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Be Prepared! Here are 6 Travel Tips in Indonesia During the Rainy Season

by Widiya
traveling tips in rainy season in indonesia

The best and ideal opportunity to go to Indonesia truly relies upon you and what you are about to do. Being situated close to the equator, the nation has a pretty even environment with two long seasons – the cooler wet season from November to April, where downpour falls for a couple of hours every day in abrupt tropical deluges, and the hotter dry season that runs from June to November. 

During the wet season (late November, December to April), streets can be obstructed and traveling courses shut for security reasons, so it is ideal to double check how much this will influence your chosen schedule.

During December, January, and February downpour makes territories, for example, Sumatra and Flores basically distant because of closed ferries and washed-off streets. 

There are a lot of different spots during the rainy season, however, with Bali and Kalimantan experiencing substantially more steady climates. For your safety, we have rounded up a list of travel tips in Indonesia during the rainy season down below.

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A List of Travel Tips in Indonesia During the Rainy Season

  1. Pack Waterproof and Quick-Dry Items 
Travel Tips in Indonesia During the Rainy Season

Pack things that can assist with keeping your possessions and prson dry under the downpour. A lightweight coat that repulses water and is easily folded to store in a pack will be a lifesafer in case you are shopping in a market and the skies open up. 

Waterproof bags, for movement and everyday exercises, will assist with keeping your things and garments dry here and there. A solid travel umbrella is an absolute necessity. 

Decide on a waterproof watch or cellphone case. This little investment could save you from replacing your gadget and from missing a connection. When all is said in done, dodge fabrics like denim, thick cotton, and retentive materials like rayon and Tencel. 

It is additionally a smart idea to stay with more obscure tones on the grounds that these will make a better job concealing mud splatter over lighter dress.

Furthermore, light-hued apparel (particularly white textures) can be tricky once they drench through, which may prompt some humiliating setbacks. 

  1. Stay in Accommodations with Dryers 
Travel Tips in Indonesia During the Rainy Season

On the off chance that you realize you will get wet, and by affiliation your attire as well, make sure to remain someplace that has a washer or dryer feature. A few lodgings offer clothing service, and you can likewise channel for this sort of convenience on Airbnb. 

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  1. Incredible Time for Food Trips 
Travel Tips in Indonesia During the Rainy Season

Chase down the best comfort foods for rainy days like local soup dish or noodles. Search out local restaurants for locally made espresso and other heartwarming dishes. Speaking of local foods, here are local foods in Medan.

Go on a food experience with a particular subject, similar to dishes from different nations you have never attempted. Themed cafes like cat cafes and tabletop game cafes are acceptable spots to spend time with companions on rainy days. 

It is consistently ideal to investigate different areas, however pick well since certain territories are inclined to flooding during rainy days.

  1. Visit Places Which are More Beautiful During the Rainy Season 
Travel Tips in Indonesia During the Rainy Season

As a rule, during the rainy season, while the sky might be dim and melancholy, the mountains and fields are greener and more exciting. Furthermore, waterfalls are more glorious as slim window ornaments of water during summer generally become thick deluges during the rainy season. Also, check out waterfalls in Banten.

While caverns are incredible to enjoy any season, caverns with waterfalls or pools of water are especially more delightful during the rainy season. Those who are capable of swimming or wading through midriff deep water in a cavern are in for a treat. 

  1. Be Ready for Travel Delays 
Travel Tips in Indonesia During the Rainy Season

Climate is the main explanation behind travel delays across the country. In case you are going during the rainy season, there might be a postponement sooner or later during your excursion. 

Before you travel, check that your extensive travel insurance plan has the inclusion you may require for potential postponements and interferences. On the off chance that you are mentally prepared and covered by protection, you will experience less weight on your outing even while going in rainy season.

  1. Search for Deals on Rainy Season Tour Packages 
Travel Tips in Indonesia During the Rainy Season

The rainy season is usually when the main part of vacationers stay away. In the event that you look carefully, you might have the option to discover less expensive tickets for journeys or lodging rates. 

Remember, while a portion of these outings might be less expensive, they can now and then be dropped because of absence of participation. Make sure to research this chance preceding your outing to keep away from any surprising disappointment.

So, that is a list of travel tips in Indonesia during the rainy season. While you are at it, make sure to read our other articles about travel tips to Yogyakarta and stargazing sites in Indonesia.