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7 Tips While Visiting Baduy Tribe in Banten

by Putri Wahyuning Tias

Banten is a province that located in Java island, it used to be a part of West Java (Jawa Barat) province, in 2000 Banten become a province. As it is located in Sunda strait, it has marine tourism activities in Banten.

Because it located near Jakarta, the modern culture and traditional becomes one in there. Take Tangerang for example, it is a city in Banten which has best shopping mall in Tangerang you may want to visit.

As for the traditional part in Banten, there is this particular tribe that attracts many tourists. Indonesians called them the Baduy, but they call theirselves as urang kanekes which means ‘Kanekes people’. They live in the mountains of Kendeng, Kanekes Village, Leuwidamar District, Lebak Regency, Banten.

Their mother tongue is Sundanese, if you are only speaking English check it out on another article whether is it safe to travel Indonesia if you ony speak English.

They isolated themself from the modern technology and modern daily life. They believe if they follow the modern daily life their lives would be miserable and they will get disaster.

Baduy is divided into two groups called Inner Baduy (Baduy Dalam) and Outer Baduy (Baduy Luar). The difference can be seen from the way they dress. The Outer Baduy tribe usually wears dark headband, while the inner Baduy usually wears white heaband.

Other than the way they dress, the Outer Baduy is more open and accept the modern daily life. Meanwhile the Inner Baduy reject the modern daily life and the technology.

For those of you who are curious and want to visit Baduy as it is one of the joyful things to do in Banten, there are some things that must be prepared before you go to there. Here are 7 tips when visiting the Baduy tribe in Banten.

1. Pay attention to physical conditions

To visit Baduy village, make sure your physical condition is healthy and fit. Because to get to the Baduy settlement, you have to walk. Tourists can also visit this Baduy settlement via Ciboleger Bus Terminal.

2. Prepare logistics materials

In Baduy villages, there are no facilities such as markets or logistical sellers. Usually the Baduy themselves buy all their daily needs in the market village in Ciboleger.

So you have to bring raw logistical materials such as rice, instant noodles, eggs, snacks, and don’t forget to bring salted fish. Because the people there really like salted fish.

The logistics materials that we bring, we give to the owner of the house we live in and the owner of the house will cook for us to eat. When we’re going back home if our logistics are still available, we can leave them to the home owner.

3. Bring outdoor equipment

Because the Baduy village is located on a mountainside, the route will be rocky and slippery. So, you have to use hiking boots or climbing shoes to be more safety and comfortable.

In the Baduy village there is no electricity, taht is why we need to bring a headlamp or a flashlight to help with personal lighting. Do not forget to bring a sleeping bag or blanket, because the house we will live on is made of bamboo.

4. Traveling with group

It’s not fun going to Baduy alone, it’s better to go to Baduy together because it’s definitely more interesting. You can rely on each other and help each other while visitinhg the Baduy tribe. You need to have a permission from the Baduy locals if you want to enter the Inner Baduy, that is why you need to go with group.

5. Use a local Baduy guide

By using the local community as a guide, you can learn the culture of the Baduy firsthand. The road to Baduy village is only one way and there are no shortcuts. So, you need the Baduy local guide to show you the way.

6. Respect the Baduy customary and cultural

Baduy is very strict about the rules set by Pu’un. Pu’un is a leader in the Baduy community. As a guest, you must respect their culture and customary rules. The rules that we must obey, such as not being allowed to use shampoo and soap, using modern goods, littering and taking photos.

If we violate it, sanctions and traditional fines will be imposed. This regulation applies in the Baduy tribe. If we are in Outer Baduy we are free to use electronic goods and even take as many photos as we want.

7. Buy a typical Baduy souvenir

It is incomplete if visiting Baduy villages does not buy souvenirs. We can buy souvenirs made by the locals. This weaving tradition produces woven fabrics that are used in traditional Baduy clothing. Soft-textured fabrics are usually used for clothing while rough-textured fabrics are usually used for headbands and belts.

Not only cloth, there is also a fabric from the bark of the tarep tree which is the hallmark of the Baduy tribe in matters of art. This bag, named ‘koja’ or ‘jarog’, is used by the Baduy people to store all kinds of necessities needed during their activities.

These are 7 tips when visiting the Baduy tribe. Hopefully this article is useful. Remember, the most important thing while you were there is respecting their cultures and custom. Do not forget to check tips for travelling in Indonesia, to prevent bad things happen.

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