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How Does Indonesia Celebrate New Year? Find the Uniqueness Here!

by Yoga Adi

The last day of December 2018 is the most important day of this year. People are celebrating the changing from the year 2018 to 2019 in their own way. For example, the Japanese are creating this creative thing called Kadomatsu, which is like the traditional decoration that has the same functionality like the Christmas tree.

However, in China, people are celebrating the new year decorating their house with a red color that symbolizes a good luck. They also prepare red envelopes or packets filled with money for kids. In France, the celebration is a feast, last for hours long. They have plenty of champagne, oysters and even turkeys. So, how does Indonesia celebrate new year aside from having nice things to do in Indonesia on New Year’s Eve? Let’s find the answer below

1. Bike Convoy

The first one, the activity inside the article “How does Indonesia celebrate New Year” is doing a bike convoy. People in Indonesia can use both bicycle or motorcycle with their friends of course. Long before the night comes, they usually gather around on the particular spot or rendezvous point where they preparing for their trip.

And after some time, they stroll the city with their own vehicle, along with their relatives. Usually, the legal convoy will be guarded by the polices on the back and front side of them. But, because of the number of illegal convoy or convoy activities without permission, the polices usually stay on some spots of the city to “capture” them in action. They sometimes also visit some interesting places in the city on the way, like things to do in Jakarta in New Years Eve.

2. Buying Trumpets

Maybe not only in Indonesia, Trumpets are considered to be the most important items on the night if changing year. That’s why, starting from evening you can see some trumpet sellers just displaying their products right by the road, even highway. With this position, they can get more potential customers from people who use the road.

Usually, the price of a trumpet is less than ten thousand rupiahs, but it really depends on the seller. Sometimes they give a more expensive price, especially when they have an only small portion of their stock left. A family can even buy more than five trumpets in that single night. With the trumpets, New Year’s Eve will be marrier.

3. Concerts

In the “how does Indonesia celebrate new year” article, the third activity is visiting a concert show. In some big cities like Bandung, Malang, Surabaya, and also Jakarta with its things to do in China Town Jakarta, usually there’s a concert that held by local government with famous artists in order to celebrate the New Year.

Usually, the place will be filled up quickly, especially the ones that don’t even have an entrance fee. All night long, there will be some pop, rock, and also dangdut music echoing in the. On the peak of the show, there’s always a firework show.

4. Night Dating

For couples, maybe one of the best things to enjoy the night in New Year is dating. They can go somewhere romantic, no matter how it is. There are some places like romantic garden restaurants in Jakarta, cafes, and also romantic spots like the beaches that located around the city. During the evening until midnight, you can see some couples wondering around the city to look for a romantic place that suitable for them.

Almost all of them are going to normal places. But the rest, they can go to places that look unusual for us. They would date in a scenic location such as on flyover. Yes, fly over or an overpass. They will park their bike just few inches from the road, and it’s actually dangerous for them. But, love is on the air, nothing can stop them.

5. Staying Up Late

Nobody wants to miss the moment of year changing, from a year that they already spent to a new one. To grasp that precious moment, one should stay up until past midnight to celebrate and feel the experience of entering the new year with merry.

While waiting for midnight, you can do so many things you like such as reading, cooking, or even spending most of your time playing video games alone or with some friends. The goal is to stay up until midnight, what kind of method to reach it is totally up to you.

6. Firework Party

New Year is really close with fireworks. It’s like everyone in this world will celebrate it with the merry that came out of blasting and colorful fireworks. In the world, and Indonesia specifically, the people are also using fireworks in order to celebrate the New Year.

Even in a small family, they can have their own firework party with small firecrackers that safe for kids. You can also fire up bigger fireworks as long as you do it right on midnight, then no one will get offended. 

7. Shopping in some malls

In some cities in Indonesia, there are some notable malls like biggest shopping malls in Yogyakarta that can give you an amazing experience of shopping with the best discounts possible. Many people use this opportunity to buy some many things, even some they don’t even need.

People are always going crazy about discounts. That’s why many malls are always filled with them especially during the last day of the year. With a fair price, they can get their favorite things with the cut amount of price.

After knowing little things to answer how does Indonesia celebrate the new year with some activities mentioned above, they are still not enough. So we prepare some more on the small list below that maybe can answer your question clearly.

  1. Torch Parade (Only can be found in several regions)
  2. Passing the night with some sleep
  3. Feast with family and friends
  4. Cocktail party
  5. Hanging out with friends while grilling some meats or barbequing

That’s our topic for today, the activities that people doing during new year’s eve. So when people around you asking “how does Indonesia celebrate the new year?” You can answer them with some interesting activities that already mentioned above.

New Year in Indonesia

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