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9 Camping Sites in East Java to Set A Bonfire Party

by Widiya
camping sites in east java

East Java is a region not at all like no other. Most lands brag a couple of star attractions yet what sells the most in East Java is its varied camping sites.

Speaking of, setting up camp itself is simple and unfathomably fun. Add to it a bonfire party at night. Though, you might require a little inspiration to get it done, what with the process of tracking down a camping site, sorting out, and pressing your stuff.

In that case, you may rest easy now because we will assist you with finding the most appropriate camping sites in East Java for you.

List of Camping Sites in East Java

  1. Kaliandra
Camping Sites in East Java

Situated on a 40-hectare estate on the cool and beautiful slants of Mount Arjuna south of Surabaya, a small Eco-tourism Resort and Wellness Retreat has been set up to offer tourists a unique experience of living an outdoorsy life. All benefits are used to finance the Foundation’s activities, accordingly fortifying neighborhood networks, protecting the natural assets of Mount Arjuna, and working on the expectation for daily comforts of the local people.

  1. Brantas Camping Ground Area
Camping Sites in East Java

Brantas Camping Ground Area has cool air and spotless surrounding that makes the place exceptionally fascinating to become a camping ground area. You might also want to know about camping spots in Semarang.

  1. Sempu Island
Camping Sites in East Java

Sempu is an island only 800 meters from the southern coast, around 70 kilometers south of Malang city. Sempu can be reached from Sendang Biru town, where one can observe the greatest fish auction in Malang. The island is around 4 x 3.5 kilometers.

Its geology is generally rolling hills whose elevation goes from 50 to 100 meters above sea level. The shore consists essentially of limestone precipices. The 877 hectares of the forested island were assigned a Nature Reserve in 1928.

Also, see Mangrove forests in Indonesia.

  1. Raden Suryo Camping Ground Area
Camping Sites in East Java

Raden Suryo Camping Ground Area is situated in Sumberbrantas sub-town, Tulungrejo town, Bumiaji region. It is a suitable land to set up a camp. There are also a parking area, security, Mushola, food stands, and so on on the perimeter. Speaking of foods, here are the spiciest foods in Indonesia.

This camping ground area is entirely appropriate for outdoor activities and an exploration of forestry or farming. It is likewise upheld by the lovely natural landscape and the mount Arjuno slope that creates natural aquifers.

  1. Kumbolo Lake
Camping Sites in East Java

This captivating lake will make you enthralled at a height of 2,400 meters. The lake appears as though it is by and largely cultivated by nature. The lake sparkles turquoise.

Early in the morning when the sun rises, a slight layer of haze covers the sparkling water, while in the early evening mist envelopes the lake. At night you can see the heavenly body of the stars, likewise called the Milkyway.

This is why the area around Kumbolo Lake is perfect for camping.

  1. Klayar Beach
Camping Sites in East Java

Klayar Beach is situated in Kecamatan Donorojo, Kabupaten Pacitan, East Java. Near the ocean, there are a few low reefs that could be a decent spot for playing water. The white sand is so soft and it is not the same as certain seashores in Yogyakarta. This oceanside is additionally extremely peaceful.

You can construct your tent near the ocean, 10 meters from the shore. The best spot to assemble a dome tent is on the level land behind hedges to forestall devious breezes.

  1. Mount Bromo
Camping Sites in East Java

A lunarlike scene of dreamlike excellence and heroic proportions, the volcanic Bromo district is one of Indonesia’s most amazing spots to set up a camp. Ascending from the guts of the antiquated Tengger caldera, Gunung Bromo (2,392 meters) is one of three volcanoes to have risen up out of a huge pit, extending 10 kilometers across.

Besides Mount Bromo, there are also Mount Kursi (2,581 meters) and Mount Batok (2,440 meters) flanking Mount Bromo. The smoking cone of Mount Bromo remains in an ocean of volcanic sand, encompassed by the transcending precipices of the pit’s edge. Just toward the south, Mount Semeru (3,676 meters) tosses its shadow over the entire scene.

  1. Bata Merah Camping Ground
Camping Sites in East Java

Bata Merah Camping Ground in Punten has a garden and a porch. Among the offices at this property are room administration and a common parlor, alongside free Wi-Fi all through the property.

Malang is 23 kilometers from the area, while Batu is 3.6 kilometers. Visitors at Bata Merah Camping Ground can also enjoy an individual breakfast.

  1. Kondang Merak
Camping Sites in East Java

On this oceanside, freshwater meets seawater and used to be visited by numerous peacocks. Because of illicit hunting, the peacock became extinct in this part of Java during the 1980s.

The views around the site are enticing, the ocean sideline is long, the sand is spotless and white, and the trees at the beachside complete the image feel calm.

At the ocean side’s line, you can find an assortment of little marine creatures like octopus, ocean imps, ocean cucumbers, little fish, and lobsters stowing away in breaks in the reef.

So, those are the best camping sites in East Java. While you are at it, make sure to also check out the famous temples in East Java and historical places in East Java.

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