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7 Magnificent Temples in Magelang, Central Java

by Ivonne Puspakencana
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Everybody knows Borobudur Temple as the largest Buddhist temple in Indonesia. Borobudur Temple is located in Magelang, Central Java. This Buddhist temple is categorized as one of the seven wonders by UNESCO too.

However, Magelang does not only have Borobudur Temple, but there are some temples that are as magnificent as Borobudur Temple. You can spend time reading more on Borobudur Temple, Indonesia.

Let’s take a look at the other 7 magnificent temples you can find in Magelang, Central Java. If you prefer to have historical tour, then make sure to put these temples on your list. If you’re still in Magelang area, make sure to read things to do in Magelang.

  • Mendut Temple
Temples in Magelang
Mendut Temple, not far from Borobudur Temple

The first temple in Magelang is Mendut Temple. This temple is located around 3 km from the well-known Borobudur Temple. Mendut Temple is considered as the second most famous Buddhist temple in Magelang after Borobudur.

Interestingly, Mendut Temple was also built in the same year as Borobudur during Syailendra dynasty. Getting around Mendut Temple is also listed in things to do near Borobudur Temple. Who doesn’t want to visit two famous temples at the same time?

Regarding to the structure of Mendut Temple, it has rectangular shape with a storied roof and decorated with small stupas. The entrance of this temple is facing the sunset direction.

  • Pawon Temple
Temples in Magelang
Pawon Temple

Pawon Temple is also called Brajalan Temple. You can visit this temple after visiting the other two temples, Borobudur and Mendut. As this temple is located between Mendut and Borobudur Temple, Pawon Temple also becomes a popular place in Magelang.

Many people believe that Pawon Temple was used to keep all King Indra’s weapon during Syailendra Dynasty. However, some other people also believed that this temple is used for saving ashes. Its name is taken from the word “pawuan” which means a place to keep ashes.

Unlike the common Buddhist temples, Pawon Temple is slimmer and looks like Hindu temple. The attraction of this temple is the carving which depicts a standing Kuwera (God of Wealth), Kinara and Kinari (a pair of birds with human head) and a relief of flying human in the ceiling.

  • Asu Sengi Temple
Temples in Magelang

Asu Sengi Temple is located around 25 km from Borobudur Temple. This temple is located in Merapi Mountain slopes near Tlingsing Pabelan River. The temple named that way after the broken statue which nearly looks like a dog was found when the temple was discovered. In Javanese language, “asu” means a dog.

Unlike the other three temples mentioned before, in this temple, you will see some flora reliefs and also Kinara Kinari. The height of the temple is unknown due to the missing ceiling and roof of the temple. You will also find the cow statues, called Nandhi and rectangular well inside the temple.

  • Ngawen Temple
Temples in Magelang
Ngawen Temple, a Hindu temple in Magelang

Ngawen Temple is located in the region of Ngawen Muntilan, or is about 5 km from Mendut Temple. This is a Buddhist temple which background is based upon the discovery of Buddhist statues inside. You will see some lion statues decorating every corner of the temple and they show the uniqueness of this temple.

If you are looking at the shape, you may think Ngawen Temple is a Hindu Temple, however the stupas and steps inside symbolize Buddhism.

  • Lumbung Temple
Temples in Magelang
The three temples – Sengi Temples

Lumbung Temple is located at the edge of Apu River which flows from Merapi Mountain slope in the west side. The temple is standing side to side with Pendem and Asu Temples. These three temples are also called as Sengi Temples.

Lumbung Temple is a Buddhist Temple that consists of 17 complex with the main temple in the center and the other 16 temples surrounding it.

  • Selogriyo Temple
Temples in Magelang
Selogriyo Temple, the hundred-year old temple

The next temple in Magelang you must visit is Selogriyo Temple. Unlike the other temples, this temple is located in a remote area on the eastern slope of Mount Sumbing. This temple is believed to be a hundred years old.

Unlike the other temples, Selogriyo Temple is a Hindu temple. You will see the statues of Hindu Gods, such as Ganesha, Durga, Nandiswara, Mahakala and Agastya. Make sure you Hindu Temples in Central Java if you love visiting Hindu temples.

If you love hiking, then it will be a perfect destination for you. To reach this temple, you will need to get through rocky path for 2 km long, however, all your hard work will be paid of by the beautiful countryside atmosphere.

  • Canggal Temple
Temples in Magelang
Canggal Temple, which is believed to be the oldest

Canggal Temple is another Hindu temple that is located in the Mount Merapi slope. Many people believed that Canggal Temple is the oldest temple, as it was built during the reign of King Sanjaya in 732 AD.

The temple wreckage and its inscription themselves were found in 1897. If you visit this temple, you will see the statues of Lord Shiva, yoni altar and the statue of the female cow, called Andini. Canggal Temple is also listed as one of the cultural temples in Central Java.

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