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15 Top Things to Do in Jimbaran, Bali – Beaches – Religious Tour – Enchanting Spots

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jimbaran bali

jimbaran baliJimbaran is in southern part of the famous island of Bali, Indonesia. It is near Sanur, Nusa Dua, and around 20-30 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport. Jimbaran village was once a home for fishers and farmers, but a couple years ago, since there were many resorts with International standards and many seafood restaurant built around it, Jimbaran was starting to become another must-visit place in Bali island and becoming an outstanding Bali tourists attraction.

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Jimbaran Beautiful Beaches

Jimbaran has the popular beach no less well-known than other beach in Bali such as Kuta Beach, Dreamland Beach, Lovina Beach and so on. If you’re looking for a cool beaches to visit in Jimbaran, here are several of the things to do in Jimbaran Bali.

1. Sunset-Romantic Dinner at Jimbaran Beach

 Sunset-romantic Dinner at Jimbaran BeachThis beach is located near Nusa Dua and Kuta. Approximately 7 km southern side of Ngurah Rai International Airport. This beach provide you beautiful scenery and best enjoyed while catching up for sunset and having a seafood dinner with loved one afterward. There are lots of restaurant, near sea shore, that provide seafood menus for your dinner choices here. The recommended time to come here starts at 5 pm. You can have a pleasing talk with your loved ones while waiting for your order to be served.

Before sunsets, you can also enjoy this beach by taking a holiday pictures with your fellow traveling buddy. Jimbaran beach has a really great view to become your photo background scenery. You can also do swimming, or just chilling on its white smooth sand while reading your favorite books as well. Such a relaxing scene to wonder about!

2. Soak in a Coral-Jacuzzi at Tegal Wangi Beach

Tegal Wangi BeachThings to do in Jimbaran Bali Indonesia? Tegal Wangi will serve you with its high-cliff panoramic view with lots of green trees around. Although the entering road isn’t easy but it will be worth it when you finally reach the end of the 20 km road of steep limestone. One thing that differentiate this one from the others is that you can soak yourself in your own natural coral-jacuzzi. A lot of corals settle in a sea shore while waves never stop waving back and forth, leaving them day by day become eroded by the sea. The holes will then be filled with seawaters directly from the sea which will provide you relaxing time soak in there.

Another tourism uniqueness of this beach is the fishing facility options made by local residents. You can rent a fishing tools for a couple of hours and do it until the sun’s finally getting down. You can invite your mates to come along and have a deep conversation while fishing peacefully in riparian.

3. Surfing at Balangan Beach

balangan beachThis place the least amount of tourist that visit, besides it has been crowned as “Number 2 Most Beautiful Beach in Indonesia” in 2016 via International Traveller Online Website, Tripadvisor, after Gili Meno Beach in Lombok chosen by visitors choice.

The signature style of this beach among the others is that it located in Ungasan hill, and it has a remarkable waves that are usually hunted by International surfers around the world. This Balangan beach has a quite, natural, and virgin ambience because not many people are making choices to visit this gem. We can see the clear beach with white yellowish smooth sand that covers its seashore. There are several restaurant built not too far away from shoreline and the hills. You can choose whether to take a rest in gazebo or restaurant while sipping your favorite juice and enjoying the breeze, or choose to play surfing and swimming in the water. Its all your choices, but one thing for sure especially you guys surfer, this Balangan beach waves are worth to try!

There are lots of coconut trees which neatly arranged grown in the back side of the cliff making it more cozy and cool at heart that rarely be felt in any other beaches that you’ve visited before. You can access this Balangan beach by approximately 40 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport by By Pass Ngurah Rai. After you arrive at the parking lot, you need to get off and take a walk down the stairs until you reach the shoreline.

In the afternoon, there will be many local boys and girls come playing beach volley together. This could be another new experience for you to interact directly with Indonesian children and come play together. There are also a few temples located near this beach for a spiritual and culture insight.

4. Enjoying nature at Muaya Beach
Muaya Beach is named after Muaya Temple that is located near the beach. This beach located in Bukti Permai street, Jimbaran village, South Kuta, Bali. A 25 minutes drive from the airport will be enough to get you here. Align from the north, white sand overlay starts from Kelan Beach which directly borders with Ngurah Rai International Airport, Kedonganan fish market and dock where fishers usually stop their boats, Jimbaran main beach with its famous dinner by the sea, and in the southern side there is Muaya Beach. You may infrequently hear about this beach, but what this Muaya beach offer is no less good than any other beaches. Around the beach, there are lots of seafood restaurant choices with delicious servings. You can also rent a villa or cottage for your holiday stay in here, because mostly they have an International standard with a quite cheap prices that won’t make you regret.

