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Visiting 5 Waterfalls in Tuban to Get Refreshed and Relaxed

by Widiya

There are beach escapes, outdoor experiences, and far-flung retreats. In any case, what is the one summer area of interest you might be overlooking? 

One of nature’s most otherworldly manifestations: the waterfall. Not only it is an incredible token of the force of the natural world, but also a brilliantly tranquil and usually secluded spot. 

This implies it is ideal for everything from plunging into the reviving water as well, maybe the most awesome aspect of all, practicing reflection. If you are a city occupant, you will have a desire to run away to the upstate.

However, there are amazing waterfalls in Tuban, Indonesia that will give you the things you want. What is more, in spite of the fact that you do not need to be up in the mountains to find your internal peace, it unquestionably does not do any harm.

So, in this article, we will share with you a list of waterfall tourism spots in Tuban that you can add to your bucket list. Check this out. 

A List of Waterfalls in Tuban

  1. Nglirip Waterfall
Waterfalls in Tuban

Nglirip Waterfall is located in the south of Tuban. It takes only forty minutes via vehicle to crash into the good country wilderness. 

Tuban is a town around 100 kilometers northwest of Surabaya in East Java. The waterfall is close to a little village. Speaking of Surabaya, here are historical places in Surabaya.

The village and the region called Nglirip Mulyoagung village. There is also a little waterway that feeds the waterfall. 

That is the reason the waterfall called the Nglirip waterfall. In the highlands, there are coral riffs that are millions of years old. 

Since the ocean level had fallen, the riffs came up to the surface. The shades of the limestone are something among white and light earthy colored. 

In any case, during the dusk, the limestone changes the tone by following the shade of the sun. That is the right time to visit the place and take a few pictures. 

Local people talk about a legend. It is a legend about Princess Nglirip and her romantic tale. 

At last, the story tells that Princess Nglirip was detained in a close-by cavern. As indicated by the legend, the cavern is downstream near the waterfall. 

Some of the time the princess returns to the neighborhood inhabitants. Another legend says something regarding an association between the Nglirip Waterfall and the cavern of Goa Ngerong in Rengel village, but that is a story for another time.

  1. Lemah Bongok Waterfall 
Waterfalls in Tuban

Lembah Bongok Waterfall is the travel industry object in the Tuban regency. In March of 2015, this travel industry was introduced by the local legislature of East Java. 

Lembah Bongok Waterfall’s official layout state is situated in Kerokan hamlet, Jetak village, Montong region of Tuban regency. This natural offers an outlandish natural habitat. 

The route to the spot is around two kilometers. Lembah Bongok Waterfall is encompassed by precipices and there are three cascades that stream unreservedly and converge into one as an enormous pool. 

Albeit the dry season, the watershed will not ever die down. 

  1. Sanggrahan Waterfall 
Waterfalls in Tuban

Sanggrahan Waterfall is a waterfall as the current stream of a waterfall in the Tuban area. This waterfall is covered up in the southern region of Tuban. 

The stairway-like waterfall gives an alternate air. It is joined by green trees around the waterfall that gives the vibe of exotic. You might also want to know about exotic beaches in Cilacap.

The water is clear, it tends to be utilized for bathing or plunging. For those of you who like to play water, this Sanggarahan Waterfall can be visited while exploring Tuban. 

  1. Banyulangse Waterfall 
Waterfalls in Tuban

This Banyulangse Waterfall is situated in Boto Village, Semanding District, around ten kilometers from the southwest of the city of Tuban. The entrance is very easy since it is paved. 

The magnificence of the waterfall there is very exceptional. There is a mix of green trees and the white shade of the limestone slopes.

The climate is still wonderful, however lamentably, there is no official manager to manage the facilities yet. It also means that the area is completely natural. Also, check out lakes in Bogor to visit.

  1. Wukirharjo Waterfall 
Waterfalls in Tuban

Wukirharjo Waterfall is situated in Wukirharjo, Parengan, Tuban. The route to this location in Tuban is somewhat troublesome, yet all that will pay off once you show up at the area. 

It is because you will be greeted by the delightful stretch of Wukirharjo Waterfall joined with captivating nature that will cause you to feel refreshed and relaxed.

So, that is a list of waterfalls in Tuban. While you are at it, make sure to read our other articles about things to do in Tuban and caves in East Java.

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