to go by car.

The water of this lake is clean and blue. It is surrounded by green trees around. There are also many fishes swimming there. But be careful if you are going to swim in Lake Kaco because it is quite deep. Don’t forget to feel the nuance of forest around it and listen to the sounds of birds and any other animals there.

  1. Batu Betiang Waterfall
Batu Betiang Waterfall

It may be hard to find refreshing natural waturfalls near Jakarta, but it wil be easy to find inside Kerinci Seblat National Park area. There is Batu Betiang Waterfall. This waterfall height is about 2.5 metres. Batu Betiang Waterfall is surrounded by many stones, stone in Bahasa Indonesia means ‘batu’, and these stones are piled up so it makes a shape of pillar which in Bahasa Indonesia means ‘tiang’.

It might be challenging to reach Batu Betiang Waterfall because you need to step up and down on the stones. It will not take so long time, after a few minutes walking you will hear the sound of this waterfall.

Look carefully to find out the waterfall because it is hidden inside Batu Harum Hill.  Once you get there, you will see the nine levels of Batu Betiang Waterfall. Each level represents different water.

  1. Bento Swamp
Bento Swamp

Another fascinating spot is Bento Swamp. It is located in Jernih Jaya Village, Jambi Province. This is originally a freshwater swamp forest. The name is Bento because there are many Bento plants you can see on this swamp. Not only Bento plants, you will also see some unique animals such as swallow and wild duck.

Inside the swamp, it is the ecosystem of some fishes such as semah fish and seluang fish. There are also some kinds of plants besides Bento plant like common water hyacinth and water lettuce. Bento Swamp area is being famous with the diversity of birds. Many bird observers like to come here to do their observation.

  1. Rawas River
Rawas River

There is a long river inside Kerinci Seblat National Park area. It is Rawas River. This river is located in Muara Rawas Village, Musi Rawas Utara Regency, South Sumatra. The area around Rawas River is still very good. You can find forest around the river that still look so green.

Rawas River is categorized as a fast flowing river. No wonder, people say that this river is the heart of Musi Rawas Utara Regency. Because of its fast flow, people often utilize this river as transportation medium. Besides it, if you visit this river, you can also do sport.

Rawas River has been a tourism object now. You can explore this river by walking around the river or rafting. There are a lot of rafting communities in this regency that will guide you.

So, those are 6 things you need to know about Kerinci Seblat National Park. Do you feel more eager to visit this place? Take your notes and set your plan to visit Kerinci Seblat National Park soon!

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