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Have Some Fun! 6 Things to Do Near Borobudur Temple

by Widiya

The words ‘I am bored’ are not gladly received in Indonesia. Particularly when we have piles of holiday ideas and things to do near Borobudur Temple for you to find depending on your interests. 

We have fun-fuelled breaks for families, occasions for herds of companions, romantic excursions for lovebirds, city breaks for culture vultures, and country escapes for environmentalists. Consider us your Indonesian travel guide.  You might also want to know about the information guide to visit Bukit Lawang.

Get filtering to locate your ideal occasion in Borobudur Temple. Set in Central Java, the great Borobudur Temple is one of Indonesia’s most significant gems and most engaging vacationer locations for local people and foreign travelers.

If you are fortunate enough to be there, make sure to follow our instructions of making the most out of it down below. So, without further ado, let us check this out.

A List of Things to Do Near Borobudur Temple

  1. Exploring the Entire Complex 
Things to Do Near Borobudur Temple

Built around the eighth and ninth hundreds of years in the rule of the Syailendra Dynasty, Borobudur’s appeal lies in its special structural plan. It covers a huge zone, estimating 123 x 123 meters. 

Around the stages are 72 stupas, each containing a sculpture of the Buddha. The walls show exceptionally definite cut reliefs of over 2.672 relief boards highlighting different stories. 

At the point when you have arrived at the top, you will locate a great stupa and the view from the top is astonishing, overlooking the various stupas both huge and little guarding more than 504 assortments of Buddha sculptures. 

  1. Visiting Klipoh Village 
Things to Do Near Borobudur Temple

Klipoh, situated around five kilometers from Borobudur Temple, is a town famous for its pottery items. On the walls of Borobudur Temple, one of the reliefs portrays the creation of these items. 

For ages, inhabitants there have made kitchenware, mugs, plates, ashtrays, and home embellishments from clay. Moving toward the town, one can undoubtedly see smoke coming out from heaters while the women work with clay before their homes. 

In Klipoh, travelers are free to make their own ceramic items. Various creation communities additionally offer classes for travelers to figure out how to make them. 

  1. Eating Local Food 
Things to Do Near Borobudur Temple

On the off chance that you are a foodie, “Mangut Beong” (Red Tail Catfish) is a local dish yu must try. This local dish is regularly known in Borobudur District. 

Beong is a nearby fish commonly found in the Progo River. Beong is formed like a catfish just somewhat bigger and has a soft and delicate meat surface. Speaking of fish, here are Indonesian foods for seafood lovers.

The dish is very spicy as the Fried Beong is improved with a combination of super hot bean stew, seasoned coconut milk, and turmeric stock. It is a top choice among guests of the Borobudur Temple and probably the best spot to taste this dish is Warung Sehati Selera Pedas in Kembanglimus Village, around four kilometers west from the temple. 

  1. Drinking Menoreh Coffee 
Things to Do Near Borobudur Temple

Before, Menorah Hill was known as the refuge of Prince Diponegoro’s soldiers during the battle against the Dutch. After the war, the Dutch organization utilized the slope to grow coffee and, up to this point, coffee is as yet a product of the territory. 

The coffee production center is situated in Sidoharjo and Gerbosari towns in the Kulonprogo Regency, while places, for example, Kerug Batur and Majaksingi are otherwise called coffee makers. Coffee grown from Menoreh Hill can be delighted in coffeehouses around Borobudur Temple. 

In cafés situated on Menoreh Hill, vacationers can appreciate cups of coffee with customary snacks in the midst of the delightful view. 

  1. Purchasing Local Souvenirs 
Things to Do Near Borobudur Temple

Along with the Borobudur Temple entrance territory, there is a lot of local trinket stalls to browse. Common keepsakes include an artsy cutting of the Borobudur Temple on bamboo, the temple’s imitation as small statuettes produced using fiberglass, key chains and adornments, wooden batik handicrafts, batik garments, and a lot more assortments of little treats. Also, check out what to buy in Bandung, Indonesia.

  1. Hanging Around Art Galleries 
Things to Do Near Borobudur Temple

As of late, inns around the Borobudur Temple have started to bring to the table their settings like art galleries exhibiting works of artists from different urban areas in Indonesia. Works of art, sculptures, and other craftsmanship are frequently shown in lodging entryways, restaurants, cafés, and hallways. 

The area is likewise home to various workmanship spaces that routinely have art presentations or occasions. There are Galeri Unik dan Seni Borobudur Indonesia and Lima Gunung Museum, that belong to veteran craftsman Sutanto Mendut in Mungkid, which is four kilometers from Borobudur.

So, that is a list of things to do near Borobudur Temple. While you are at it, make sure to read our other articles about attire for Borobudur Temple and etiquettes in Borobudur Temple.

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