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18 Fun Things to do in Depok, West Java Indonesia

by ydrahmatullah

Depok is one of the city in West Jawa.  It is near South Jakarta, and it is exactly between Jakarta and Bogor.

Depok city has the motto Paricara Dharma. The two words are from Sansekerta language. Paricara  means servant, and Dharma means goodness,  truth , and fairness. By stating that motto, Depok city administration hopes that it can be a community and country servant who always accentuate goodness,  truth , and fairness.

Considering to recreation places in Depok,  there may be some shared tourism places between Depok and South Jakarta,  or with Bogor. But I will try to figure out what tourism places that are available in Depok. I am sure there are many attractions and activities and all the things to do in Depok, West Java Indonesia.

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1. Base Camp Adventure

Located in Arif Rahman Hakim Street, Depok City, Base Camp Adventure is actually so-called team that  arranges and guides your activities and adventures. They called it a base camp, because they intend to gather travelers and adventurers to hold a traveling.

This base camp has several outdoors activities, such as, hiking, diving, snorkeling, rafting, open trip and many more. So many travelers in Depok, or may be out of Depok, gather to do their favorite adventures. Come to the base camp to get some information about expense, schedule, and travel package.

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2. Depok Fantasi Park

Bring your kids to have some  good moments in this swimming pool area. Depok Fantasi Park is a theme park that carries out Arabian Nights  to attract the visitors.

Depok Fantasi Park is the first and the biggest family recreation  in Depok. Located in Grand Depok City, it has many kinds of slides and swimming zones for kids and adults. Don’t miss the interesting events that is always held in this swimming pool.  The ticket is Rp.40.000 for weekdays and Rp. Rp. 85.000 for weekends, and it opens for the whole week.

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3. Margo City

If you compare Margo City to other mall in Jakarta or Bandung, well It will be disappointed you. But, if you travel to Depok City and need shopping mall, Margo city is the answer.

Margo city becomes a favorite shopping mall for Depok local people. It serves many food courts, restaurants, shops and playing area. The price in this mall is affordable for you who looks for the quality and excitement. It is located in Margonda Raya street. Moreover, if you stay in Margo Hotel, this will be your first choice to visit.

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4. D’kandang Amazing Farm

D’kandang amazing farm has two attractive packages. The farm which is located in Pasir Putih Street, Sawangan, Depok, west Java will give you two educational  experiences; The Educational Recreation Package and Creative Educational Package. Contact the customer service and visit its web for further information. They will arrange, guide, and make your  educational tour valuable.

By paying a ticket for Rp. 10.000, you will get many activities inside. Feeding the animals, like goats, cows, and riding a buffalo will be the children’s favorite activities. There are several  water activities, too. Hunting and fishing a fish in a pond will be your next choice. Pay Rp. 20.000 for each activity you take.

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5. Dian Al- Mahri Mosque

It is a beautiful mosque in Meruyung – Cinere Street, Depok. Dian Al- Mahri Mosque has a golden dome who becomes the visitors’ attraction.

The Golden Dome mosque is open daily. It was built in 2001, and open for public in 2006. It is intended for  Muslim to pray and see the beauty inside. The calmness area of the mosque will make you a valued praying. In addition, the architecture and calligraphy make this golden mosque wonderful.

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6. Arthayasa Stable and Country Club

Located in BUlak Tangkil Street, Depok City. Arthayasa Stable and Country Club has operating hours from Tuesday to Sundays, at 8.00 – 17.00, It is actually a horse riding school. But you may come to see horses, natural green environment, and activities inside this area. Sit in the coffee shop, sip your cappuccino, and enjoy the meals. So many activities here that you can see while you are having meals and drinks.

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7. Lembah Gurame Park

It opens daily at 6 in the morning to the late afternoon. This free-of-charge park is suitable for you to chit chat and have your snaks while you are sitting and enjoying the fresh air.

