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Visit these 4 Remarkable Waterfalls in Bojonegoro to Get Peace

by Ivonne Puspakencana
waterfall in bojongeoro

Not many people are familiar with the tourist attractions in Bojonegoro, East Java. Most of the people know Bojonegoro as a city in the west part of East Java and is known as the center of oil and gas industry.

However, that makes most of the tourist attractions, specifically the natural ones are still virgin as not many people visit them. While you’re visiting Bojonegoro, make sure you put these 15 Things To Do in Bojonegoro You Will Love on your list!

East Java has tons of tourist attractions to visit. You can Get Peace at These 3 Best Beaches in Tuban, East Java and get rid of all your stress there.

If you are interested to visit Bojonegoro, you can try visiting these 4 remarkable waterfalls there. The beauty of the waterfalls will make you feel comfortable and get peace from your routines. Let’s get to know further about these 4 remarkable waterfalls in Bojonegoro that are worth visiting!

  • Kedung Maor Waterfall
Waterfalls in Bojonegoro

West Java has Green Canyon as the most famous tourist destination, while Bojonegoro has Kedung Maor Waterfall. It is located in Kedung Sumber village, Temayang district, Bojonegoro district.

Kedung Maor Waterfall is one of the tourist spots that presents the hidden charm of Bojonegoro. You might think that Bojonegoro is a dry and hot region, but it is really beautiful!

You will enjoy the typical limestone rocks with a fibrous rock motives that produce the beauty of the nature. The rocky rocks are full of high art around the area of the waterfall.

This waterfall is still very natural as it is rarely visited by people. The waterfall comes from the flow of Kali Soko and the water overflow is from the Pacal Reservoir.

  • Gua Kikik Waterfall
Waterfalls in Bojonegoro
Gua Kikik Waterfall

Gua Kikik Waterfall is actually a cave located near a waterfall In Sumberejo village. Gua Kikik Waterfall serves the amazing view of the nature around it. When you visit this place, you will be able to enjoy two amazing attractions, the cave and the waterfall.

Once you arrive here, you will feel the cool and fresh air as it is surrounded by a lot of trees. Pindul Cave Indonesia Review: History, Routes, Tourism will also give you the idea of one of the best caves in Indonesia!

Gua Kikik Waterfall is a very perfect place for adventurers who like to go trekking too. To be able to reach the waterfall, you will need to do trekking. You will go through a forest with lots of trees along the way to the top. Then, once you arrive, you can enjoy the true beauty of the waterfall and it is time to capture some best moments there.

Regarding to the facilities, you don’t have to be worried. Some facilities, such as toilets and the parking lots are available. However, there is no restaurant yet so you need to prepare your own food and drink if you plan to have a visit here.

  • Kedung Peti Waterfall

Kedung Peti Waterfall is located in Gaplok village, Bojonegoro Regency, East Java. This waterfall is considered as the “virgin” waterfalls as not many people visit this waterfall.

The reason of not visiting this waterfall is because the access is too far. However, though the access is too far, but once you arrive here, you will forget all the long way you’ve passed through.

This waterfall is located inside a forest and this makes it more interesting to explore. Before reaching the waterfall, you can enjoy the fresh and cool air around the forest. After spending two hours walking to the waterfall, you will finally find it.

As you get closer to the waterfall, you will see a river and this river will guide you to the waterfall. The water flowing to the waterfall comes from the river on top of it. The shape of this waterfall is quite unique too as it has three levels and each level is shaped by very huge rocks.

  • Krondonan Waterfall
Waterfalls in Bojonegoro
Krondonan Waterfalls

Another interesting waterfall to explore in Bojonegoro is Krondonan Waterfall. This waterfall is located in Gondang District, Bojonegoro, East Java.

The access to this waterfall is quite far so not many people visiting this place yet. You need to pass through a long way and a forest but once you pass these, all your effort will be paid by the beauty of Krondonan Waterfall.

This waterfall is getting more famous after being exposed to social media and internet. Since that time more and more tourists have been visiting this place.

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