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12 Waterfalls in Bandung Worth to Visit

by Rosyida
waterfall in bandung

If we talk about Bandung, most of us must think of an Indonesian national song, Bandung Lautan Api. Yes, because Bandung has many historical places that need to visit in your lifetime. There are museum, building, and also historical museum. But beside that, there are many natural destination too in Bandung. One of them is waterfall.

Bandung has mountainous topography that allows this region to store natural resources in the form of waterfalls. In Bandung, waterfall is called “curug”.

And Bandung has a beautiful waterfall, where when you see the high flow of water and the sound of the waters, it make our heart is calm and cool. So there are some reference about Waterfall in Bandung for your holiday.

1. Tilu Leuwi Opat Waterfall

Hidden Beaches in Bandung

First waterfall is Tilu Leuwi Opat. This waterfall is one flow with Cimahi and Bugbrug Waterfall that came from Situ Lembang. Located at Ciwangun Indah Camp-Cihanjuang, Bandung, you just spend about Rp 7000 to visit this beautifull waterfall.

The access is easy, just only need tracking for 1,5 kilometers. But along the way you will find many nice and beautiful spots to take photos. And there are 3 levels of waterfalls and 4 inlet pools which are beautiful and comfortable for swimming.

2. Malela Waterfall

Hidden Beaches in Bandung

One of the best place and what to do if you are in Bandung just for 4 days is Waterfall Malela. Malela is most famous waterfall and also called by little niagara, because this waterfall is slightly similar to niagara waterfall. Just with Rp 5.500 you can visit this waterfall that located at Cicadas-Rongga, Bandung. This waterfall has high 60 meters and with 70 meters area.

3. Maribaya Waterfall

Hidden Beaches in Bandung
Maribaya Waterfall

To see the beautifullness of Maribaya Waterfall, you must enter Maribaya resort first. This waterfall is located at Pangalengan-Lembang, Bandung. You must pay about Rp 20.000-35.000 to enter this waterfall.

The access to this waterfall is little bit long and difficult. But your effort to arrive to that waterfall that has 15 meters high, will paid because of the natural nuance and was awake. You can also selfies, jungle trekking, and hot baths that makes you think that can answer your question, Is Bandung is worth visiting place.

4. Penganten Waterfall

Hidden Beaches in Bandung
Penganten Waterfall

Penganten waterfall is located at Katumiri natural destination in Cisarua, Bandung, and just Rp 6.000 to enter this waterfall. With high waterfall that reach about 50 meters and beautiful relief surrounding, you will get cool and beautifull photos there.

This waterfall has a myth, that the name was taken because it is said that it was caused by a couple who died here. Another myth called that the name was taken because there are 2 waterfall that side by side with each other, and has different water discharge. One of them is heavy, and another is little.

5. Dago Waterfall

Hidden Beaches in Bandung
Dago Waterfall

In Bandung, Dago is one of famous area. And when in Dago, you must do some natural thins to do in Dago Bandung, like Dago Waterfall.

Dago Waterfall is located at Taman Hutan Raya Djuanda, Dago, Bandung, and just with Rp 5000, you can fell fresh air like in mountains with 12 meters fresh and clear waterfall.

Dago waterfall is one of historical waterfall because this waterfall was visited by King of Thailand, and there are a stone inscription as a relic of the Thai kingdom in 1818.

6. Cimahi Waterfall

Hidden Beaches in Bandung
Cimahi Waterfall

Cimahi waterfall or usually called by Rainbow waterfall is one of beautifull waterfall and easy to reach, because you dont need walk too far to reach this location. And this waterfall is one of higher waterfall in Bandung and also one of spectacular waterfalls in Indonesia.

This waterfall is located at Kertawangi-Cisarua, Bandung. And with only Rp 15.000, now, you can visit them at night, because there are beautiful colorful lights there.

7. Cilengkrang Waterfall

Waterfalls in Bandung

When you visit Bandung and want the thrill of adventure, you can visit Cilengkrang Waterfall. Because when on the way to this place, you will see hilly views that squeeze during the trip. There are 7 small waterfalls with its own uniqueness too. And when you are arrive, you will see about 8 meters high and big waterfalls.

The waterfall that located at Cilengkarng, Bandung, is have fresh and comfort atmosphere, and complete with shady trees.

8. Leuwi Kacapi Waterfall

Hidden Beaches in Bandung
Leuwi Kacapi Waterfall

Like Tilu Leuwi Opat, Leuwi Kacapi waterfall also located at Ciwangun Indah Camp. And this waterfall is hidden waterfall that came from Cimahi river, Situ Lembang.

9. Layung Waterfall

Hidden Beaches in Bandung
Layung Waterfall

Layung waterfall that located at Kertawangi-Cisarua, Bandung, it used to be closed because it was one of the Kopassus training areas at the foot of Burangrang Mountain. But now, with just Rp 10.000, you can see this waterfall that has 4 meters high, but the pool basin is wide and enough for swimming, and the water flow is sourced from Cimahi river.

10. Aseupan Waterfall

Hidden Beaches in Bandung
Aseupan Waterfall

Aseupan Waterfall deserved to called with hidden gem. Located at Ciwangun Indah Camp, visitors will served with watterfalls that surround this area and forming like “aseupan”, a traditional steamer that made from woven bamboo with cone shaped.

11. Ngebul Waterfall

Hidden Beaches in Bandung
Ngebul Waterfall

Ngebul waterfall is one of long series of Cidadap rivers flow that start from Malela waterfall. This waterfall is called “ngebul” because in Sundanesse, its mean smoky or dusty. And Ngebul waterfall is causes a smoky effect around the waterfall because the waterfall is so swift. You just pay Rp 10.000 to enter Ngebul Waterfall.

12. Bugbrug Waterfall

One again waterfall in Ciwangun Indah Camp area is Bugbrug waterfall. Its called Bugbrug because that waterfall has high 50 meters and when its water fall down is make sound like brug, brug, brug. You just pay Rp 5.000 to see this waterfall.

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