Do jogging and other sports here. It is a large park to do all activities related to improve your health. Fitness area is available as well. Located in Gurame Raya Street, Depok City, this park will be your good weekends activity.

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8. Kiara Payung Park

It is located in H. Terin Street, Cinere, Depok. Because of its location which is far enough from the main road. So , you will not hear the noisy sound from the traffic.

You can choose your best spot to take a picture, or you can enjoy the lake that is exist in this park. Similar to Lembah Gurame Park, this park is the best place for you to do sport, too. Come in the morning or sit around the corner in the afternoon, it will free your stressful.

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9. Pondok Zidane

Pondok Zidane has an outbound activity for children and adult. It is located in Kekupu Street, Sawangan, Depok City, and it has a best natural environment.

It is a recreational and educational park which provides resorts, outbound area, and water park. There are a lot of students who come to take part in the outbound activity or swim in the fresh air. From the elementary students to senior high school student will be guided to follow the instructions to finish the outbound activity. Water activity is one of the students’ favorite game when they are doing an outbound.

Come to the Pondok everyday, or you will be allowed to do a reservation to get the unforgettable outbound activity with your friends and family.

10. Family Diver

It doesn’t mean that your entire family will dive all together, but this family diver will give you some instructions to dive safely and professionally.

Family Diver provides a diving course which  has different types of courses. Registration will be available in their office in Radar Auri Street, No. 32, Depok City. You will have an opportunity to choose  which course class that you want to take part. From Discovery scuba.  Open Water, Advance Open Water, Rescue Diver, and Dive Master course are available in family diver.

11. Pasir Putih Recreation Park

A name of pasir putih is usually identical to a name of a beach. However, this name refers to a recreation park. Yup, It’s an outbound and water park area.

Similar to Pondok Zidan, Pasir Putih Recreation Park has its own characteristic and services. Located in Pasir Putih Street, Depok, It gives you some interesting events and outdoor plays.

With the colorful children pool floors, you just pay Rp. 25.000 for adults and Rp. 20.000 for children. Wanna stay for a while in this place? you can rent a bungalow or a gazebo to relax your body or just gather with friends and family.

12. University of Indonesia

Yes, you are definitely right.  it’s not a recreation place. It even doesn’t have white sand or diving spot. It is a university that is exist in Depok City. Each year, there are many students enroll themselves to study in one of the best university in Indonesia.

University of Indonesia (UI) is located in Pondok Cina Street, Depok Cty. And this is the last thing you can do in Depok. By visiting this university, you may get the best view of natural environment. There are so many large trees that grow in university area. It is kept by University of Indonesia as a tropical forest ecosystem. Interesting, isn’t it? ? The air around this place is absolutely fresh. That is why this university is called green campus.

There are 6 lakes in UI that you can visit, and you can do jogging and riding bicycle around this university. Don’t forget to have some permission from security guard. You will not be bored to do sport in this area. Besides, breathing the fresh air for young lungs, you can see students doing their  activity around campus.

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More Attractions in Depok

But, wait, here are some more attraction that you don’t want to be missed in Depok. Well, all the best things to do in Depok Indonesia are here:

13. Godong Ijo – An attractive recreation for family and friends. The Vertical garden and Ecotainment program is very interesting.

14. CGV Cinemas – The movie cinema that has creative decorations.

15. Ceramic House – Make your own handicraft and other unique creative handicraft in this place.

16. Pasirmukti Recreation garden – Come to see the natural environment of Paddy field, Fruit trees , and fishing pond.

17. Gunung Pancar Hot Spring Water – It is a shared recreation place that people around Depok can visit. Fresh your body and mind in this place.

18. Tirta Sanita – Similar to Gunung pancar hot spring water, Tirta Sanita is the best place to relax and warm your body and feet.

Feel the excitement by traveling to Depok City. You will not bother by complicated public transportation, because it has easy access to reach some recreation area and all the things to do in Depok, West Java Indonesia. Or you can take a walk around the city. Well, have a beautiful holiday in Indonesia!

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