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12 Top Things to Do in Kemang, Jakarta Indonesia

by Yoga Adi

Back again to Jakarta. Now now, this time we going to the southern part of Jakarta. Precisely, Kemang. This part of town is very busy, with all the business man and also teenagers hanging out in this area. So, that is why this place is pretty busy, beside the economic activities, and there are also some people just hanging out i here.

So, its not weird that you may find many cafes or restaurants in here. Also you can find many malls. Beside those things, Kemang also known for its nightlife. So, many clubs exist as well.

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Beside further do, lets straight to some attractions you may find in here

1. Kemang Gallery 58

The first things to do in Kemang, South Jakarta Indonesia is enjoying the gallery. Kemang 58 Gallery is an for art lovers to enjoy artwork from various circles and artists, especially various Indonesian artists. This gallery is regularly held art exhibition events, either solo exhibitions or group exhibitions. The exhibition involving paintings and sculptures artists with various styles such as Basrizal Albara, Bayu Wardhana, Bambang Pramudiyanto, Budi Ubruk, Erica Hestu, Dunadi, Klowor Waldiyono, Sigit Santoso, wiyono and others

 However, The location of The gallery is at kemang Raya no 58. So, you need to check it out if there’s an exhibition going on, its a rare chance you know.

2. The Escape Hunt Experience Jakarta

Do you ever be a Detective. Want to try the real experiences? Then come here, to The Escape Hunt Experience Jakarta. Located in Kemang, this place is quite easy to reach and become an alternative place of recreation other than just visiting the malls. Here, you can train your teamwork skills and logic thinking to find a way out and also while competing with other groups.

The scenario is that we played a famous detective from London 100 years ago, to solve the mystery that happened in an old house in Jakarta, but this ain’t a horror thingy though, so do not be afraid to encounter those spooky ghost.

Entering the room, we can not carry mobile phones, or cameras and bags. All items are deposited in the room at the front. Then what are we got to do inside?. Of course, we have to solve the mystery that exists, and have to get out of the room within 60 minutes. Completing a series of “puzzles” by using objects that exist in the room. To get the full experiences, you must try it yourself. Pretty exciting isn’t it?

3. WowZonia

Now now, your kids maybe drooling when you tell them about this place, because its like a paradise for them. Wowzonia is a playground that has opened in Orchard, Singapore in 2011. Now, Wowzonia opened its new branch in Indonesia, located in Lippo Mall Kemang, South Jakarta. Not only for children, this place is also good for parents and other adults.

Inside, we will find many games, ranging from one area devoted to toddler, here children can play trampoline, slide and also carousel. As for larger children, they can enjoy the jungle themed super play gym, ranging from flying fox, wall climbing, air hamster floating ball room, spinning tunnel and many other games. Rany Moran as CEO and owner of Wowzonia claims that this place can be enjoyed by all people, ranging from toddlers to adults.

Want to try? This playground ticket priced Rp. 150.000 per child, not including 3D games. While the accompanying parents, must spend Rp. 50.000. So what are you waiting for then, come here!

4. Cutie Cats Cafe

The cat lover may be happy, because now has opened the first cat cafe in Indonesia, Cutie Cats Cafe. This Cafe located in Kemang, South Jakarta. If the cafe is generally used as a hangout and chatting place with friends, while enjoying the food and so the drinks, then the cat cafe is present for these cute furry animal fans to interact with them.

Keep in mind, Cutie Cats Cafe is not a cafe that makes cats as ‘friends’ to eat and drink. It is a residence for cats, where visitors can play, touch and watch the behavior of cats of different races. The use of the word cafe itself is more intended to attract people, especially cat lovers. 

But, Cutie Cats Cafe also provides drinks and food that can be enjoyed while playing with cats. Don’t worry about food and drink being unhygienic, because the bar and kitchen are separated from the cafe. Visitors can order drinks such as green tea, cafe latte, hot / iced chocolate, cappuccino to espresso with prices starting from 20.000 rupiahs. While for the food they only provide desserts such as biscuits, sliced ​​cake and cupcake worth starting from 18.000 rupiahs. For the cat lovers, its a perfect place or you !.

5. The Cat Cabin

Another “Cafe” for you cat lovers. In Cat Cabin, you will able to play with the cats with an hourly system. The area is divided into two, in the outer area there is a shelf to change shoes, to enter the area you must wear sandals that have been provided. In addition, there are cashiers and chillers that contain various cake jar for your snacks inside. The menu served at this cafe is not too much, maybe the owner knows well that visitors want to focus for interacting with the cat. But, it doesn’t matter if you don’t order meals or drinks, because if you feel thirsty,they provide water for us to drink inside.

Inside this cafe, the area is made as cozy as possible similar to relaxed atmosphere like at home. Cats here have a lot of kind and variety, not just the kind of persian and himalayan but local cats also exist. They good, they also funny as well. In this cafe, you can also adopt one of them. Cute isn’t it?

6. Casa Cafe

Casa Cafe Kemang is located on Kemang Raya street, precisely in front of the Grand Flora Hotel Kemang above Aksara bookstore. Casa Cafe Kemang is a cafe as well as a restaurant. Here, you can enjoy the food while reading the magazine, accompanied by retro music. Casa Kemang’s decoration was made as the age of the 80’s, with the concept of bar and pub combined with a comfortable and clean lounge.

Visitors of Casa Cafe Kemang usually come at night, so during the day the cafe is not too crowded, making it suitable for visitors who want to enjoy a more relaxed and lonely atmosphere. The menu offered in this cafe mostly taste Western, but there is also a menu of Indonesian cuisine served in this cafe. Of course, its worth the visit.

