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17 Top Things to Do in Kuta Bali, Indonesia – Natural – Cultural – Lovely Spots

by dedi
Things to do in Kuta Bali

Kuta BaliKuta was a fishing village in southern part of Bali island. The name Kuta refers to the district and the sub-district, as well as the more popularly known Kuta Beach. As Bali started to develop into a tourist destination, just so many Places To Visit in Bali. Then, Kuta was one of the first towns on Bali to see a major influx of tourist. Along with this, it also sees rapid development to become a beach resort that remains one of Indonesia’s main tourist destinations today.

Kuta is internationally famed for its long sandy beach, the myriad of accommodation, the plentiful restaurants, and bars, and visit from many famous Australian surfers. It is especially popular amongst the Australians as a cheap tourist destination.

Kuta is located very nearby to Airport in Bali, Indonesia which is Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS). Once you have landed in the airport, Kuta is about 15 minutes taxi ride away to the north. A ride on the airport taxi is prepaid and have the same fare all around Denpasar. The airport taxi charges IDR 50,000 for any destination within the city. There are many things you can do during your holiday in Kuta. Read on as I briefly describe each of the interesting places you may plan your visit.

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1. Kuta Beach

kuta beachKuta beach has been well known since the early 70s. It is nicknamed Sunset Beach as it is located on the western side of the peninsula in the southern part of Bali Island. Conversely, Sanur Beach, which is located on the eastern side of the peninsula is known as Sunrise Beach.

The construction of white sandstone wall completed in 2011. The two-meter height wall as built in Balinese style and its purpose was to block the sand from blowing to the cafes and restaurants along the beach. The wall was considered as blocking the beach view and thus some tourists dislike it. However, some others regarded the wall serves the purpose of blocking the sound from the often congested street. As of late August 2011, the beach vendors are not allowed to sell food on the beach. The aim of this regulation is to keep the beach clean. However, it does not stop the beach vendors from offering massages, hair braidings, beverages, cigarettes, and souvenirs.

The 5 kilometers long stretch of white sand almost never stops attracting sunbathers and surfers. During the peak season, in the months of July to August, as well as Christmas and New Year holiday in December, Kuta beach is usually flocked by visitors looking for an enjoyable and affordable holiday. As a result, Kuta beach may be your favorite Honeymoon Destinations in Indonesia with your perfect lover.

2. Waterbom Bali

Waterbom BaliWaterbom Bali is located in the middle of Kuta stretch and amongst the lush tropical garden. The water park covers an area of 3.8 hectares and has many fun rides and attractions. It is just opposite the Discovery Kartika Plaza and Discovery Shopping Mall in South Kuta. Waterbom Bali was first established in 1993 and has since grown to host 17 variants of slides and water games for visitors of all ages.

The entrance fare for Waterbom Bali is divided into single day entry and two days entry. Single day entry will set you back by IDR 520,000 for an adult and IDR 370,000 for a child of 2 to 11 years of age. Two days entry ticket is valid within a week time and will cost you IDR 880,000 for an adult and IDR 620,000 for a child between 2 to 11 years old. These prices do not include any towel and locker rental, which you have to pay separately.

Alternatively, you can also choose the total package which will cost IDR 880,000 for an adult and IDR 750,000 for a child of 2 to 11 years of age. The total package includes the following:

  • Admission ticket
  • Express entrance at Total Package Entry.
  • Priority Gazebo Booking (optional add-on)
  • Towel
  • Digital Photos
  • Lunch
  • 1 choice of Activity, including manicure & pedicure, massage, and reflexology, etc.

As a result, Waterbom Bali has been awarded as the Best Water Parks in Asia in 2016. It is open every day with exception of Nyepi Day. The operating hour is from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M.

3. Circus Water Park

 Circus Water Park BaliBesides Waterbom Bali, Kuta also has other water adventures parks. One of such places is Circus Water Park. This water park serves as a more affordable alternative to Waterbom Bali. This smaller water park is situated about 1.5 kilometers south from Waterbom Bali.

Circus Waterpark features 9 water slides that appeal to both adults and children. The dedicated children area in the park offers a wide variety of fun activities such as fountains and water cannons in the Water Plaza and mini train rides. It also has a giant spill bucket that will splash you with 1,000 liters of water. Adults may want to try more exciting rides like the Speed Racing Slider, which is a 4 lanes water slide where you can have fun with friends and family or Speed Spiral Slide where you are sliding from top to the pool through a twisting course. Alternatively, you can also just kick back and relax by cruising down the Lazy River.

Circus Water Park is open daily from 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. This family oriented amusement have an affordable entry fee of IDR 150,000 for an adult and IDR 100,000 for children age 2 to 12. I especially like this water park not only because it is more budget friendly, but it is also less crowded than Waterbom Bali.

4. Dream Museum Zone

Dream Museum Zone BaliDream Museum Zone or most often known as DMZ Bali is located about 1.6 kilometers away from Kuta Beach. The museum first opened its door on 12 April 2013 and has become one of the tourist favorites in the area.

