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21 Best Things to Do in Banten Indonesia (Natural Spots)

by Hindarko Luh Setyawanto

Banten is a province located in the western part of Java Island whose capital is Serang. The province consists of 4 regencies, namely Lebak, Pandeglang, Serang, Tangerang, and 4 municipalities, namely Cilegon, Serang, Tangerang and South Tangerang. Banten is one of the buffer areas for Jakarta. Nevertheless Banten has an independent economy supported by industry, agriculture and trade sectors.

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How to Get to Banten Indonesia? 

Banten can be accessed by planes through Soekarno Hatta International Airport. Flights depart from major cities in Indonesia and the world. Visitors from Sumatra can come to Banten via Merak Seaport. Visitors from various cities in Java have the option of using trains to go to Banten. They can get off at one of the stop stations, namely Rangkasbitung Station in Lebak, Serang Station in Serang or Merak Station in Cilegon. If visitors want to use the bus they can get off at Poris Plawad Terminal in Tangerang, Rangkasbitung Terrminal in Lebak, Pakupatan Terminal in Serang, or Merak Terminal in Cilegon.

Banten is famous for the Baduy people who still maintain their traditional way of life, rejecting the advancement of technology. No wonder their village is visited by many tourists who are curious to see the daily life of the Baduy people. In addition to the Baduy, Banten also has a beautiful nature that will amaze tourists, ranging from beaches, waterfalls to nature reserves. So guys, let’s see the best things to do in Banten Indonesia.

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1. Visiting Anyer Beach

The first thing to do in Banten is visiting Anyer Beach. This is the number one tourist destination in Banten, a must visit place while in Banten. Even Jakarta residents often come to Anyer Beach. No wonder during the holidays the beach is crowded with visitors. Anyer Beach has a wide expanse of white sand with calm waves. From this beach visitors can see Mount Krakatau in the distance and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Anyer Beach is a combination of several beaches in Anyer area. Most beaches are charged admission, but there is also a public beach that can be visited by visitors for free. There are many hotels and villas in the area, as well as restaurants and food stalls. Things to Do in Anyer

Just in case, before eating visitors should ask the price of the food first so that the seller does not charge a price that is too expensive. Anyer Beach is located in Anyer Street, Sindanglaya, Serang Regency. It’s about 50 km from Serang City. For the public beach area, visitors only need to pay a parking fee of Rp 50,000.

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2. Visiting Cibeureum Beach

Cibeureum Beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Anyer area. The beach has brownish sand with rows of coconut trees that provide shade from the sun. The waves are relatively calm so the children can play on the beach safely. The beach is also clean and not too crowded so visitors will love to linger here.

If visitors want to sit around enjoying the beauty of the Cibeureum Beach, they can rent a mat or gazebo at affordable prices. Surely it will be more fun while drinking coconut ice that is sold at food stalls around.

After playing on the beach, visitors can clean themselves in the rinse room which is provided free of charge. As dusk approaches, it’s time to admire the setting of the sun at sea. Cibeureum Beach is located in Anyer – Karang Bolong Street, Km 131, Cinangka, Serang Regency. The admission price is Rp 50.000 per car.

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3. Visiting Karang Bolong Beach

Karang Bolong Beach is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Anyer area. Icon of the beach is a large rock that has a semicircle hole. Allegedly this hole was caused by the eruption of Mount Krakatau in 1883. Visitors can climb to the top of the rock through the stairs on the side. From the top of the rock, the stunning views of the Sunda Strait will be seen clearly.

Karang Bolong Beach has brownish sand with dense trees on the edge of the beach. Visitors are allowed to swim here because the waves are relatively calm. In addition visitors can also play banana boat and ride the boat around the beach.

For the convenience of visitors, the beach has been equipped with rest rooms and food stalls. Karang Bolong Beach is located at Karang Bolong Street, Km 35, Cinangka, Serang Regency. It’s about 50 km from Serang City. The admission price is Rp 7.000 per person.

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4. Visiting Sawarna Beach

Sawarna Beach is situated directly opposite the Indian Ocean. Therefore the wave on this beach is quite big, typical waves of the south coast. Its white sand and natural ambiance become the main attraction of the beach. Visitors can walk down the beach, feel the freshness of the air, and watch the beautiful sunset at dusk. However visitors are not encouraged to swim here.

