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5 Shopping Spots in Bandung Malls to Explore with Your Friends

by Widiya

Despite the fact that online shopping is getting progressively popular, there is nothing quite like meandering around an outside market or indoor shopping center where you can see, feel, and sometimes even taste the goods you are intending to purchase. Not only that, but shopping can also be a rich source of mental preparation. 

As you shop, you are normally picturing how you will utilize the items you are thinking about, and in doing as such, you are likewise envisioning your new life. What is more, as numerous extraordinary athletes will validate, visualization is a performance booster and uneasiness reducer. 

On the off chance that you would prefer to enjoy a holiday vigorously centered around retail therapy, check out our 5 shopping spots in Bandung Malls to discover the most well-known destinations to get that exceptional little something. 

A List of Shopping Spots in Bandung Malls

  1. Cihampelas Walk (Ciwalk) 
Shopping Spots in Bandung

Cihampelas Walk, which is situated at Cihampelas road, is the most celebrated Bandung shopping mall for pants, attire, and clothing. The idea of this shopping center is to have some good times and hang out in the park, where the main building is not so big but encompassed by trees and person on foot strolls as well as loads of seats to unwind in the park. 

Thusly, numerous restaurants have outdoor areas confronting the walker walk, make them a comfortable spot for a group. There are 150 occupants in this shopping center comprising of stores, cafes, restaurants, game centers, playground, karaoke, cinemas, and a food court. 

Another interesting trait of Cihampelas Walk you can not discover in different shopping centers in Bandung is that it permits you to bring your pet in the park as well as inside the shopping center. 

  1. Bandung Indah Plaza (BIP) 
Shopping Spots in Bandung

The area is directly in the core of the city, at the bustling Merdeka road. This shopping center is associated with Aryaduta lodging, one of the five-star inns in the city.

Bandung Indah Plaza has roughly 200 inhabitants, including Matahari retail chain and Hypermart store, as well as numerous specialty stores. Also, you can engage yourself by watching films in cinemas or play in the game arcade there. 

  1. 23 Paskal Mall 
Shopping Spots in Bandung

This shopping center is three stories building loaded with assortments of stores (from adult and youngsters attire, bags, shoes, infant stores, toys, and so forth), eateries, food court, and food stand (from western to different Asian cooking recipes, for example, Chinese, Korean, Japanese Thai, and Indonesian), games (Game Master, Minneapolis, and Amped Trampoline), and CGV cinema. 

It means amusement for the entire family. Since 23 Paskal is situated in the center point of Paskal Hypersquare, another diversion you can discover here is the culinary experience. Speaking of culinary, here are culinary spots in Bandung.

There is in literally hundreds sort of food you can eat there, either inside the shopping center, in Hypersquare food court behind the shopping center, or in the shophouses dispersed everywhere on the complex. All in all, you will be totally spoiled. 

  1. Bandung Trade Center (BTC) 
Shopping Spots in Bandung

The area of Bandung Trade Center is at Dr. Djundjunan road, the popular name of this territory is Pasteur. It is close to the passageway to the Pasteur toll gate.

The subject of Bandung Trade Center is Fashion Mall. Henceforth, Bandung Trade Center is loaded with little shops selling all that identifies with design, for example, garments, particularly ladies and children garments, bags, and accessories.

The majority of them are not branded, though. The cost and item quality are standard. Also, check out the biggest shopping malls in Yogyakarta.

Notwithstanding the design shops, there are a few eateries, a food court, a store, book shops, a game arcade, paid playground, and an inn that is associated with the shopping center. It is truly intriguing that you can also find a music sheet store here, which is an uncommon shop in Bandung. 

  1. Living Plaza – Paskal 
Shopping Spots in Bandung

It is directly across Istana Plaza, at the side of Pajajaran and Pasir Kaliki Street. Since it has a place with Kawan Lama Group, the fundamental occupants are ACE Hardware, Informa, and Toys Kingdom.

Like different shopping centers, Living Plaza has a food court and a lot of eateries to indulge your appetite. You might also want to know about the best restaurants in Solo, Indonesia.

So, that is a list of shopping spots in Bandung Malls. While you are at it, make sure to read our other articles about beaches near Bandung and waterfalls in Bandung.

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