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Top 495 Surabaya Attractions – Natural – Historical – Enchanting Spots

by Yuli Ana

After Jakarta, Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia. It is the capital city of East Java province as well as the center of industry and educational city. People from other areas come then stay at Surabaya to earn money, go to school or expand career. Some others just go for a while for having quality time with family especially at the holiday period.

If you plan to spend your holiday at East Java, Surabaya could be a good place to start your trip. From Surabaya, you can choose where to continue your trip next on. Having no idea about Surabaya and or East Java does not mean that you will be confused because much information are around you and available to help you.

Before everything, here are some types of Surabaya attractions you can consider to visit. At least, by knowing the most popular sites or spots at Surabaya, you can decide where to go in a limited time you have. It would be better if you have much time to spend so you can visit every spot. However, most of regional or international tourists prefer to stay at maximum 5-7 days at a city they visit because they have limited holiday time.

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Historic Spot

1. Hero Pillar (Tugu Pahlawan)

What to do in Surabaya Indonesia? Visit this Tugu Monument. Tugu Pahlawan is one of most remarkable and popular landmarks of Surabaya. Indeed, Tugu Pahlawan is the history witness of tragedy on 10 November 1945 that is also know as Indonesia’s Hero Day. Located close to an underground museum storing pictures of Surabaya Battle, this spot is worth it to visit for those who would like to study further about Surabaya history or simply want to know about the 40-meter-height pillar. You can visit this landmark at Jl. Pahlawan, Alun-Alun Contong, Bubutan, Surabaya. Meanwhile, Tugu Pahlawan brings vary miniature or statue describing about what actually happened during the 10 November tragedy. Thus, visitors like to take a picture at the spot or simply hang out at its surrounding while enjoying Surabaya view or tasting Surabaya special culinary. As a result, Tugu Pahlawan reminds us again about how precious was that the heoros fight for the country.

2. Loka Jala Crana Museum

Loka Jala Crana Museum was built on 19 September 1969 with its basic name which is Navy Military. Indeed, Loka Jala Crana Museum reminds us about Indonesia Navy Military history, especially for Physical Revolution in 1945. However, those who are interested in the history of Indonesian Military Naval Force would be very glad to visit this spot. It stores various kinds of historic goods used by Indonesian Naval Force consisting replica of Dewaruci, helicopter, airplane, artillery battleship, boat etc. Indeed, Loka Jala Crana Museum has vary collection about Indonesia resolution such as warship with cannos, planes, Amphibious, Tank PT 76, field artillery, and air defense, firearms, and ancient pistol that you would not find in anywhere else. As a result, Loka Jala Crana is a museum of history that remind us again about Indonesia Navy that fought for the country freedom and peace.

3. Red Bridge (Jembatan Merah)

Jembatan Merah is the witness of Surabaya battle at November 10th as shown at a song titling it. It was the place in which Genderal Mallaby, one of Dutch Generals died at the battle. It was then when Jembatan Merah became a center for trade and residential area for Europeans. Nowadays, it becomes one of the most crowded trade centers at Surabaya. As the name shows, the place is a red-colored bridge. At first, the bridge was made by bamboo then it was modified by iron at 1890. It is located at Jl. Dukuh Kupang Barat Surabaya. Indeed, there are many great stories behind the background of this Surabaya Red Bridge, even there is a song entitled this bridge name. Thus, this Surabaya Red Bridge has its philosophy, as an evidence that Surabaya has a great long journey in the past. In the end, Surabaya Red Bridge is the link of transportation to Presidency Building.

4. Bambu Runcing Monument

Bambu Runcing (sharp bamboo) monument was build to remember the struggle of Surabaya people in getting national independence from colonials using a very traditional weapon which is sharpened bamboo. Located at Jl. Sudirman, at Surabaya downtown, this monument of Surabaya tourism icon having five different pillars in height resembling sharpened bamboo. Thus, Bambu runcing is Indonesia traditional that was used during the fight against colonizer, especially in 10 November 1945 fights. That is why the Bambu Runcing Monument was built, to remain people about the history. Indeed, this monument was built with five tall pillar shaping like bamboo.

