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6 Delicious Food from Lampung Worth Trying!

by Ivonne Puspakencana
local food of lampung

Lampung is one of the famous provinces in Indonesia that has many wonderful spots and food to try. It is rich in culinary delights. Some of the dishes might sound familiar to you, such as kue lapis legit.

Most of the food coming from Lampung is dish of fish as this province is one of the producers of fishes both from sea or freshwater.

If you visit Lampung, make sure you try one of these 6 delicious food from Lampung that will satisfy your appetite. Don’t forget to visit these 12 Amazing Waterfall in Lampung You Should Visit at least Once in Your Lifetime. They are amazing and have breathtaking view!

  • Seruit

The first food coming from Lampung is seruit. Seruit is a dish consisting of fried or grilled fish mixed with tempoyak or shrimp paste sambal (sambal terasi). Also check these 6 Recommended Typical Dishes from Banten You Should Try. Banten is also full of delicious food!

This dish is commonly served during family gathering or other big events, such as weddings or religious ceremonies. However, not all people have eating seruit as a tradition. Only some people who have been doing that for years. Seruit is a main dish for Lampung Pepadun people.

To prepare this dish, you need to add tempoyak. Tempoyak is a softened and preserved durian paste. Then, you can include some fresh vegetables, such as eggplant, jengkol and even cashew leaves. All the additional ingredients are mixed into one.

Besides, seruit can also be consumed with rice. If you visit Lampung, make sure to visit one of the restaurants serving seruit. That restaurant is called Rumah Makan Rusdi Gendut in Bandar Lampung. This restaurant is serving various food from Lampung.

After visiting Rumah Makan Rusdi Gendut, you can spend your holiday time by considering these 14 Things to Do in Lampung Indonesia (Picturesque).

  • Pisro
Food from Lampung

Pisro is another food from Lampung that is worth to try. It is a dish made from fish that is commonly consumed by Lampung Pepadun people. Ikan betok and ikan tembakang are the main ingredients of pisro as they have savory taste, thick and tender meat.

Pisro is a dish that has various taste: sour, spicy, sweet and savory. The savory taste comes from the fish paste (terasi ikan). Besides the fish paste, this dish is also having thick seasoning.

  • Gabing

Gabing is a type of dish coming from Lampung you may have encountered in other areas. Gabing has its own ingredient that is quite unique, which is young coconut stem. To make gabing, you will need the young coconut stem that is sliced into the shape of elongated plate measuring 3 to 4 cm.

Then, boil it until it is soft and put some spices into it. Gabing is a soupy dishes, so you can enjoy it while it is warm. You can also add some ingredients to gabing, such as fresh meat, mushrooms, or other ingredients that will surely enrich the flavor.

  • Cake Lapis Legit
Food from Lampung

Lapis Legit is one of the famous cakes coming from Lampung that can be enjoyed in other places too. If you come to Lampung, make sure you taste the original taste of this cake. This cake is sweet and has many layers. The person who makes this cake should be patient as she or he makes the cake by each layer.

Cake Lapis Legit is commonly enjoyed with tea or coffee during relaxing time. If you are fond of cakes, you may want to try these 8 Popular Indonesian Traditional Cakes. Though they are traditional, they taste really good!

The ingredients to make this cake are eggs, flour, milk, butter, spekoek seasoning, vanilla, cinnamon and others.

  • Tempoyak
Waterfalls in Tasikmalaya

Tempoyak is a dish made from durian paste. If you love durian, then you must try this! The durian is fermented. This dish is also famous in various places, including Malaysia. The process of making this tempoyak is also quite easy.

You just need to prepare good-quality durian. Separate the flesh of the fruit, give a bit salt and add some cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper is used to speed up the fermentation process. Then, keep the mixture in a closed container that has cold air temperature. You can put it in the refrigerator too.

After two to five days, you can process some fish with it. You can use teri, mujair, carp or other fish. Once the sauce is made, you have to mix it with garlic and smoothen chili. Add some sugar. Fry the mixture for around 3 minutes, and your sambal tempoyak is ready to be served. You can enjoy this with other types of food too.

  • Gegaduh
Food from Lampung

Gegaduh is another sweet dish coming from Lampung. Gegaduh is a dish made from mashed banana cake. This dish is commonly served to guests and can be enjoyed with family together. You can simply make Gegaduh at home.

You just need to prepare the simple ingredients, such as mashed banana, flour, milk and jam. Mix mashed banana and flour together. Then mix it well with butter and milk. Shape the mixture as you desire. Then, fry until it is cooked.

Other than Lampung, Gorontalo also has some food worth trying once you visit them. You can spend your time planning to have these 10 Gorontalo’s Best Local Foods that You Must Try.

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