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Let’s Try these 7 Delicious Local Cuisine from Banjarmasin

by Ivonne Puspakencana
local cuisine of banjarrmasin

Almost every region in Indonesia has its own local cuisine. Indonesia is famous for having a lot of local cuisine that are rich in spices. You can spend time reading local cuisines of Aceh.

As one of the largest cities in Borneo Island, Banjarmasin also has lots of delicious local cuisine. The local cuisine range varies from the savory to the sweet ones.

Banjarmasin local cuisine can also be found in our neighboring countries, such as Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

That’s why Banjarmasin local cuisine is more or less influenced by many cultures, such as Malay, Javanese, Chinese and Indian cuisine. Let’s get ready to try these 7 delicious local cuisine from Banjarmasin.

  • Soto Banjar
Local Cuisine from Banjarmasin
Soto Banjar, one of the iconic dishes from Banjarmasin

Soto Banjar is famous for being one of the most iconic dishes from Banjarmasin. Soto Banjar is typically a soupy dish that has a distinctive taste if being compared to the other soto.

Soto Banjar uses cinnamon as the main spice, that’s why the color of the soup is clearer than the common soto which tends to be yellow. Soto is also listed as one of the must try dish in street foods in Bogor, West Java.

There are some fillings you can find in Soto Banjar, such as vermicelli rice, boiled eggs, potato fritters, chicken meat, and ketupat or a compressed rice cake wrapped in woven coconut leaves). There’re also some other sprinkles you can add to the soto, such as fried onions, leeks and lime slices.

  • Patin Bakar or Patin Baubar (Grilled Patin)
Local Cuisine from Banjarmasin
The delicious patin baubar

Catfish is one of the fish species living in Borneo. It can be found in many rivers in Borneo Island. So, you will find catfish as the main ingredient of the local cuisine too. Grilled patin or patin baubar has catfish as the main ingredient.

The catfish is marinated with innumerable Bornean spices, such as bay leaves, palm sugar, and galangal. Then, the marinated fish is wrapped in a banana leaf and grilled over a low heat. This Banjarmasin local cuisine is very delicious and best eaten with steamed rice and fresh Thai basil.

  • Banjar Yellow Rice
Local Cuisine from Banjarmasin
The distinctive yellow rice from Banjarmasin

You may be able to find yellow rice in many places, but Banjar yellow rice will give you different taste. Banjar yellow rice is made of different type of rice and other seasonings.

This local cuisine becomes one of the culinary icons of the area as it uses the grained-but-not fluffy rice and it doesn’t have too much spices added.

The yellow color of the rice comes from turmeric and pandan leaves are also used to give the strong aroma of the dish.

In Banjarmasin, yellow rice is commonly served with some side dishes of red spices and serundeng (relish of grated coconut with spices) and you will be able to taste the savory flavor!

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  • Gangan Humbut
Local Cuisine from Banjarmasin
Gangan humbut

Gangan humbut shouldn’t be missed when you visit Banjarmasin. It is Banjarmasin local dish which is made of humbut (the very young and soft tip of a coconut tree leaf bud). This dish is commonly served in wedding reception. The main ingredients of this dish is the humbut, beef ribs and the soup that is rich in spices.

  • Ketupat Kandangan
Local Cuisine from Banjarmasin
Ketupat kandangan

Besides the local cuisines mentioned above, there is another famous local cuisine named ketupat kandangan. Ketupat kandangan consists of some pieces of ketupat (the compressed rice cake wrapped in woven coconut leaves), heavy coconut milk gravy, and a slice of gabus catfish.

The coconut milk gravy is yellow similar to curry sauce. The shiny color of the gravy comes from the oil. This dish is originated from the region of Hulu Sungai Selatan.

The tips of enjoying this dish: the food is best devoured by hands instead of cutlery.

  • Bingka
Local Cuisine from Banjarmasin
The sweet and delicious bingka

After all the savory dishes mentioned above, here comes the sweet cuisine. Bingka is typically a cake which has sweet taste and delicate texture. This flower-shaped cake is also considered as an icon for Banjarmasin, the city with a thousand rivers. Bingka is not only favored by the locals, but almost by all Indonesians.

The primary ingredients of this cake are mashed potato, sugar, thick coconut milk, duck eggs and vanilla powder. There’re some alternative ingredients too, such as fermented cassava and pumpkin.

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  • Amparan Tatak
Local Cuisine from Banjarmasin

Another sweet cuisine coming from Banjarmasin is amparan tatak. Amparan tatak is simply a cake made of coconut milk and rice flour. It has some fillings, such as jackfruit and some pieces of banana.

To make it attractive, a stripe of pandan leaves is commonly added. Amparan tatak will be a perfect dish accompanying a hot tea or coffee in the morning or evening. If you wish to try this cake, you can visit the floating market in Tendean street.

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