Sawarna Beach is quite far from the urban areas so it is still rarely visited. Visitors can enjoy the beach with more private. There are many gazebos that are rented at affordable prices. In addition there are also rinse rooms and rest rooms. Visitors who want to stay do not need to worry, there are inns and restaurants around the beach.

Please note, visitors are advised to bring enough cash as there are no ATMs in the area. Sawarna Beach is located in Sawarna Village, Bayah, Lebak Regency. It’s about 5 hours drive from Serang City. The admission price is Rp 5.000 per person.

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5. Visiting Pasir Putih Beach

Pasir Putih Beach means the beach with white sand. Its beauty is like the beaches in Bali. The wave on this beach is quite large because it comes from the Indian Ocean. But visitors do not have to worry, there are clusters of coral sea that will break the waves before reaching the shore.

Many activities can be done on Pasir Putih Beach like walking down the beach, sitting around enjoying the breeze, playing sand and of course watching the sunset. Uniquely, there is a natural pool made of rock where visitors can swim.

Pasir Putih Beach has been developed into a tourist destination. Around the beach there are many inns with varying prices. There are also a variety of restaurants, ranging from Sundanese cuisine to Padang cuisine. Pasir Putih Beach is located in Ciparahu Village, Cihara, Lebak Regency. It’s about 4 hours drive from Serang City. It’s free entry.

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6. Visiting Bagedur Beach

Bagedur Beach is famous as a cheap tourist destination. The main attraction of the beach is the vast expanse of brownish sand. The beach is about 50 meters wide and has a length of nearly 10 km.

Since the coastline is so long, visitors can ride a motorcycle down this beach and feel the splashing of fresh waves. Bagedur Beach is facing directly to the Indian Ocean, therefore the waves are relatively large. Visitors need to be careful while playing here.

Although Bagedur Beach has not been developed optimally, visitors remain crowded during the holidays. Generally visitors come here for a picnic and enjoy the beautiful sunset. The facilities are quite minimal. There are only rest rooms and food stalls that sell various snacks and sea food. Bagedur Beach is located in Sukamanah Village, Malingping, Lebak Regency. It’s about 130 km from Serang City. The admission price is Rp 5.000 per person plus Rp 5.000 for a motorcycle or Rp 10.000 for a car.

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7. Visiting Carita Beach

Carita Beach is as famous as Anyer Beach. The beach is white sandy with beautiful rows of coconut trees. Its calm waves allow visitors to swim, play banana boats and ride jet skis. Visitors can go for a stroll or drive ATV while feeling the fresh air of the beach. For visitors who want to sit around enjoying the beauty of the Carita Beach, they can rent mats at affordable prices.

In addition to hotels and resorts, around the beach there are many street vendors selling seafood such as shrimps, salted fish and otak-otak. Carita Beach is located at Carita Street, Pandeglang Regency. It’s about 70 km from Serang City. The admission is Rp 50.000 for a car and Rp 25.000 for a motorbike.

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8. Visiting Tanjung Lesung Beach

Tanjung Lesung Beach is famous for its white sand and turquoise sea. The beach faces directly into the Sunda Strait so visitors can see the legendary Mount Krakatau in the distance. Tanjung Lesung Beach is an integrated tourism area that is arranged neatly.

The beach operators offer a variety of tour packages for visitors. Here visitors can fish, plant coral reefs, dive to see the wreck of Dutch merchant ship, sail to see Mount Krakakatau from close range, do outbound or camping.

Due to its exclusivity, Tanjung Lesung Beach provides more privacy to its visitors. In addition, visitors are also pampered with a variety of facilities offered by hotels and resorts in the area. Tanjung Lesung Beach is located in Tanjung Jaya Village, Panimbang, Pandeglang Regency. It’s about 100 km from Serang City. The admission price is Rp 30.000 per person plus Rp 15.000 per car.

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9. Visiting Ciputih Beach

Ciputih Beach has an amazing beauty and calm atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The sand is white, the water is clear, the waves are small and the visitors are not too crowded.

Various activities can be done to enjoy the beauty of Ciputih Beach such as walking down the beach, playing sand, swimming, snorkeling or just relax without doing anything. Visitors can also rent a boat to set foot on the islands near the Ciputih Beach.

