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Top 12 Things to Do In Sorong, West Papua Indonesia

by Yoga Adi

This time, we go to the east part of Indonesia, Papua. Papua has many great places, but now we’re focusing on another great city in Papua, Sorong. Sorong City is a city in West Papua Province, Indonesia. The city is known as the Oil City, where Nederlands Nieuw-Guinea Petroleum Maatschappij (NNGPM) began to conduct petroleum drilling activities in Sorong since 1935. Sorong is the largest city in West Papua Province as well as the second largest city in Papua Indonesia, after Jayapura.

However, Sorong city is also very strategic because it is the entrance and transit to West Papua Province. Sorong City is also a city of industry, trade and services, because Sorong City is surrounded by other districts that have the potential of natural resources that opens opportunities for domestic and foreign investors to invest their capital. 

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Beside its strategic location of economic, this city also ha strategic area of tourism that you can find. What are those locations? Check this out these things to do in Sorong, West Papua Indonesia:

1. Werur Beach

Papua’s attraction is not only Raja Ampat. There are many other stunning destinations that are not less cool than Raja Ampat, one of the beaches in Werur Village. Look at yourself and get ready to fall in love. Because this beach is very very beautiful.

However, there are so many marine tourism places that exist in the land of Papua. One of the interesting places to visit is this Werur Beach, its a beautiful beach that also keeps a lot of history stories. Its location is located in Werur Village, Sausapor District, Tambrauw District, West Papua Province. In here you can enjoy the stunning panorama of this beautiful beach, and enjoying the cool breeze that exist in here. What a beautiful place.

2. Seget Beach

Located in Seget Village, Seget District., this tourist spot is a marine tourism with beautiful beach panorama. To visit the location of Beach seget, visitors can use public transport (four wheels) with distance from the capital District Clam is around 2 travel hours.

This place is also great for you who have the hobby of surfing. However, this beach is about 20 km from the center of Aimas Town. Or, approximately 40 km from downtown Sorong. In the coastal area there is a stretch of white sand that reaches tens of kilometers. Its totally must visit place.

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3. Tanjung Kasuari Beach

Tanjung Kasuari Beach is a beautiful beach in Sorong, West Papua, and also the one among the Main Coastal Tourist Attractions. This beach is often visited by people who are domiciled in Sorong, as well as for the people outside Sorong. It is also a quiet beach and the atmosphere is also not so crowded when on a weekday, except holidays. The state of nature that is still virgin because not so many people’s hand that causing damage to the beauty of the existing beach in the city of Sorong.

Also, this beach has a white sand and still clean. On the shores, many tall trees can be used for protecting you from the sunlight if you come during the day, because during the daytime, Tanjung Kasuari Beach is very hot because it is located in the equator. However, Tanjung Kasuari Beach is in the outskirts of Sorong and is about 7 km from the city. To be able to enjoy the beauty of Tanjung Kasuari Beach, you can get here by using a four wheel vehicle or two wheel vehicle. If you do not have a vehicle, you can rent a vehicle in the city of Sorong. Pretty good, right?

4. Dofior Beach 

The speciality of this beach, is the unique “Berlin Wall”. Hearing the name of the Berlin Wall, maybe you think about a high wall separating Germany, East and West before reunification. But this Berlin Wall is different. Here, the wall is not separating the two countries, but it is the protector wall to hold the sea waves. In fact, this one Berlin Wall became a center of culinary seafood.

In addition, the Berlin Wall is also a favorite place for teenagers to relax. At dusk, on that part of Berlin Wall, you can find dozens of stalls that sell various drink and foods for you. In the evening, many tourists and the surrounding community make this place to be the place to watch the sunset (sunset). Its indeed unique and also stunning, so what are you waiting for?.

5. Sausapor Beach

The Beach of Sausapor itself is located in the District Sausapor, Tambrauw, which is the result of a new division of the Sorong district. To get to this location,you must use sea transportations. To begin your journey to get to the beach Sausapor, you need to start from Sorong, but firstly you must find the schedule information board for service boat, because the service is only began once a week. But do not worry, because the schedule departure of the ship is normally on Sunday. The cost of the ship is about 50,000 per person.

During the trip, you can see a view of the mountain, neatly arranged and looks very green, really spoil the eyes when you look at it. Approaching the beach, you can see a lot of coconut trees and some other trees that grow along the shore that makes the beach atmosphere looks very cool. The atmosphere on this beach is very peaceful, the air in this beach is also very fresh, plus the nature scenery is still has very good looking because it is very far from the crowds and pollution of the city. What a great place, isn’t it?

6. Kayeli Hot Spring

Now, its time to relax. This hot spring is a natural tourist attraction located in Klaili Village, Klaili District. This spot has a natural panorama of dense forest and various types of tropical plants and bird species that always come to the hot spring.

However, the location of this tourist attraction can be reached by using public transportation (four wheels and two wheels) with a distance of approximately 40 Km from the capital city of Sorong regency. Its pretty easy to reach it actually.

The perfect combination of the relaxation of hot spring and the gorgeous view will make your day. 

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7. Buaya (Crocodile) Island

There are a lot of tourism spots in the city of Sorong, one of them Crocodile Island. The original name of Crocodile Island is Raam Island. When you see it from the direction of the city of Sorong or Doom Island, the shape resembles a crocodile body, so its known by the name of Crocodile Island. Although standing alone, this island still belongs to Sorong and is located half a km from town of Sorong. Crocodile Island is located not far from the city of Sorong (West Papua). Majority of Crocodile Island is still inhabited by local people, who work as fishermen and gardener.

