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5 Best Lakes in Bogor to Visit – Naturally Beautiful

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Bogor is a city that is most often picked as an alternative city to spend vacation time for the resident near that city, such as people from Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang etc. Besides being close to the center of the capital city, Bogor also has many tourist attractions with various themes and concepts that can be chosen according to your tastes.

5 Best Lakes in Bogor to Visit – Naturally Beautiful

If you are a connoisseur of nature, maybe the lake is one of the tourist concepts that you want. Here are some lake tours in Bogor and their explanation.

  1. Situ Gede

Situ Gede Lake is the most famous lake in Bogor. This lake is a tourist place that is quite close to the center of Bogor. This lake was once storage of water for which water was used for irrigation of Kawalu Sub-District, Indihiangm Mangkubumi, and Cibeureum. Currently, this lake has developed as a recreation place. Another interesting thing about this lake is the small island in the middle.

The location of Situ Gede is on the edge of the darmaga forest. This forest is a research forest managed by the Ministry of Forestry. The temperature around the lake is quite chilly. The surrounding scenery can also make you feel calm and peaceful.

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  1. Telaga Warna ( Color Lake)

This lake is called Telaga Warna because the water does have a unique color and it is different from any other lakes.

Telaga Warna is located in Tugu Village, Cisarua. This lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Bogor and it has beautiful natural scenery. Moreover, this lake is at an altitude of about 1,400 meters above sea level. So that the surrounding air temperature is kind of chilly.

You can see various kinds of plans, flowers, and animals near the lake which will make you feel the natural environment even more.

In addition, you can enjoy the beauty of tourist attractions in Puncak Bogor (Bogor Peak) by sitting, taking pictures, or also renting a raft or boat to take care of the lake. There are also flying fox rides that can be used to enjoy the atmosphere of the lake from a height.

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  1. Danau Lido (Lake Lido)

Best lakes in Bogor to visit -Talking about lake tourism in Bogor, you simply cannot leave off Lake Lido. This lake is located in Wates Jaya Village, Cijeruk District on Jalan Raya Sukabumi Bogor. This lake is also a beautiful lake in Bogor and can be visited daily.

The fresh mountain air combined with green mountain scenery and calm lake water will make you feel peaceful and refreshed. This lake is indeed suitable to be visited by urban people who work every day.

The facilities for visitors at Lake Lido are quite adequate. You can enjoy seating while enjoying the view or enjoy some exciting rides that are there. For example by riding a boat, riding a water bicycle, speedboat, and so on.

Lido Lake is a former Dutch heritage lake and was built around 1898 and is one of the best lakes in Indonesia. This lake was not a lake that was accessible to the general public but in the 1940s, this was finally opened to the public to this date. If you plan to visit Bogor, you have to visit this lake!

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  1. Danau Quarry (Lake Quarry)

Another lake in Bogor that is worth to visit is Lake Quarry. There is a chance you have never heard of this lake before because this lake is not much explored. However, because of people post their photos on social media when they are at this beautiful site, Lake Quarry is increasingly known these days.

The location of Lake Quarry is in Tegallega Village, Digudeg Subdistrict, Bogor Regency. Because it is well known through social media, of course, Lake Quarry visitors are of course most young people who are curious about beautiful photos circulating on their social media.

This lake is indeed quite beautiful, with Tosca-colored water which is so mesmerizing; the view on the lake does indeed make many young people like to stay around this lake for hours to hang out. This lake at a glance is similar to Kaolin Lake in Belitung.

Actually, Quarry is a lake produced by former rock mining. This former mining creates a hole which from time to time is filled with rainwater. Over time, the stagnant water changes color to Tosca because of the excavated material.

Although only recently known, a lot of people come to Quarry Lake especially during the weekends and holiday time. There are already many residents there who sell food and drinks that can accommodate your tourism activities. Besides this lake is one of the interesting Hunting Areas in Bogor.

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  1. Lake Dora Eco Park

Another attraction in Bogor that is interesting for tourism is Lake Dora. This beautiful lake is located at Jalan Raya Bogor km 46 and is one of the lakes that are easily accessible from downtown Bogor.

In addition to its strategic location and easy access, the lake is also interesting because it can provide the best view. Not even inferior to other lakes in Bogor that are more natural.

Around Lake Dora, you will find calm waters surrounded by green grass and trees. This lake is an eco-park area, so many also call it Lake Dora Eco Park.

The concept of eco-park in a natural nuance in Bogor is because the surrounding lake is overgrown with plants that are fairly rare. So that these plants can be used as a material for educational tourism. There is also a wooden bridge that further adds to the natural impression of the lake.

Thus some of the tourism lakes in Bogor that are interesting and can be visited if you are someone who has a thing with nature, fresh air, and staring at the beautiful scenery for hours! We hope this article is helpful for you.

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