Although it’s far from the city, visitors can travel to Ciputih Beach comfortably. There is a nice inn equipped with air conditioning and hot water, with affordable rates ranging from Rp 400,000 – Rp 500,000. There is also a cafeteria that serves Sundanese cuisine and seafood. Ciputih Beach is located in Kertamukti Village, Sumur, Pandeglang Regency. It’s about 112 km from Serang City. Visitors are expected to be patient when driving to Ciputih Beach area because the road has not been paved. The admission price is Rp 20.000 per person.

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10. Visiting Cihear Waterfall

Cihear Waterfall is a new tourist destination in Banten. The waterfall has an unspoiled beauty because it’s rarely visited by tourists. Cihear Waterfall is situated in Mount Leutik, in the area of Mount Halimun Salak. Adventure lovers would love to travel here because it takes persistence and strong stamina to get to the location of the waterfall.

From the parking lot visitors must walk about 2 hours. Along the way visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of Mount Halimun Salak and occasionally encounter its inhabitants such as monkeys and Javanese eagles. Upon arrival at the waterfall, all the fatigue will be paid off.

Cihear Waterfall has a height of about 25 meters with a width of 6 meters. The swift stream is fascinating. The roar and the splashing of the waterfall really calm the mind. It’s a wonderful place to escape the busyness of life. It’s better for visitors to bring lunch so they can picnic while enjoying the beauty of the waterfall. Cihear Waterfall is located between Cigobang Village and Ciladeun Village, Lebak Regency. It’s about 90 km from Serang City. It’s free entry.

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11. Visiting Gendang Waterfall

Besides having beautiful beaches, Banten also has some awesome waterfalls. If going to the beach is boring, visitors can get a different feel by coming to Gendang Waterfall located in Carita. From the parking lot visitors must walk about 1 km to reach the waterfall location.

The track is quite challenging because the path is winding, uphill and walking past the rocks that are quite slippery. Along the way visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of the forest which is still natural.

The sound of the waterfall that rumbles will greet visitors upon arrival at the location. Gendang Waterfall has a height of about 7 meters. Although it’s not too tall, the flow of its water is quite heavy. Visitors can play in its refreshing water. The cool atmosphere makes visitors happy to spend time here. Visitors can also camp in the waterfall area. Just pay Rp 3,000 to set up a tent in the camping ground. Gendang Waterfall is located in Sukarame Village, Carita, Pandeglang Regency. It’s about 3 hours drive from Serang City. The admission price is Rp 2.000. Well, there are many things to do in Banten Indonesia you need to visit before you die.

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More Attractions in Banten

Indeed, here are more things to do in Banten Indonesia:

12. Visiting Putri Waterfall

Putri Waterfall is often visited by tourists. The waterfall is located on the slopes of Mount Pulosari with an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level. Surrounded by lush trees makes the weather here cool and fun. To get to the waterfall visitors must be in good shape. From the parking lot the track goes up for about 1 hour. The beauty of the tropical rainforest will entertain visitors along the way.

Upon arrival at the waterfall location, visitors can unwind by soaking feet in the cool water flow. Visitors can also enjoy the beauty of Putri Waterfall while resting in the stalls around accompanied by a plate of fried bananas and a cup of hot coffee.

For the adventurous, trekking journey can be continued to the summit of Mount Pulosari, certainly with adequate supplies and equipment. Putri Waterfall is located in Cilentung Village, Pulosari, Pandeglang Regency. It’s about 2 hours drive from Serang City. The admission price is Rp 10.000.

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13. Soaking in Cisolong Hot Spring

Cisolong Hot Spring was opened in 2008. Its hot springs come from Mount Karang, the highest mountain in Banten. Every weekend the bath is visited by tourists who want to enjoy the hot water relaxation.

While soaking, visitors can see the beautiful scenery of rice fields, green trees, Mount Karang and also feel a cool breeze. Besides soaking in this bath is believed to cure rheumatism and skin diseases.

Cisolong Hot Spring has three pools and is open 24 hours, but the most favorite time for visitors is at 4 pm to 9 pm. To go to the bath, visitors only need to walk about 100 meters from the parking lot. Cisolong Hot Spring is located in Sukamanah Village, Kaduhejo, Pandeglang Regency. It’s about 40 km from Serang City. The admission price is Rp 5.000.