5. WR. Soepratman Museum

WR. Soepratman is one of Indonesian heroes and the composer of national song, Indonesia Raya. The museum is located close to the tomb of WR. Soepratman at Jl. Tambaksari Mangga, Surabaya. Visitors can directly see the original violin used by WR. Soepratman in composing Indonesia Raya—and other songs—in their visit to this spot. Thus, it was October during the Sumpah Pemuda Congress where WR. Soepratman first played Indonesia Raya song. Then, the song boosted the youth spirit to get the freedom. In this museum, you can see the real handwriting of WR. Soepratman when he wrote the song. Indeed, to remember what WR. Soepratman did to Indonesia, this museum is dedicated for him and his fights. Nevertheless, to visit WR. Soepratman Museum is not easy, it is not actually open for public. To visit this monumental place, you need license from Government Tourism office and Department of Culture.

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6. Mpu Tantular Museum

Located close to Surabaya-Sidoarjo overpass, particularly at Jl. Buduran, this museum offers various interesting collection of books from various disciplines. Additionally, Mpu Tantular Museum also provides traditional heritage from Hindu-Buddhist Kingdom, Islamic and colonial periods. The architectural design of this building is also full of traditional touch that will take visitors into old times. Indeed, Mpu Tantular was a great popular poet of Indonesia during Prabu Hayam Muruk goverment. Mpu Tantular’s greatest works are Arjuna Wijaya and  Kakawin Sutasoma Book. As a result, the line from Kakawin Sutasoma Book became Indonesian motto, which are Bhineka Tunggal Ika. Indeed, to remember all of the Mpu Tantular’s works, the museum was built. The museum saves the best collections of Mpu Tantular which are antiques and interesting stuffs, such as a collection of tall bike, wooden bicycle, ornaments Garudeya, and the books.

7. Submarine Monument (Monumen Kapal Selam)

Shortened into Monkasel, this spot is located at Embong Kaliasin, Genteng, Surabaya. Visitors can directly watch and pay attention to every detail of submarine Pasopati 410 which was owned by Indonesian army and made in Rusia. They can also know the greatness of Indonesian Army and witness the historic submarine playing the big role at some events, one of which was Trikora operartion. The location is one of the most recommended tourism destination at Surabaya, especially for children. It is open at the weekdays from 08.30 to 22.00. Well, there are interesting facilities that is available in Surabaya Submarine Monument such as playing Video Rama about Indonesia Submarine history, the video about war in Aru sea. Then, there is also entertainment spots such as live music on weekends and there are a jogging track and culinary spots.

8. House of Sampoerna

Bulit by colonial touch at 1862—some sources say it was 1858—, this historic building offers great experience for visitors who want to come back to the past for a while. Government agrees to preserve this spot located at Surabaya Lama area due to its old age and historic feature. Originally functioned as a home for orphans, this building was then bought by the owner and the founder of Sampoerna corporation, Liem Seeng Tee, as cigarette factory. Today, besides keeping its function as a cigarette factory, House of Sampoerna also provides museum, cafe, and art space. You can visit this place at Jl. Taman Sampoerna 6, Kota Lama, Surabaya. Meanwhile, House of Sampoerna stores vary collection of Seeng Tee and the story of his journey a long days ago. Indeed, the collections such as jars, food basket, old bicycle, storage of cloves and tobaccos, old photographs, and more.

Natural Spot

9. Suramadu Bridge

This bridge connects Surabaya and Madura island and located above the Madura Strait. Recorded as the longest bridge at Indonesia, visitors from all parts of Indonesia like to visit this spot although they do not have special destination or purpose to visit Madura. Having 5.500 meter length, this beautiful bridge (especially at the evening) also offers some culinary and souvenir center spots at its end at the edge of Madura Island. Thus, this bridge is the longest bridge of Indonesia where it has solid and beautiful structure. Then, the history of Suramadu bridge was built in 2003 under the Megawati Soekarno Putri, which is the fifth president and known as the first lady leader in Indonesia. Yet, there are many horror stories behind this long red bridge. Meanwhile, Suramadu Bridge looks so powerfull and beautiful. aeaspecially, if you look it at the night sky spot.

