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Get Peace at These 3 Best Beaches in Tuban, East Java

by Ivonne Puspakencana
beaches in tuban

Tuban is one of the regencies that is located in East Java. It is located about 101 km from the northwest of Surabaya, the capital city of East Java. Tuban regency is considered as an ancient town that’s why it has cultural and historical values.

If you are a type of history lover, then Visiting 4 Historical Places in East Java to Arouse Your Curiosity will satisfy your wish. Besides, Tuban is also famous for having some beautiful sceneries among the teak forests, beaches and caves. Don’t miss Visiting 5 Waterfalls in Tuban to Get Refreshed and Relaxed.

Tuban is famous for having some interesting tourist spots, such as caves and beaches. That’s why it is called as the “City of a Thousand Caves” as you can find many caves in that area with both stalactites and stalagmites.

Beside caves, Tuban also has some famous beaches, such as Boom Beach that is commonly visited by young couples. Interestingly, there are some more beaches to explore in Tuban. Make sure you don’t miss these 3 best beaches in Tuban, East Java.

  • Remen White Sand Beach
Beaches in Tuban
Remen White Sand Beach with its clean and white sand

This beach is called that way because it truly has white sand. There are some interesting activities you can do in Remen White Sand Beach, such as swimming, playing with the sand, enjoying sunset, fishing and even enjoying the local seafood dish from Tuban. This beach is safe for children to swim so you can consider bringing the whole family here.

You can also go camping here. If you have an adventurous soul, then you can build a small tent at the beach and enjoy the beauty and the peaceful environment of the beach at night.

If you are lucky enough, you will be able to enjoy the falling stars at night. Do you love camping? Then these Refreshing and Relaxing Spots, 4 Waterfalls in Mojokerto will make your wish come true! They are the best!

There are many tourists visiting this beach, both the local and international tourists. People will be able to enjoy the natural view of this beach by laying down under the shade of a pine tree.

  • Boom Beach
Beaches in Tuban
Boom Beach

Boom Beach is the most popular beach in Tuban, East Java. This beach was once an important port and transit for traders in the past, specifically during the ancient Indonesian kingdoms era.

Unlike in the past, you will find the coastline and its artificial peninsula which is lined by the fishermen’s boats and gazebos. This beach is located at the north city square in Tuban. Make sure you also do these 14 Top Things to Do in Tuban, East Java Indonesia.

Tourists who visit this beach will be able to enjoy some activities, such as riding with the fishermen’s boats or even fishing.

The beach gives a relaxing and dynamic atmosphere, and it is really suitable for you who want to find peace from your hectic days. You will also be able to enjoy the panoramic beach scene. Beside Java, Sumatra island is also full of stunning beaches, just like elaborated inThe 4 Stunning Beaches to Explore in North Sumatera.

This beach will also offer a wide place for family recreation area because the beach extends into the sea. You can also enjoy the fresh water springs flowing out of the seaside.

  • Sowan Beach
Beaches in Tuban
Sowan Beach

The last-but-not-the-least beach in Tuban is Sowan Beach. This beach is located in the Bogorejo village, Tuban. It is located between Central Java and East Java. This beach is managed by Perhutani Tuban area.

While you are at the beach, you will be able to enjoy the cool and shady atmosphere of the beach, despite the fact that it is located on the coast. Perhutani, the company managing this beach, plants 32-hectares of trees. So, you can imagine how shady and cool it is to stay at this beach.

You can also find some coral walls that jut into the sea and white sand. Tourists visiting this place can enjoy fishing or eating seafood along with the cool atmosphere around the beach. The diversity of the flora in this beach is also another attraction.

You can find some species of flora such as Mahogany, Teak, Akacia, Mango, Sugar Apple, Klampis and so on. Besides flora, you will also find some interesting species of fauna, such as Bird finches, Starlings, Sparrows, Lizard and so on.

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