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11 Lakes Near Jakarta to Spend Your Holiday With Kids

by Annisa Putri Adriza
Danau Kenanga

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, it is the center of economy, culture and politics of Indonesia with a population of more than ten million as of 2014. Tourists and the locals know that Jakarta is a concrete jungle, with high rise buildings and tower around the city.

It seems impossible to find fresh air and nature tourism in Jakarta, but luckily there are some hidden parks and lakes through the city, also you can check out underrated places in Jakarta. Now we are going to see lakes in and near Jakarta on our list of 11 Lakes Near Jakarta.

  • Danau Sigura-gura

The first on our list is one of the famous lake in South Jakarta, to be exact in Jl. Sigura-gura, Duren Tiga. You can relax and enjoy the afternoon in Jakarta on this lake, the locals also spend time on the weekend here.

The trees around the lake creates a shady location which is nice to spend time talking, fishing or having a picnic. The entrance fee is Rp 5000 and the lake is open for 24 hours. Other than Jakarta you can see lakes in Jambi.

Lakes Near Jakarta
  • Danau Kenanga

Danau Kenanga is popularly known as Danau UI since it is located inside the campus area of Universitas Indonesia Depok. The vibe around this lake is calming and a perfect place to relax. This spot is usually used by the students of UI to study or doing group work, but this lake can also be enjoyed by the locals.

The lake is near the Gedung Rektorat Balairung, Masjid UI Depok and The Library. There are around 6 lake in Universitas Indonesia but this 28000 metre square lake is the famous one. While in Depok, you can find things to do in Depok.

Lakes Near Jakarta
  • Taman Situ Lembang

Surprisingly this lake is located in the center of the city, which is in Menteng, this is one of the lake tourism that is known by the locals. The beautiful view makes this lakes interesting, there are lotus flower so when the flower blooms the view will be much more beautiful.

Surrounded by shady trees this lake is far enough from frenzied vehicle and pollution. There are visitors who fish in the lake, but others also come just to adore the view and enjoy the weekend. Moreover there are also a small playground available for kids and the entrance fee is only Rp 5000.

Lakes Near Jakarta
  • Danau Sunter

Danau Sunter is located in Tanjung Priok, it was build around the 70’s and there are actually two lakes close by Danau Sunter 1 which is smaller than Danau Sunter 2. Nowadays people visit Danau Sunter 2 since the quality of the water is better.

There are many activities you can do here such as renting boat to go around the lake, fishing, exercising around the lake also just enjoy some food. In addition this lake is usually used as water sport facilities and the lake is maintained well to make the lake clean so people can have a pleasant time there.

Lakes Near Jakarta
  • Waduk Ria Rio

This is a new tourist attraction that can be enjoyed by the locals in East Jakarta, called Waduk Ria Rio. It has been developed and ready to compete with other popular tourist attraction in Jakarta.

This lake has an area around 26 hectares and there are a few facilities like park, benches, proper road and others to support it to be a proper tourist attraction. The view around the lake can give you comfort and the perfect weekend getaway in the city. You can also find more things to do in East Jakarta.

Lakes Near Jakarta
  • Waduk Pluit

The next lake on 11 Lakes near Jakarta is Waduk Pluit, it is located in Pluit, North Jakarta. Waduk Pluit used to be a dense and slum area, but repairs have been done so this area is more suitable.

This lake has been a flood control and water catchment since 2013, beside that parks and other facility has been built so that visitors can enjoy it. Visitors usually jogs, cycles or just sit around the lake, this area has been successfully turned into a decent and comfortable area to be visited.

Lakes Near Jakarta
  • Rawa Indah

Rawa Indah is located in the area Cibubur, it is a place to breathe out and feel the fresh air. Just like the other lakes people usually fish on the lake but for others relaxing and enjoying on the edge of the lake is enough.

This lake is not as popular as the other lake but people who live around Cibubur usually spend their free time here. There are other things to do in Cibubur that you can explore while you are there.

Lakes Near Jakarta
  • Danau Ragunan

Danau Ragunan is located inside the Ragunan Zoo, South Jakarta. If you visit the zoo you must see this lake, you can rent boats to go along the lake.

Visitors can sit around the lake and adore the view, moreover if you are lucky you can see a few animals around the lake. Visitors who likes to fish can also fish in this lake just like in other lakes mentioned before. This lake is the source of water for activities in the Ragunan Zooo.

Lakes Near Jakarta
  • Danau PKP

Danau PKP or popularly known as Danau Rawa Babon is located in Ciracas, East Jakarta. This is the perfect lake to calm yourself down, since it is far from the busy city but in the late afternoon this lake can be quite empty.

Over the years the lake is cleaner and has been used as a fishing area nearly everyday. Hopefully the society and visitors can maintained the cleanliness of this lake.

Lakes Near Jakarta
  • Danau Cincin

Another lake in Tanjung Priok is Danau Cincin, again it is usually used for fishing. The lake is surrounded by Hutan Kota Danau Cincin which has an area of 8.4 hectares. The tall trees gives the shady feeling on this lake, so people come here to just enjoy the vibe.

Unfortunately at some parts there are still garbage lying around so hopefully visitors and the government can be more aware to keeping the Danau Cincin clean. While you are still in Tanjung Priok, don’t forget to find things to do in North Jakarta.

Lakes Near Jakarta
  • Setu Babakan

Setu Babakan is another popular lake in Jakarta, it is located in Jagakarsa, South Jakarta. It is an alternative tourist attraction that can be easily accessed in the city, Setu Babakan is near Betawi Village.

You can enjoy a little trip since there are many activities that visitors can do, like going around the lake, go on the rented boats or just sit and relax while enjoying the view. As mentioned it is near Betawi Village where you might have a chance to eat Betawi food like Kerak Telor.

Lakes Near Jakarta

In summary these are all the 11 Lakes Near Jakarta which can be an alternative tourist attraction in this capital city. Having to enjoy greenery scene in the big city is hard to find so that’s why these lakes can be great place for family and friends to have a relaxing time.

The main thing to remember for every visitors that visit tourist attractions is to keep the cleanliness of the place by doing a simple thing such as throwing the garbage in the bin.

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