Muaya beach has an L letter sea shore line facing the north and east part. We can see some hills with luxurious villas in the northwest, it looks like a village that surrounded with luxuriant trees that make this beach even more beautiful for us to visit

Tourists that come here are mostly foreigners. They enjoy relaxing and sunbathing under the sun with a layer of shawl as a sleeping pad to accompany them laying on its white sand. Foreigner tourists are often attract with this Muaya beach because of its billow that make them curious to try surfing here. Don’t worry when you don’t bring your own surfing kits but still want to try surfing, because so many local residents are renting it for you. You can also take a short class with instructor to help you learn how to surf. And if you’re not really into surfing, there are also another watersport choices such as banana boating, snorkeling, and any other options.

And after you get tired trying every watersport, you can order a traditional massage with pretty cheap deal. This traditional massage will help you relax, feel refreshed, and refine your muscles and  perfect enjoyed while watching the sun sets beautifully.

Lots of activities offer by Muaya beach tourism such as relaxing, swimming, surfing, enjoying seafood meals, getting a traditional massage by local residents, or even just having a getaway sleepover at one of the hotel or villa rooms near this beach. This can be one of your choices to choose for your next holiday trip.

5. Relaxing at Pondok Pemuda Hidden Beach

If you are looking for a solitude experience, you definitely need to try visiting this Pondok Pemuda Beach! Pondok Pemuda beach or Bene Beach is located in Jimbaran near AYANA Resort. The entering way might be a little too effortful to discover because you need to seek for an alternative way besides the actual existing street. First, try to find AYANA Resort. Before entering the resort you’ll see a small way in the right side of the resort. Keep your way straight, and you will see a forest in the right side of your way. Try to find small board with “Pondok Pemuda Beach” words on it. You need to face a forest first before finally arrive at the beach, but don’t worry you can get a help from local residents. Just ask them politely and they will show you they way! When you finally discover this hidden beach you’ll feel much relieve. This Pondok Pemuda beach has a really quite and comfortable ambience. There is also a small dock where you can steep your feet into. Its clear blue water and friendly breezes will make you feel so much relax and probably make you feel sleepy.  It is recommended to bring some books with you. For you who enjoys solitude moment with just you and yourself, this beach is an option to try!

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Jimbaran Religious Tour

Besides its popularity on having the best choices of various type of beaches, Bali is actually having another attraction thing to explore which is its culture and religion. Bali has the highest number of Hindu people that makes it understandable to have an intense religious culture. To any of you that are interested in learning each stories and pieces of Bali & Hinduism, you can try visiting some of this temples that are located in Jimbaran.

6. Segara Temple

Not many know, the farthest tip of Bali in the west is not in Gilimanuk, but at Segara Rupek. In the map of the island of Bali, Segara Rupek location is right in the nose tip of Bali. From this real close distance between Bali and Java, and this is where historically according to the sources of literature-chronicle, the story of Bali with Java separation begins, so that Bali is an island intact and unique.

It is understandable if not many people know how important and strategic the presence of Segara Rupek for Bali. To achieve Segara Rupek relatively easy, if you want to travel overland the only way that can be taken to go through the road leading to the temple Prapat Agung and from locations Pura Prapat Agung is still to be continued again to travel overland about 5 km through the protected forest of Taman Nasional Bali Barat (TNBB).

The condition of facilities, infrastructure and inadequate infrastructure as well as to participate would affect Segara Rupek not receive undue attention, both from the Balinese community leaders, even among leaders in Bali. In Segara Rupek until now no pelinggih as a milestone on the twist of history, but this location is clearly an important milestone in the history of Bali.

7. Pura Perapat Agung

The citizens of the land of Bali, especially Hindus know about the saints who came from the land of Java, he is Nirartha / Danghyang Dwijendra. Hindu priest is estimated that more than once did Dharma Yatra to the land of Bali. There is a piece of the story which is expected to occur approximately in 1479 BC era s.d 1478, when traveling Dharma Yatra priest a second time.

