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3 Waterfalls in Kuningan, West Java to Visit with Friends

by Widiya
waterfall in kuningan
Waterfalls in Kuningan

Have you ever felt that mind-boggling feeling of satisfaction as you remain close to a striking waterfall? Rumors have spread far and wide suggesting that waterfalls can fulfill us, so it is no big surprise there are such countless astonishing stories from tourists who have visited waterfalls in Indonesia. 

Despite the fact that this could be considered by some as essentially an old widows’ story, there is by all accounts some logical intuition behind the hypothesis that waterfalls create positive vibes.

Waterfalls are viewed as one giant particle generator – the vitamins in the watery air emit negative particles, which we take in as positive energy. 

When the negative particles arrive at our circulation system, they are said to expand our bodies’ production of serotonin, which is the substance liable for relieving stress and desperation, and for boosting our energy and happiness. If you want to gather these benefits, then try to visit waterfalls in Kuningan West Java.

You can even bring along your friends or family. So, without further ado, check out the list down below.

A List of Waterfalls in Kuningan, West Java

  1. Curug Putri Palutungan 
Waterfalls in Kuningan

Curug Putri Palutungan is a backwoods and waterfall situated at the foot of Mount Ceremai exactly in District Cigugur. The waterfall is believed to be where the mother of the angel lives. You might also want to know about mountains to hike in Maluku.

People additionally put stock in the legend that Curug Putri Palutungan is the washing spot of the angels of paradise. The waterfall has a tallness of around 20 meters, has clear water, and is loaded with obscure trees encompassing it. 

To go to Curug Putri Palutungan, the sightseers can go to Dusun Palutungan, Cisantana Village, District Cigugur, Kuningan Regency, West Java. The separation from the center of Kuningan City is not so far away, just around ten kilometers, and going there takes just 30 minutes. 

For admittance to Curug Putri Palutungan, the street has been cleared, yet be cautious in light of the fact that the street is not excessively wide and meandering. To enter this region, the sightseers can pay around 20,000 IDR.

  1. Curug Sidomba 
Waterfalls in Kuningan

For those of you who need to have a get-away, you can visit natural attractions with lovely perspectives. One of them is Curug Sidomba. 

Curug Sidomba is situated under the foot of Mount Ciremai in the Tourism Object of the Sidomba Camping Ground. It has been outfitted with different facilities that are quite complete. 

These facilities incorporate games facilities, playing facilities, an outdoor ground, and a few hovels that can be utilized to unwind. What is more, there is additionally a fish lake under the waterfall. 

There are numerous brilliant kancra fish or kancra bodas in the lake. This fish ought not to be lured and fed. Speaking of a lake, here is the information about Kelimutu lake.

Curug Sidomba has an uncommon fascination for its guests. The waterfall is entirely reasonable to be enjoyed along with your dear companions or family members on the grounds that the water is not terraced and will in general be slight. 

Aside from the beauty of the waterfall, guests can likewise invest energy and have some good times on a portion of the rides that have been given. There you can swim in a pool whose water is extremely clear and fresh in light of the fact that the water comes from mountain springs. 

  1. Curug Landung 
Waterfalls in Kuningan

Curug Landung is a waterfall at the foot of southern Ciremai Mountain. This waterfall is framed by the progression of the Curug Putri river which is now famous as a feature of the Palutungan vacation spot. 

This tourist area is evidently not just pursued because of its waterfall. There, guests have the chance to take pictures with nature as well as exceptional photograph spots, from floor coverings to flying swings. 

The name Curug Landung itself signifies “high waterfall”. As the name infers, this waterfall is one of the most noteworthy in Kuningan with a stature of roughly 30 meters. 

The water is still natural, clear, and cool. This waterfall is situated on a cliff encompassed by an assortment of wild vegetation. 

Its area at the base of precarious cliff requires a little exertion to reach. From the stopping area, guests should descend around 300 concrete steps. 

However, the exertion will pay off in the wake of showing up and seeing directly the magnificence of this waterfall. Also, check out waterfalls in Banten.

So, that is a list of waterfalls in Kuningan, West Java. While you are at it, make sure to read our other posts about things to do in Kuningan, West Java and things to do in Kuningan, Jakarta.

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