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Attire for Borobudur Temple – Manner – Clothing – Special Requirements

by luthfi

We know that Borobudur is a majestic temple which hold many mysteries and high culutral value located in Magelang, Central Java. Borobudur one of many interesting spots around Yogya. Borobudur has become a high value tourism spot which attract many tourist around the world. Even Buddhist around the world visited the temple each year this place is like a Mecca for Muslim to them.

This place holds many interesting sculptures, reliefs, and even mysteries that is yet not to be solved. However if you planned to visit the temple it is better for you to choose the suitable attire which is suitable to wear around the temple and you must mind your manners, the myth said if you ever disgraced the temple, horrible fate shall rain down to you. Which is why you must choose the suitable attire before entering the temple and mind your manners around here.

Borobudur is a Worshiping Place

Before landing your feet into this majestic site, you need to know that this place is a worshiping area for Buddhist. Which is why you must mind your attire and your manner. You must respect the temple’s rule even though you are not Buddhist or even an Atheist.

Buddhist believe this place is sacred, which holds many mysteries yet to be untold. Believe it or not, if you disgraced such a place no matter what you believe, a rain of bad luck will rain upon you. Most of the tourist disgraced the place by wearing impolite attire, saying curse words, and even climbing and sitting around the sculpture. We recommend you if you are not ready to follow the temple’s rule then we suggest you to not visiting Borobudur. If you truly want to visit the temple then choose your attire properly and mind your manner. You may also enjoy the Borobudur Temple Indonesia Yogyakarta History

Before Entering The Borobudur Temple

Borobudur is a sacred place which hold many mysteries. No one knows who built the entire temple, was it made by human or by something mystical? A majestic place built in 7th century which we might wondering did the technology was available back then to build such wonders?

There are thousands of sculptures, reliefs, which not be solved yet, here everywhere around the temple. So do you think it’s better to enter a sacred place with impolite attire and with awful manner?. This why we would like to tell you on Choosing the Suitable Attire and Mind Our Manners Before Entering Borobudur Temple. You may also enjoy the Sultan Palace of Yogyakarta

Choose the Proper Attire

Now will tell you about the attire for Borobudur Temple Yogyakarta. Remember this is a sacred place, you can’t just enter a sacred place with a hot pants or any impolite attire. If you want to enter with such attire then we already warn you not to. Just simply wear something that could cover your private area, do not wear a tight shirt or pant. Just simply grab your trousers, your casual t-shirt and enter the temple. If you don’t have any, don’t worry the locals love to give you a sarong to cover your body.

Also it is way better for you to feel the sensation of the temple by buying the local attire, for you we recommend you to buy Batik first before entering the temple. Well wearing a monk’s suite is surely complicated and too specific, which is why we recommend you to wear Batik along with Blangkon for men thus wearing this would be more casual but also suitable to entering the temple. You may also enjoy the Instagrammable Spots in Yogyakarta

You could buy Batik from a street merchant which is quite cheaper or you could buy the official one which is of course more expensive than Batik from a street merchant. There are many official store you could find around Yogyakarta to buy Batik which are :

  • Mirota Batik, Jalan Ahmad Yani No. 9.
  • Batik Rumah, Jalan Nogosari Lor No. 8, Kadipaten, Kraton.
  • Kampung Batik Ngasem.
  • Kampung Batik Giriloyo.
  • Desa Batik Kayu Krebet.
  • Malioboro.
  • Butik Batik Danar Hadi, Jalan Malioboro No. 25.
  • Batik Soga, Jalan Adi Sucipto Km 6 No. 14, Bantulan Depok, Sleman. 

Also you could visit the malls to check out many options for buying Batik. Or even you could wear a fully attire of Batik along with Sarong and Blangkon

However we recommend you just simply wear  a trouser and a Batik shirt as you could enjoy more the chilly and comforting sensation around Borobudur. Just remember don’t wear impolite attire such as hotpants, tight shirt, or any other attire that might offend the local. Indeed, that’s the the attire for Borobudur you need to follow!

Mind Your Manners

Borobudur is a sacred place which hold many sacred sculptures, reliefs, and even their own myth. Even some that we must obey regardless what we believe as prevention is better right?. Singa Urung and Kunto Bimo are a few sculptures that own it’s own myth.

The myth said someone who dares to touch the Singa Urung then bad luck will rain upon them. Someone who could touch the Kunto Bimo will be granted a wish. Regardless what we believe it is better to respect the sculptures and obey any prohibition in order to respect the temple. This is a sacred place for Buddhist, of course they want anyone who visit the temple to respect it right? The same goes with another religion who wants anyone that visiting their worshiping place to respect any rules avalaible. You may also enjoy the Breathtaking Photo Spots in Yogyakarta That Prove It Is A Photographer’s Heaven

Don’t Climb the Stupa

In Borobudur there are many statue which are hidden inside a dome which called Stupa.

Most of the tourist love to climb the stupa and take a picture from there. However this act is a disgrace towards the place. Buddhist believe the Stupa is sacred which is why we should not climb it, if you still don’t understand, do you think the Muslims will allow you to climb Kakbah?. No, which is why don’t climb the Stupa or even don’t ever think to climb the sculptures.

Don’t Swear

Regardless what you believe it is recommended and even mandatory for you to not swear in the temple’s area. Swearing is a disgrace, it’s like you considering this place is not a sacred place and thus it’s okay to swear. What a disgrace right?. So mind your mouth and don’t swear around here. The Locals might not understand you but who knows whom understand your cursed words?.

Respect and Enjoy Borobudur

Borobudur is a majestic place which is so much interesting to visit. Remember to respect the rules around the temple and make sure you wear a proper attire around the temple also don’t forget to mind your manner then enjoy the majestic temple of Borobudur. That’s all about the the attire for Borobudur Temple Yogyakarta!

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