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6 Street Foods in South Jakarta to Accompany Your Trip

by Widiya
street food in south jakarta
Street Food in South Jakarta

From classic, customary foods to secret family recipes and particular creations, the abundance of taste at South Jakarta’s lively street foods scene mirrors the city’s variety and versatility. While metropolitan South Jakarta is not shy of rich eateries, street foods remain perhaps the most ideal approach to genuinely taste the city. Also, check out street foods in Malang.

South Jakarta street foods stalls are the place where you can devour delectable meals with no fuss. Everything is straight and basic as you fail to remember all finicky table manners and simply appreciate the meals, then pay later for the extra portion without burning up all your money and resources. 

Combining scrumptious foods with great and easygoing local settings, the street foods scene unites people, from common foodies to famous people, in getting a charge out of simple local delights. Check out the street foods in South Jakarta down below for more insights.

A List of Street Foods in South Jakarta

  1. Satay Padang Ajo Ramon 
Street Foods in South Jakarta

While satay is an eminent work of art, very few tourists acknowledge there is really a wide variety to this conventional grilled skewer.

Satay Padang is a claim to the famous satay from West Sumatra’s Padang, recognized by its thick appetizing sauce and delicate meat. You might also want to know about popular South Sumatran foods.

Not the same as numerous other Satay Padang stalls in Jakarta, Ajo Ramon uses the Padang Pariaman recipe which has a thick ruddy earthy-colored sauce rather than yellow. Ajo Ramon serves this scrumptious satay recipe in an unassuming tent.

However, that does not prevent people and even celebrities from appreciating the credible Satay Padang. 

  1. Sate Sambas 
Street Foods in South Jakarta

Sambas street in South Jakarta is home to some incredible satay sellers in Jakarta. Popular for selling classic chicken satay, there are really numerous varieties you would not consider. 

From chicken innards satay, chicken bosom satay, to young eggs satay, the wide variations present alternatives to fulfill all your preferences. Chicken bosom satay is particularly mainstream among wellness buffs who like their protein admission to accompany a tasty serving of no-guilt satay. 

  1. Roti Bakar Eddy 
Street Foods in South Jakarta

Subsequent to starting off as a modest stall in the city, Roti Bakar Eddy is presently a setup brand with branches across the city. All things being equal, the foundation actually keeps the unassuming setting and simplicity that made it popular in any case. 

The menu has basic street foods, including a claim to popular Indonesian toast (Roti Bakar). Roti Bakar Eddy serves a wide scope of choices for the toast fillings and fixings.

However, what truly differentiates the toasts from those of other stalls is the homemade, additive-free, and unquestionably delectable bread. 

  1. Seafood 68 Santa 
Street Foods in South Jakarta

A generous serving of clams is evaluated at under 2 USD in this seafood tent. That measure of cash will likewise get you a serving of squid dishes or three plates of sautéed water spinach. 

In any case, the modest cost is no sign of the fresh seafood fixings and scrumptious taste. Numerous reliable customers, including some celebrity patrons, depend on the quality and taste of the food, while the always stuffed streetside tent legitimizes the spot’s notoriety. 

The seafood tent offers fresh seafood in various sauces and recipes, and do not hesitate to chomp on the appealing seafood-based tidbits while sitting tight for your request. Speaking of seafood, here are Indonesian foods for seafood lovers.

  1. Fried Rice Kebuli Apjay 
Street Foods in South Jakarta

Perhaps the best spot to eat the customary fried rice, this street food stall combines flavors for Kebuli, the Arabian-influenced hot steamed rice, with the eminent fried recipe.

The special blend of Middle Eastern flavors and an Indonesian recipe pulls in interest as well as numerous devoted customers on the grounds that clearly, the combination works gloriously. 

Be ready to sit tight for your flavorful fried rice as the stall is consistently occupied with requests.

  1. Martabak Pizza Orins 
Street Foods in South Jakarta

Martabak Manis or sweet hotcake is one of the Indonesian street foods that are loaded down with different garnishes, for example, melted chocolate, ground cheddar, Oreo, Nutella, and so forth. It is perhaps the most well-known Martabak in Jakarta.

One of the fortes of this Martabak stall is a sweet pizza-molded Martabak with a colossal measure of fixing stuffed on the surface.

There are different sorts of sweet Martabak accessible, for example, Corn Cream Cheese Martabak, Kitkat Green Tea Martabak, and Red Velvet Creamy Fruity Crunchy Martabak.

Martabak Pizza Orins has many branch outlets across Jakarta that you can easily find.

So, that is a list of street foods in South Jakarta. While you are at it, make sure to read our other articles about street foods in Bogor and Manado foods you should try.

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