DMZ showcases a vast collection of artworks in form of three-dimensional, life-size murals. Visitors can have fun by taking pictures in various poses with the artworks. The vast number of artworks are classified in 14 categories that spread across the three stories building. The 3D illusionary effect is an amazing artwork created merely by paint and cleverly placed lighting. The artworks in DMZ are created by the collaboration of an artistic team consisted of local and Korean.

Coming to the DMZ will surely tantalize your imagination and creativity to make the most of the artworks shown. You can spend hours and even the whole day, exploring the 120 murals in the museum and trying to find the best pose that really tells the story. The friendly museum staff is always at the ready to help you take a memorable picture. DMZ is open every day from 9 A.M. to 10 P.M. The entry fee is IDR 100,000 for Indonesian and IDR 150,000 for foreigners.

5. Kuta Theater

Kuta TheaterOne of the best things to do in Kuta Bali Indonesia is to watch their traditional theater. Nestled on the second floor of Kuta Center Building in Jalan Kartika is a unique kind of theater. It is about 75 meters north of Waterbom Bali. Kuta Theater present shows that combine theatrical acts with the magic show. Here you can see a mixture of traditional Balinese dance, drama and top grade act of illusion. The show is called “Lights of Faith”. It is inspired by the Balinese folk story that tells the friendship between Gusti Atmaja and Ni Ulantari.

Kuta Theater held two shows every day of the week ex of Wednesday. The first show is at 5 P.M. and the second show is at 7 P.M. The length of each show is about one hour. You need to buy a ticket to the theater for IDR 100,000 per person in cash. The theater does not accept payment by credit cards. As a result, by watching the theater you get impressed by Bali local culture, tradition, and religion.

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6. Flow House Bali

Flow House BaliThe sport of flow riding originally was invented in California, USA. It essentially combines snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, body-boarding, and wake-boarding. The artificial “sheet waves” simulate real waves and allow flow riders to surf.

Flow House Bali combines the elements of sports, lifestyle, and entertainment. Therefore, it is an overall fun place for adult and children alike. Flow House Bali not only has the flow riders to offer, but it also has restaurant and shopping. You can visit the restaurant to dine on the scrumptious menus or have a drink at the bar of the Curly Sisters. This new and exciting venue was first opened in 2016, bringing the sports of flow riding to Bali.

Flow House Bali is open from 11 A.M. until Midnight on Monday to Thursday. During the weekends, Flow House Bali is open from 11 A.M. until 2 A.M. in the next day. The session runs every hour since opening time with the last session starts at 9 P.M. A 30 minutes ride on the FlowRider will cost you IDR 300,000 per person, with a maximum number of 10 riders per lane. If you plan to stay longer in Kuta and would like to do more flow ridings during your stay, you can also get the Flow Card that gives you 6 rides for the price of 5 or 13 rides for the price of 10.

7. 5 GX Bali Reverse Bungy

Situated between Kuta and Legian ‘s party scene is 5GX Bali Reverse Bungy. This ride is specially designed for all adrenaline junkie out there. It offers the unique experience of reverse bungee in Kuta. You will certainly feel the adrenaline rush as you are catapulted into the air at sensational the speed of 200 kilometers per hour. This is truly in line with their slogan of “get high in Bali” and evidently is the only legal way to do so if you get my drift.

The ride is open from 11 A.M. to 3 A.M. in the next day. The cost of the ticket to take a ride varies depending on how many people is joining for the ride. The ride itself has 3 seats. If all three seats are taken, then it will cost IDR 250,000 per person. However, if there are only two persons taking the ride then it will cost IDR 350,000 per person. 5GX Bali Reverse Bungy is installed and operated by its New Zealand manufacturer, who is dedicated to maintaining the highest standard of safety.

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8. Upside Down World Bali

Besides the fun you can have on the beach, Kuta also has a myriad of indoor activities you can do. The new addition to these is Upside Down World Bali. It is established on March 1, 2016, and is the first and only place with such concept in Indonesia. Here you can enter nine rooms which decoration and furniture are specially designed and put upside down.

Here you are challenged to take the best gravity-defying picture with your friends and family. At first, it will feel difficult as you have to change your perspective to utilize the room and it’s intentionally wrong placed furniture. However, never to worry as the friendly staff is always around to offer their guidance and even their assistance for you in taking the picture.

Upside Down World Bali is open from 9 A.M. to 8 P.M. Entrance ticket costs IDR 100,000 per person for adults and DR 50,000 per person for children. You would need a minimum of 1 hour to be able to go around all the rooms and take a picture in each of them.

9. Pandora Experience Bali

Pandora Experience Bali is yet another indoor activity that will surely offer a fun time for you and your friends and family. It offers escape game adventures with thrilling scenarios, designed for a team of 2 to 10 people. There is a choice of 16 scenarios you can choose from. Upon choosing your scenario, you and your team will be placed in a room that has been specifically designed to fit the scenario. Pandora Experience combines modern technology and state of the art sound design to create the most realistic feel to the setting.