10. Kenjeran Beach

Well, Kenjeran Beach is the new icon of Surabaya. As the name implies, this beach is located at Kenjeran District, Surabaya, not far from Suramadu area and about 9 kilometers from the downtown. Surabaya people like to visit this place at holiday or weekends for shopping seafood or fresh fishes, ride boats, go fishing or simply enjoy beach view. Inviting children to Kenjeran Beach would also be a good choice as the management provides supporting facilities, fresh park and beautiful managed rocks. Culinary lovers will also feel at home at the spot as they can find some Surabaya special culinary from Lontong Balap, Lontong Kupang, Rawon, Sate Kupang etc. Moreover, it has the most beautiful view of sunset and sunrise facing to Madura strait view. So, you better visit this beach during evening or early morning to feel the natural of beauty.

11. Bungkul Park

Surabaya people like to hold a program at Bungkul Park area as it provides special venue for this purpose. Bungkul Park is a botanical garden located at Jl. Darmo, which offers different nuance from the crowd and pollution of Surabaya. For more information, the name Bangkul was taken from Mbah Bangkul or Ki Sopo. He was theologian from Majapahit Kingdom. Thus, people can visit this spot for free and it is equipped by some facilities such as jogging track, Wi-Fi service, green park area, public telephone, culinary center, children spot, etc. Therefore, people from all ages like to spend their time at this spot as they can find various facilities available and have fun together with family and friends. As a result, Bangkul Park is a cheap, best entertainment for Surabaya people.

12. Mangrove Forest Wonorejo

Generally, people like to think that it is hard to find natural tourism spot an an industrial city just like Surabaya. You should not believe that rumor if you visit Mangrove Forest Wonorejo. In the forest, you can experience the fresh surrounding, breathe clean air, walk on the bamboo bridge and ride a boat as well. Mangrove forest around you will take you like somewhere to refresh your mind after a long weekdays. If you are interested to escape for a while from the crowd of Surabaya, you can invite your friends, workmates or beloved one coming to this place. It is located not far from Juanda Airport, particularly at Jl. Raya Wonorejo 1, Rungkut, Surabaya. As a result, Mangrove Forest in Surabaya is also as one of the government effort to save nature and world.

13. Ciputra Water Park

Ciputra Waterpark would be a good and great choice to spend your holiday with family. Extending 5 hectars, this water park becomes the biggest one at Surabaya so you will get much more fun inside. This waterpark chooses the concept of Sindbad’s adventure as the main theme so children will experience the adventurist touch playing inside. Besides parks with various choices, the destination also offers other kinds of game that children would like to play. The entrance ticket is relatively reasonable. It takes 70 k IDR at weekdays at 90 k IDR at weekend. Located at West Surabaya, visitors would not find it difficult to reach this destination. You can particularly find it at Citra Land Surabaya, Water Park Boulevard, Surabaya. Indeed, the best Surabaya attractions.

Shopping and Cultural Center Spots

14. Citra Raya

Citra Raya is the replica of Singapore located at Surabaya, Indonesia. It resembles Singapore in the sense of green, clean and modern side. This area has some remarkable facilities such as gold yard and family club, Surabaya International School, Ciputra School, market center, Ciputra University and Ciputra Water Park. Actually, Citra Raya is a real-setate resident. Then, Citra Raya focused on how to be an integrated, clean, green city. Meanwhile, Citra Raya was built for most of rich population where it has their own super quality facilities. Citra Raya also has golf yard, commercial center, worship place, and gymnasium.

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15. Genteng Traditional Market

The next Surabaya attractions is Genteng Traditional Market. Located inside the area of Tunjungan which is the center of shopping, particularly behind Majapahit hotel, visitors can enjoy and taste some traditional foods originally from Surabaya and its surroundings at Genteng Traditional Market. If you are a regional tourist, visiting this spot would be a great choice as you can find as many as possible foods of Surabaya that you will find it hard to grab them outside. Some of those foods are petis, ikan asin, terasi, kerupuk udang and other kinds of chips.

16. Orchid Market

Things to do in Surabaya Indonesia? Here is it. Orchid or flower lovers would be glad to visit this spot as it provides and sells various types of orchid flowers from different types as well as color. Located closely to toll gate of Darmo-Surabaya, you can satisfy yourself by seeing at and enjoying various types of orchid while breathing the fresh air. As it provides various choices, the price also diverse so you can adjust your choice with your budget.