Prapat Agung true name is not enough to just be one meaning, Prapat Agung is actually a door, “noetic door” made by Nirartha order to avoid land of Bali from the intrusion of negative things. Or it can nevertheless be interpreted as a four-door that was created to cover all the bad things that want to enter the territory of the land of Bali. “Astungkara”.

8. Payogan Agung Temple

According Mangku Pura Agung Payogan Kutai that this temple was inaugurated in 1998. Its construction, which began in 1994, partly borne by the interest of district Kukar (Kukar), which costs About a Rp 1.2 billion, plus the funds punia of Hindus as Homeland.

Pura Agung Payogan Kukar stands majestically on a hill. Just like other temples, this temple was built by Tri Mandala. In the early development Pura Agung Payogan Kukar in 1994, stands a Padmasana. To then be forwarded to the development of other shrines and border wall, and Bale kulkul and Bentar temple which is a relief from Kutai regency and provincial government of Bali.

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Jimbaran Interesting Attractions

Besides its naturally outstanding beaches and watersport and its religious Hinduism temples that we’ve visited, Jimbaran has also other activities to be chosen here in Jimbaran. Here are several of them that we discover:

 9. Making our Own Scent of Parfume at “L’Atelier Parfums”

When you are thinking of having another form of travel souvenir, you can try to go here. L’Atelier Parfums et Creations will provide and guide you way to make you own scents to bring home. L’Atelier is having a short workshop class for 90 or 180 minutes to help you get unique scent if your own. They will explain about parfum and teach and also guide you to make one. And after you’re finish, your parfume is comparable with any other parfume designer out there! The price is variable, starts from $80 per-person for a class.

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10. Unique and Luxurious time at “Rock Bar”

Before arriving at the location, you will experience get into a cable car from upside of the cliff because this “Rockbar” is located on the downside of the cliff, 14 m above Indian Ocean surface. This place is popular because of its location and its sunset view. Accompanied by a glass of cocktail from certified bartender is a must while you enjoy seeing sun sets slowly on the horizon. You can access this bar around 20 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport. And is recommended to come before 5pm to book a seat for enjoying the golden sunset.

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 11. Night light of Bali from Puri Bhagawan

Though this Puri Bhagawan was built in just two months, the owner say that this place is laid out very well. The location in Jimbaran is indeed a very beautiful view, where in the afternoon visitors can watch the “sunset” or sunset. From this location, Ngurah Rai airport activity can also be seen in the distance. Puri Bhagawan, in the future, will be developed as an integrated tourism area. Visitors will also be able to see a grove of trees, including typical native plants of Jimbaran hill, like juwet, bekul, silik and camps trees.

Located at an altitude of Bukit Jimbaran, then at nighttime the atmosphere in this place is very beautiful and romantic. Flickering lights in the area of ​​Jimbaran, Kuta, and the surroundings look so beautiful, as well as passing aircraft at Ngurah Rai International Airport is a wonderful sight.

You can also rent this Puri Bhagawan facilities to held a spectacular event such as weddings and garden parties, so that the guests will experience a beauties of this place as well as the bride and groom for a lifetime memorable experience.

12. Fish & Seafood Shopping at Kedonganan Fish market

Kedonganan fish market located in the end side of Kedonganan beach. Along the way we will meet a lot of café and restaurant that serve various type of mostly grilled seafood. The fish market itself open in the morning until evening. You can imagine what kind of seafood you will meet in this market, from a freshly netted ones to the ones that had been sold with a pretty cheap deal because already settled for a night. Tips for you who are interested trying to shop here; Don’t forget to use only sandals and comfortable clothes because as seen in the name, Kedonganan fish market, this market is pretty tarnish and smelly. And you need to be able to bargain with the fishers that sell their fishes. The smarter you are with bargain, the cheaper price you’ll get.

Now, after finish with the shopping, you can directly enjoy your fishes by the help from grilling house not too far from the market. Your seafood will be weighted, and you need to pay for their grilling service for each kilograms of your fishes. The price includes herbs and chili.

Thus, you can invite your lovers or best friends to go along to Bali and get fun in Jimbaran Bali. The alternative place to visit while you are in Bali. As a result, there are many great things to do in Jimbaran Bali. Well, that’s super beautiful and amazing places.

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