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14. Visiting Lake Tasikardi

Lake Tasikardi is an artificial lake that was created during the reign of Panembahan Maulana Yusuf, the second Sultan of the Sultanate of Banten, in the year 1570 – 1580. The lake was once a resting place of the royal family. In addition, it was also a water reservoir to irrigate rice fields and supply water for the community.

The lake has calm water, which only moves to follow the wind. Rows of shady trees around the lake make this place suitable for family recreation or for visitors who seek a quiet atmosphere. By rolling out the mats visitors can enjoy the beauty of Lake Tasikardi while picnic.

Visitors can also rent a boat for fishing or camping at the camping ground that has been provided. Lake Tasikardi is located in Margasana Village, Kramatwatu, Serang Regency. It’s about 6 km from downtown Serang. The admission price is Rp 10.000.

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15. Rafting on the Ciberang River

The Ciberang River comes from Mount Halimun so it has a steady stream. The river is classified as grade 2 and grade 3 so it is suitable for beginners who want to try rafting. The starting point of rafting is in Kampung Muhara with 10 km distance for 16 tracks. After passing 9 tracks, participants will be given a chance to rest.

Visitors do not have to worry, the rafting operators are very concerned about the safety. Participants will be equipped with helmets, life jackets and paddles. There is also an experienced guide on every boat and one rescue boat that will follow the participants during the rafting.

Along the way down the Ciberang River, participants will be stunned by the excitement of conquering the river, the panoramic view of hills, the shady trees, the high cliffs and the verdant rice fields. Upon arrival at the finish line, participants will be greeted with coconut ice and Sumedang fried tofu.

Ciberang River rafting tour is located in Banjar Sari Village, Lebak Gedong, Lebak Regency. It’s about 90 km from Serang City. The price of rafting tour packages varies, ranging from Rp 185,000 – Rp 370.000 per person, with a minimum of 4 participants.

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16. Visiting Mount Krakatau

What’s more things to do in Banten Indonesia? Mount Krakatau, located in the Sunda Strait, is famous for its enormous eruption in 1883. The eruption destroyed part of the mountain, but it formed a beautiful landscape.

In addition, the eruption also produced Mount Anak Krakatau which grows higher about 5 cm each month. Although it looks barren, there are still flora and fauna that live in this area. The beach is so beautiful with a dazzling blue color. Tourists can also fishing or snorkeling around Mount Krakatau.

Every year in April, the Cilegon government holds a “Sail to Krakatau” event. Tourists will depart from Merak Port using Subaku Ferry. Ticket prices vary, ranging from Rp 150,000 – Rp 400,000. There are also tour packages that offer trips to Mount Krakatau. Or tourists can travel independently by renting a speedboat that departs from Anyer Beach or Carita Beach.

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17. Visiting Ujung Kulon National Park

Ujung Kulon National Park is the largest tropical forest on the island of Java. There are three types of ecosystems in this national park, namely marine waters, swamps and land. Here visitors can enjoy the beauty of the forest that is still natural with its diverse flora and fauna.

The existing plants amount to about 700 species with 57 species of which are rare. Various types of orchids can also be found here. Wildlife in Ujung Kulon National Park consists of 35 species of mammals, 5 species of primates, 59 species of reptiles, 22 species of amphibians, 240 species of birds, 72 species of insects, 142 species of fish and 33 species of coral reefs. If lucky, visitors can see directly one-horned rhinos that live only in Ujung Kulon.

To enter the Ujung Kulon National Park visitors only need to pay Rp 5,000 per person on weekdays or Rp 7,500 on weekend. But foreign visitors are charged Rp 20,000. Visitors will be accompanied by officers during the tour. Visitors can also do camping, forest tracking, wild life viewing, diving, snorkeling, boating, surfing and fishing by paying a varied rate ranging from Rp 5,000 to Rp 25,000.