Established since August 2015, this spot already had some improvement in management and arrangement so you will feel at home walking along the market. Culinary spots are also at your surrounding in case you or your family gets hungry or thirsty in midst of your visit. Also, Orchid Marked supposed to be the place of conversation of rare type of orchids from Indonesia. Despite its orchid market, this place also provides several special rooms such as exhibition room and multi-propose room.

17. Peneleh Fruit Market

Peneleh fruit market is a pioneer of other traditional fruit markets at Surabaya such as Pawiyatan, Widodaren and Dupak. Offering traditional concept, this center provides various types of fresh fruits, both local or import in relatively affordable price. As the center of fruit market, you can also be happy because once you visit it, you will find almost every fruit so you do not need to visit another place. Thus, Peneleh Fruit Market is so historical, it has been there since 19 century from Bali residents. Then, grape is the most sold out fruit everyday in this fruit market. Also, Peneleh Fruit Market sales good quality fruits with cheap price. So, Surabaya people really love this market. Also, this is one of the best places to visit in Surabaya Indonesia.

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18. Bunga Bratang Market

If you like gardening, Bunga Bratang Market would be the best destination. It offers seeds of various types of flowers as well as fresh flowers you can directly plant them at your house park. Among other same markets at Surabaya, Bunga Bratang is the most complete one and it also opens 24 hours. You can also find synthetic or handmade flowers for house decoration inside.

Indeed, Bunga Bratang Market was just a small market, but now its developer growing it with improvement either in facilities and product quality. Also, this market is open everyday, so you can always find your favorite flowers in no limit time. Then, you can find every type of flowers, medical plants, or traditional rare plants. The most favorite of this market is it’s offering cheap prices and the smell of flower is everywhere.

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19. Turi Market

Turi Market is a grocery center of Surabaya where you can buy any product in more affordable price. It makes Turi Market as favorite spot for buyers from all parts of Surabaya and its surroundings, especially for those who do business of trade or need product in high quantity. Generally, Turi Market has two parts, which are the old one and the new one. Each of both has three floors and full of stores.

The lowest floor provides foods and beverages as well as special snack and cake from Surabaya. Meanwhile, the second and the third floors are for garment and clothing, electrical devices, shoes and sandals, furniture etc. Visitors usually like to visit this spot because in spite of its crowd, Turi Market offers one stop place for shopping where visitors can find anything they need in one single visit.

20. Wedoro Shoes Center

Wedoro is a popular village as the center of handmade shoes and slippers industry. Regional or local visitors would like to visit this area as in about 200 shoe shops, they can get high quality shoes by paying affordable price. For buying and choosing souvenirs, visiting this place would be a great choice. You can find the village at the border area between Surabaya and Sidoarjo. Well, the shoes are not the branded one, but trust it that it has good quality and unique design. In Wedore Shoes Center, you can also see how they produce the shoe from the very first step. Thus, it will be a great experience to learn. Indeed, Wedoro Shoes Center sales all types of shoes such as student shoes, running shoes, flat shoes, leather shoes, and more with attractive design you would not find in foreign brand.

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21. Rumah Batik (The House of Batik)

Rumah Batik has a large collection of Batik product with various themes and origins. A source says that Rumah Batik stores and produces special Batik from various areas of Indonesia including Sumenep, Pamekasan, Bangkalan, Sampang, Sidoarjo, Tuban, Surabaya, Lamongan, Pasuruan, Jombang, Kediri, Batu, Malang, Pacitan, Tulungagung, Jember and Banyuwangi. It also educates visitors how to make batik or so called membatik. Therefore, this spot located at Jl. Tambak Dukuh is great for batik lovers or those who are curious about how batik is made. As it noted, Batik is officially announced as Indonesia traditional fabric by UNESCO. That is why Rumah Batik was made, to give more knowledge about Batik. Also, Rumah Batik was built to remind us to wear Batik everyday beause it’s so beautiful. Indeed, Batik is so Indonesia.

