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5 Best Spots for your Spectacular End-of-Year Holiday in Bandung

by Ivonne Puspakencana
end-of-year destinations in bandung

New Year is coming soon. Are you looking for some spots for spending your end-of-year holiday? Then, you can explore Bandung.

Bandung always provides a lot of interesting places to spend your holiday, both with your family and friends. You can even find some spots that are kids friendly here.

Let’s see these 5 holiday spots in Bandung for your spectacular end-of-year holiday. Trust me, you won’t regret visiting these spots as they will give you the unforgettable experience for everyone!

  • Pangalengan Tea Garden
End-of-Year Holiday in Bandung
Green green everywhere in Pangalengan Tea Garden

The first spot for spending your end-of-year holiday in Bandung is Pangalengan Tea Garden. You can visit this tea garden for its amazing view and scenery.

Come here with a friend who wants to find a calm atmosphere while sitting admiring the panorama of the nature. The quality of the air is fresh and cool, both make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

There is also another tea plantation called Kemuning Tea Plantation which is located in Central Java.

Besides admiring the beautiful panoramic view of the tea garden, you can also carry out some activities, such as visiting a cow’s milk processing center to playing in some natural springs. There are some more tourist attractions nearby, such as Situ Cileunca and Cibolang Hot Springs.

  • Floating Market Bandung
End-of-Year Holiday in Bandung
Floating food merchants on boats in Floating Market Lembang

Floating Market also exists in Bandung, not only in Kalimantan, Sumatera or Thailand. Bandung also has a special place where the merchants sell food on boats. The destination is called Floating Market Lembang. After visiting Floating Market, try to do these things to do in Lembang.

Just like its name, Floating Market Lembang is located in Lembang, Bandung. This floating market was opened in 2012. Visitors can take a walk around the floating market while enjoying the beautiful scenery. You can also try out some delicious culinary offerings offered by the vendors.

  • Kawah Putih Ciwidey
End-of-Year Holiday in Bandung
One of the favorite spots in Kawah Putih for taking pictures

From Lembang area, let’s move on to Ciwidey area. As the name implies, Kawah Putih is in Ciwidey area and is part of the Patuha Mountain region. The white comes from a stream of water that is believed to contain certain chemical substances.

The colors may appear green and they can change according to the natural condition. Hence, this white crater makes a perfect background for your pictures. Visiting Kawah Putih is one of the things to do in Ciwidey.

Behind its beauty, there’s a mysterious story. Residents around this area reported that they were reluctant to approach as there were many birds died after passing above the crater. After being investigated, they died because of the sulfur gas poisoning.

Kawah Putih is located an altitude of 2,090 above the sea level. Many people coming here for doing some photo sessions, such as pre-wedding photo session. You can reach this region by taking public transportation heading to Leuwi Panjang and Ciwidey Terminals.

  • Farmhouse Lembang Bandung
End-of-Year Holiday in Bandung
Hobbit House in Farmhouse Lembang

This farmhouse is located not really far from Floating Market Lembang. You can feel the nuance of European style here.

The buildings here are set up after getting inspired by the typical medieval European buildings. However, not only that, as the name implies, you will also be able to enjoy a farm and milk processing center.

Many visitors come here to take some beautiful pictures as there are many interesting spots. Besides, you can also enjoy some fun adventures at the Hobbit House and Pettin Zoo or mini zoo. Enjoy fresh milk or sausage after finish your walk around the farm. The entrance ticket includes the fresh milk or sausage.

  • De Ranch Bandung
End-of-Year Holiday in Bandung
Riding on a horse with a complete cowboy outfits in De Ranch

If you wish to have an experience of being a cowboy and living in the Wild West area, then you can go to De Ranch Bandung. Spend your end-of-year holiday here. This tourist spot gives the opportunity for the visitors to get around on horseback while wearing cowboy costume. It will be cool, won’t it?

The entrance ticket to De Ranch Bandung is not too expensive, it is around IDR 5,000. You can also exchange your ticket with fresh drinks. Besides renting for some costumes, you can also try various playing arenas, such as flying fox, archery and others.

  • Trans Studio Bandung

Do you wish to play around while spending your end-of-year holiday? Do you wish to bring your kids? Then, you can go to Trans Studio Bandung. Trans Studio Bandung is fun for all ages, from children to adults.

This can be a great holiday spot for the whole family members, especially if you love challenging rides. Get to know what to do in Trans Studio Bandung and have fun!

The entrance ticket to this spot is around IDR 150,000 to 200,000. By paying this amount of money, you won’t regret feeling the excitement in one of the biggest amusement parks in Indonesia!

If you wish to have another visit to other tourist attractions in Bandung, get the complete Bandung attractions.

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