Ujung Kulon National Park is located in Pandeglang Regency. Visitors can depart from Carita Beach by renting a speedboat at a rate of Rp 3.5 million per day. Or from Sumur Village, Pandeglang Regency, by renting a boat at a rate of Rp 1.8 million per day. There are also tour packages that offer trips to Ujung Kulon National Park with the price of Rp 500,000 – Rp 1,000,000. Please note, before going to Ujung Kulon National Park, visitors must confirm the arrival plan to Visit Center of Ujung Kulon National Park in Perintis Kemerdekaan Street, 51, Labuan, phone number (0253) 804681 or 801731. For visitors who want to stay, there is a resort on Peucang Island, the island near the Ujung Kulon National Park.

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18. Visiting Baduy Village

Baduy people are a native Banten tribe that is famous for its persistence in maintaining custom. In general, the Baduy is divided into two, namely Baduy Luar (outside) and Baduy Dalam (inside). Baduy Luar tribes are familiar with technology, such as electronic devices and modern home appliances. Baduy Luar people wear black clothes with dark blue headband.

Sometimes they wear modern clothes like T-shirts and jeans. Baduy Dalam tribe still adheres to the customs of the ancestors. They do not use vehicles for transportation, do not use footwear and do not use electronic equipment.

Electricity was not allowed into the village of Baduy Dalam. Clothes worn by Baduy Dalam people are white and dark blue with white headband. The activities of the Baduy community are almost the same, men farming and women weaving cloths.

The Baduy village is located in Kanekes Village, Leuwidamar, Lebak Regency. From Serang visitors must go to Terminal Rangkasbitung. From here visitors take a mini bus that goes to Ciboleger. Upon arrival at Ciboleger, visitors will be greeted by a local guide who will escort to the gate of Kanekes Village. From here the journey will continue on foot. To enter the Baduy village visitors pay at will wholeheartedly, likewise for the cost of the guide. It should be noted that visitors who come to Baduy Dalam village are prohibited from taking pictures and activating communication tools.

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19. Visiting Umang Island

Pulau Umang, which is located near Ujung Kulon, has a famous resort tour. Luxurious villas will spoil visitors during their stay here. Visitors can swim in the pool overlooking the beach. Visitors can also walk around the island while enjoying its beautiful beach. The anglers must bring their fishing gear to try their luck here. In addition the resort operator provides facilities for visitors who want to play banana boat, jet ski or snorkeling.

To get to Umang Island, visitors depart from Sumur Village, Pandeglang Regency. At the dock there has been a boat that will take visitors to Umang Island. The journey takes only about 10 minutes. The price of the tour package to Umang Island varies, from Rp 800,000 to Rp 3,000,000.

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20. Visiting Bird Island

Besides Ujung Kulon National Park, Banten also has Bird Island Nature Reserve. This nature reserve is located north of Banten, about 30 km from the Serang City. Bird Island is a place to stop by the birds that migrate to avoid winter.

There are about 10,000 birds of 108 different species will gather on this island. The best time to see these birds is between March and July. In addition to the birds, the island is also inhabited by Javanese monkeys and gibbons which are endangered species.

To get to Bird Island requires patience and tenacity. From Serang City visitors must drive to Sawah Luhur Village, Kasemen, Serang Regency. Upon arrival here, visitors need to ask directions to local people. There are many intersections in this area, but no signposts. Don’t worry, people here friendly and will help to point the way to Bird Island. There is no charge to enter Bird Island, visitors only pay at will wholeheartedly.

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21. Visit Sangiang Island

Sangiang Island is one of the natural attractions that should not be missed when coming to Banten. The island which is located in the Sunda Strait has an unspoiled beauty. Its beach is beautiful with white sand and crystal clear water. A quiet atmosphere makes it feel like a private beach.

Sangiang Island is also a perfect place to enjoy the sunset. Seeing the view of the sun being set in the sea and accompanied by the sound of waves is really amazing. If visitors want to stay, they can spend the night in homestay or camping on the beach.

To get to Sangiang Island visitors depart from Anyer Port. Here visitors rent a boat with a capacity of 20 people at a cost of Rp 2 million. There are also tour packages that offer trips to Sangiang Island with varying prices ranging from Rp 400,000 to Rp 700,000 per person.

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Ok guys, now you know the best things to do in Banten Indonesia. No doubt Banten has the best Places To Visit in Indonesia with its beautiful nature. Let’s visit Banten Indonesia..!

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