Buaya Island provides a number of tourist facilities that can be enjoyed by the tourists both local and foreign. Like a boat that can contains about 150 people for transportation with very cheap price. Also banana boat, rowing boats, Donut Boat, Parasailing, Paintball Outbond, Flying Fish, and others. In addition with the availability of cottages, both located around the sea of ​​Crocodile Island and located in the mainland Crocodile Island. Tourism development of Buaya Island will not be separated from the cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism RI and Tourism Department of Sorong Papua. What a great place.

8. Doom Island

This Island has many histories, especially from Colonial Era. The island is quite large with a high hill in the middle. From Sorong, Doom Island can be reached in about 15 minutes by motorized boat. Simply pay Rp. 5,000, – from a small harbor which is referred to as the Doom harbor. A small monument with a statue of two dolphins greeted the tourists. Some people are quick to offer services to newly arrived passengers. On the island of Doom, there are only pedicabs and motorcycles that become the transportations of citizens. A large market is right behind the island gate. It is said that this is a market is used to be a big market on the island as well as the only market in Sorong.

Doom Island became the center of colonial government when the Dutch still occupied this republic. At night, lights will visible until the mainland of Sorong city. That’s why the island of Doom is sometimes referred to as the Star island. However, traces of the Dutch heritage are still clearly visible on the island of Doom, one of which is the old buildings of European architecture that is adapted to the tropical climate. The old buildings were adjacent to new brick buildings. Small streets stretching all over the island, connecting the sides of Doom Island. With is beautiful and rich of history, this island is worth a visit.

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9. Um Island

UM Island with the panorama of Bats (night, Seagull (day) and white sandy beaches. Um Island is located in Malumkarta village, Makbon District. This tourism object can be reached by using Long Boat or using public transportation (four wheel) from Capital City District to District Capital then continued with Boat Row or Long Boat to Island Um.

The travel hours from the Capital District to Um Islandis approximately 1-2 miles / 20-25 minutes by using Long Boat. This island is also a must visit.

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Other Attractions in Sorong

Indeed, here are more things to do in Sorong, West Papua Indonesia:

10. Cendrawasih National Park

This marine national park has a vast coral reef with the best quality in the world. Surveys conducted with the involvement of world coral reef experts in 2006 found more than 500 species of coral reefs with 14 new species. Purup Island and Numamurang Strait is the largest biodiversity that ever recorded in the world.

There are more than 950 species of fish that can be found in Cendrawasih Bay National Park. This area is home to Megafauna populations including whale shark (Rhinocodon typus), Dugong, Napoleon wrasse, turtles and relatively healthy predator populations such as sharks. However, Cendrawasih Bay National Park is located in 5 regions and two provinces, namely Teluk Wondana Regency and Manokwari District in West Papua Province and Nabire Regency, Yapen Regency and Waropen Regency in Papua Province. Local communities living around the park use the resources of the sea as a source of life. Interested?.

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11. Meyah Waterfall

Meyah waterfall in Meyah District, Tambrauw District, may make Raja Ampat not the only beautiful place to be found in West Papua Province, but unfortunately the beautiful charm of this waterfall has not been widely known by people outside this area, so it requires adequate promotion. This waterfall which is located in the middle of the jungle is very cool. While enjoying its beauty, visitors can hear the Cendrawasih birds singing in the morning, so anyone who sees the beauty can be stunned.

Due to lack of promotion and publicity, many people do not realize this waterfall. Therefore, the residents around here hope that the local government should promote and publish effectively as what has been done for other sights in West Papua. Because of that, the beauty of the Meyah Waterfall can be seen by people in the globe.

12. Ayamaru Lake

Ayamaru Lake is one of the natural lake in Papua that is still clear and also bluish. Lake with an area of ​​about 980 hectares with a maximum depth of 6 meters has tidal characteristics according to the season. You can reach this lake with travel time about 6 hours journey by road. If you want to shorten the travel time, you can board the plane from the Airport in Sorong to Kambuaya Airport in Maybrat District with travel time about 40 minutes. Next from Kambuaya Airport, you can continue the journey by motorbike to Ayamaru Lake.

Arriving at this lake, you will not only be treated with beautiful scenery but you can  also enjoy a quiet atmosphere because Lake Ayamaru is still not known by many tourists. During the dry season, the water in this lake will shrink and the underwater scenery inhabited by the fish will be visible. Not to mention the location of the lake adjacent to the Australian territory, making the area around the lake into a stopover of migrant birds from Australia. Clear lake with water color with gradation of green and blue yellow very beautiful. The fish going back and forth clearly visible. What a great place, isn’t it?

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How To Get There

Meanwhile, to enjoy all the things to do in Sorong, West Papua Indonesia, here are the guides:

  • Location and Route

You can reach Sorong easily by using plane. Along with the development of Raja Ampat tourism, it also increasing the number of flights available to Sorong. You can go take the flights to Sorong from the nearest international airport in your area. Don’t forget to check the flight infor presented by the airlines.

  • Entry Ticket

Many attractions in Sorong only requires small amounts of money. The maximum is only about 15.000, so you must prepare at least 100.000 or 200.000 rupiahs to enter those place that available in Sorong. You can add more though, maybe you want to enjoy another facilities or fulfilling your need.

That’s it, several things to do in Sorong, Indonesia. Actually, there’s more thing you can explore, and i want you to find it yourself, and make a great experience of it, careful not to get lost though. Also, don’t forget to make a very nice memory of it, and please keep the environment clean, to make the beauty of those places still maintained. Enjoy your holiday, have a great day and things to do in Sorong, West Papua Indonesia!

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