Once inside the room, you will have 120 minutes to make your escape. Here you will have to work as a team to solve the puzzles and discover hidden passages in order to escape from the room. The puzzles are challenging and will definitely give your brain a good workout. The games are excellent for team building activities. Hence it is suitable for family vacations and corporate outings alike.

Pandora Experience Bali opens from 12 P.M. to 10 P.M. Ticket fee for each session of the game is IDR 250,000 and it is a flat rate for adult and children alike.

10. Bali Bombing Memorial

This monument is dedicated to the 202 victims of the first Bali Bomb, detonated by Islamic Radicals. The bombing took place in the evening on 12th October 2002 in the crowded Paddy’s Bar and the opposite Sari Club. At the second anniversary of the bombing, this permanent memorial was established.

The memorial is well maintained and is illuminated at night. It is made from intricately carved stone and at its centerpiece is the marble plaque bearing names and nationalities of the victims killed.

Annually, a ceremony is held at this site to mourns the victims killed and wounded by the bombs took place at this site. If you are a foreigner and come to visit this site, local Balinese usually would like to know if you are related or know any of the victims.

11.Vihara Dharmayana

Vihara Dharmayana Kuta was built in 1876 with a Chinese style architecture. Despite its age that is close to two centuries, the temple is very well maintained. Located only one kilometer away from Kuta Beach, this temple is most often referred as “Kongco Kuta” by the locals.

The temple is free for public and inside you will find peace and tranquility that contrast the congested traffic and busy tourist activities in Kuta main stretches. However, if you come to visit during Lunar New Year, you will find it comes alive with activities.

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12. Shopping in Kuta Bali

Kuta is known as one of the best shopping districts in Bali. There are plenty malls that offer the best experience for shopping. Here are some of the malls you may want to visit.

[toggle title=”13. Bali Mall Galeria” state=”closed”]

This mall is located right beside the huge Simpang Siur roundabout. It’s tenants including a number of well-known brand stores and Planet Hollywood. The amenities inside include a food court and the best cinema in Bali. Here you can also visit a big duty-free shopping center, which is aimed primarily at Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese tourists.

[toggle title=”14. Plaza”]

Located in the north west of the Simpang Siur roundabout, this mall sports a Periplus bookstore, various small designer stores and the best authorized Apple retailer in Bali. At the top floor is the gigantic Carrefour supermarket.[/toggle] [toggle title=”15. Discovery Shopping Mall”]

This mall is conveniently located across from Waterbom Bali on Jl Kartika Plaza in Tuban. Discovery Shopping Mall is built in western-style. It has plenty of international brand stores on the ground and sub-ground levels. It’s tenants including Guess, Marks and Spencers, Sogo and Top Shop. This mall is also referred as Centro by the locals due to the big department store’s occupancy. The second level is occupied fully by the Centro department store. At the third level, there are many cafes and a large electronics retailer. The mall also sports waterfront cafes on the ground level, which offers excellent ocean views.

[toggle title=”16. BeachWalk Mall”]

This is a very nice new mall. The mall was built with the combination of indoor and outdoor concept. The mall houses a big movie theater, plenty of shops, tons of eateries. It has many brand shops and even a few nightclubs.

[toggle title=”17. Hardy’s Mall”]

Hardy’s mall was built on the location where it was Supernova, is an old shopping center but has great deals on the price. This is still an excellent place for buying toiletries, power adapters, and souvenirs. At the ground floor is the supermarket. At the next level, you can find cheap clothing. Sitting at the top floor is the food court that serves local food at a very affordable price.


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Tips for Visiting Kuta

Are you planning to visit Kuta? Here are some things you should be aware of to enjoy all those best things to do in Kuta Bali Indonesia.

1. Scammers

You have to be wary of scammers who constantly look for their chance. If a deal sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Don’t be pressured into buying anything you don’t want and stay calm.

2. Pickpockets

Pickpockets are notoriously known to operate around the bars and clubs on Jalan Legian at night time. The most commonly known method they have used is to block the sidewalk with a large group of boys and teenagers and make an effort to grab the wallet and/ or purse as the target attempts to squeeze through.

3. Haggling

Unless if you are making your purchase in malls, most of the items can be bargained, so take your time and haggle the price down.

4. Enjoy the sunset

Kuta Beach is facing westward and therefore is a perfect place to see the sunset. You should come to the beach around 5:30 P.M. and see the sun setting on the horizon every day.

Now that you have known all the interesting spots and activities to do in Kuta, you can plan your trip soon. Come and visit this charming area of Bali and make sure you bring your suntan lotion. Yet, there are many things to do in Kuta Bali Indonesia that will perfectly cheer you up. Kuta Bali has its own beauty from the beaches, the people, the food, and every bit of it just so perfectly awesome. So, let’s go baby come to Kuta Bali with me!

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