22. Surabaya Carnival

Having just been launched July 2014, this spot gets so much attention from customers and visitors. It is located at Jl. Ahmad Yani 333 Surabaya particularly besides KOREM. Visitors can enter the are by baying entrance ticket 25k IDR and get some fund by enjoying some choices of games and vehicles (wahana). However, they have to pay more for enjoying each game and vehicle ranging from 15 K IDR to 100 K IDR. Surboyo Carnival also introduces Surabaya and all of its sides to the visitors from daily activities of its people, special food, special traditional ware etc. Indeed, there are vary entertainment spots in Surabaya Carnival Park such as Wahana Dolanan (playground), indoor spot for 3D show, outdoor spot for adrenaline plays, kids world, carnival market, and culinary spot for super delicious Surabaya food.

Religious Spot

23. The Tomb of Sunan Ampel (Raden Rahmat)

Moslem from all parts of Indonesia, even from abroad, like to visit this place for having so called ziarah. The tomb of Sunan Ampel is located in the mosque complex of Sunan Ampel mosque, two of which are historic buildings of one of Islamic preachers at Java Land.

Meanwhile, Sunan Ampel was buried there at 1481 and since then, people like to visit the place for praying, reciting the Koran or simply doing a religious trip. Besides doing those things, visiting this place would also allow visitors to go shopping as some street sellers are waiting for visitors every single time. This center of religious tourism spot is located at Jl. Pertukangan I, Surabaya. Indeed, The Tomb of Sunan Ampel is most visited during Ramadan month and Eid celebration.

24. Sanggar Agung Klenteng

Klenteng is an Indonesian language to describe a house of worship for Tridharma believers. Surabaya has one unique klenteng called Sanggar Agung Klenteng as it is located at one spot of Ria Kenjeran Beach. Having about 20-meters-height, this Klenteng was firstly open for public at 1999 at Jl. Sukolilo 100, Ria Kenjeran Beach, Surabaya. Therefore, besides being a house of worship, this spot also becomes a tourism destination. Meanwhile, in Sanggar Gunung Agung landmark is Kwan Im statue in 20 meters tall. Actually, this place belongs as worship place for Tridarma believer, yet there are many domestic and foreign tourists visit this beautiful place. Meanwhile, there is uniqueness from Sanggar Agung Klenteng where there is Kwan Im Sat God statuue with four guardian statues. Also, there are two dragon statues with each statue is 6 meters tall. As a result, the statues is likely the art masterpieces.

25. Hong Tiek Hian Klenteng

This old and traditional klenteng is also legally preserved by the government. A rumor said that this worship building was built by a heroic corps called Tartar in the era when Khu Nilai Khan put his power at Central Asia. At the same time, Surabaya people believe in Buddhist faith and Majapahit kingdom was in its golden era. Located at Jl. Dukuh, North Surabaya, in Chinese area (Pecinan), this spot routinely holds Chinese traditional programs in Chinesse New Year or Pho Tee Hi puppet.

26. Al-Akbar Great Mosque of Surabaya

Besides the mosque of Sunan Ampel, Al-Akbar is perhaps another most popular mosque at the city. People also believe that the mosque is the second largest mosque in Indonesia after Istiqlal mosque. Located at Jl. Masjid Akbar Timur 1 Pagesangan, Surabaya, this mosque is house of worship as well as an interesting tourism destination. Decorated with various themes of carving and Arabic calligraphy in overall interior and exterior sides, this mosque has about 45 carved-teak-made main doors. Indeed, Al-Akbar Great Mosque was built on 4th August 1999. Then, this mosque has beautiful structure in order to show the blessed things of God.

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27. Four-Face of Buddha Statue

This statue is the highest Indonesian statue according to MURI (Museum Rekor Indonesia; Indonesian Record Museum). Located at a corner of Kenjeran Beach, the statue was put at an open building with four gold-colored pillars and special touch of Buddhism tradition at the roof. Although originally made for worship, this statue is now visited by visitors from all faith.

Indeed, Surabaya is a beautiful city that may be your next destiny if you want to visit Indonesia. Meanwhile, there are vary entertainment, cultural, and religion spots you can enjoy in Surabaya. So, visit Indonesia, visit Surabaya.

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