7. Koi Cafe and Gallery

This cafe features a very special atmosphere. For those who like to hang out and like things that are exotic, this is the place. The combination of exotic flavor and industrial classic concept will really make anyone feel so comfortable here. The impression you will feel as if you are eating food in an art gallery. Because the nuances of art contained in this Café is very prominent.

The menu provided at Koi Café & Gallery includes European and Asian cuisine. Here you will be spoiled with special menus. The chefs who cook the menu at Koi Café & Gallery are also reliable. So what are you waiting for, better check it out!

8. Kemang Food Festival

Kemang Food Festival is a  paradise for culinary lovers. Located on Jalan Kemang Raya, Kemang Food Festival is one of the causes of congestion in the Kemang area and filled with very full of visitors on weekends. Open from 5 pm to midnight.

This place is crowded with young people who are drooling, looking at the foods around them. Usually the most crowded hour is from 7 pm to midnight. The choice of food and beverage at Kemang Food Festival is very vary, you will be confused to choose what food to eat (to eat first). That’s why, Kemang Food Festival is one the most popular tourist attractions in Kemang.

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Attractions Near Kemang

Indeed, there are many things to do in Kemang, South Jakarta Indonesia. Here are the tourist attractions near Kemang to enjoy:

9. Ragunan Zoo

Ragunan Zoo is a zoo located in Ragunan area, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta, Indonesia. The 140-hectare zoo was founded in 1864. Inside it, there are various collections consisting of 295 species and 4040 specimens. However, about 90% of the collection of various animals in this Ragunan Zoo are the original animals from Indonesia. Since Ragunan Zoo is the first and largest zoo in Indonesia, here is the Primate Center of Schumyzer, a primate conservation center which is also the center of the world’s largest primate conservation.

Wow it turns out that Ragunan Zoo is so cool right?. Also because at the Ragunan Zoo there are many big shady trees in the zoo complex, so you will not feel overheat as you walking through this vast zoo. The atmosphere is cool thanks to the forest, making the Ragunan Zoo similar to the Bogor Botanical Garden. So its actually a good place to enjoy with your whole family, you must visit it.

10. Ragunan Orchid Garden

Ragunan Orchid Garden is located not far from Ragunan Zoo. Here you will see some types of orchid plants that are cultivated. Of course, this tour is very interesting because you will see to beautiful orchid landscapes with a variety of colors.

Besides that, you can also increase your knowledge about orchid flowers. Orchid garden has been operating since 1973, now there are about 5000 species of orchids here. You can buy orchid flowers too, you know. Surely you can have beautiful photos with a charming orchid background. Sounds interesting, right?.

11. Museum in The Middle of Garden (Central Garden)

Museum in the Central Garden is a museum of storage with about 4000 collection of art and history of Indonesia and from abroad, located in Kemang area, South Jakarta. The museum is built in the middle of the garden area of ​​3,500 m2. The museum is privately owned by Sjahrial Djalil, one of Indonesia’s modern advertising personalities and founder of Ad Force Inc. advertising agency. In 2013, the museum was selected as the Best Private Museum at the Museum Awards with collections from 63 countries and 26 provinces in Indonesia. What makes this museum different from other museums is the arrangement of 2,414 collections exhibited to visitors are placed irregularly in various corners of the room, such as floors, garden spaces, toilets, the outer walls of the house, and so forth.

The Museum collections in Central Garden is divided into 17 rooms named according to the most dominating collection or the most favored collection in the room. For example, the Buddhist Room contains a collection of Buddha statues from different countries. Dewi Sri Room (Dewi Padi) which mostly contain kitchen utensils, statues, and urns from the past. Loro Blonyo Room containing Loro Blonyo statues, and Wilhelm Room containing the King’s paintings Wilhelm from Germany. Some other room names that exist in this museum are Japanese Mari Room, Ming Dynasty, Garuda Lion, and Prehistoric. Its actually a really good and an unique museum, so you better check it out too.

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12. Kite Museum

Located near Kemang, South Jakarta, the Kite Museum is a museum owned by a private person, not a government. The Kite Museum is not so big, but it has lots of contents and is very fun. The kite collection here is very diverse, ranging from small kites, large kites, traditional kites, kite sports, kite modifications, kites from abroad, kites festival champions, to kites from small areas of Indonesia.

In addition to viewing kites, you can also learn how to make kites, make ceramics, paint ceramics, and make batik in this museum. Because of that, The Kite Museum is undoubtedly the most fun tourist spot in South Jakarta especially children.

How to Get There

  • Location

To go to Kemang, there are many ways. You can either go by your private vehicles like car or maybe motorcycles. beside that, there are also plenty of public transportation you can choose such as trains and bus. Because  its a good economic area, of course it’ll be easy to reach it.

  • Entry Ticket

The entry ticket maybe only apply to those museums and garden which range from 5.000 – 15.000 per person. Beside that, the place like cafes and other spots don’t require an entry ticket of course. But you may want to save your money to buy anything from them. Maybe souvenirs, meals, foods, or other facilities, its totally up to you. Better save than sorry, right?.

That’s it, several things to do in Kemang, Jakarta Indonesia. Actually, there’s more thing you can explore, and i want you to find it yourself, and make a great experience of it, careful not to get lost though. Make a very nice memory of it, and please keep the environment clean, to make the beauty of those places still maintained. Enjoy your holiday, have a great day!

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