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32 Menu What to Eat in Jakarta Indonesia – Street Food – Local Dishes – Best Restaurants

by devani

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. Meanwhile, it’s a massive population with thousand cultures and diversity. Thus, Jakarta is one of the best places in Indonesia to try new tasteful food. Absolutely, there are vary special food whether street food or five stars food restaurant, all of them are delicious to bite. Indeed, if you visit Jakarta, do not forget to try these food. These super yummy special food from Jakarta.

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Jakarta’s Special Street Food

If you ever wonder what to eat in Jakarta Indonesia, then here is the lists:

1. Kerak Telor (Egg) 

This is the best Jakarta street food. Kerak telor is special food from Betawi tribe. Meanwhile, Betawi tribe is native inhabitants from Jakarta where most of local food came from their culture. Indeed, kerak telor has its own philosophy and history since Netherlands colonialism era. During the time, kerak telor was an elite and expensive food where only nobleman can eat it. Nevertheless, the popularity of kerak telor now went off as the influences of fast food in Jakarta.

However, kerak telor is likely omelette but it is not. Kerak telor is made by sticky rice and eggs with grated coconut and fried onions topping. Also, kerak telor is rich of spice seasoning that makes it so tasteful. Indeed, you can now find kerak telor only in Jakarta’s special events or celebration like in Jakarta Fair in June. Moreover, you can bite one portion of kerak telor only by Rp. 15.000 or it’s about $1. As a result, if you visit Jakarta, don’t forget to try kerak telor. It is a yummy snack, sweet and savory.

2. Martabak (Pancake)

Meanwhile, martabak is everyone’s favorite snack in Jakarta. Martabak is the type of pancake but it has thick and soft texture. Indeed, martabak has two variants which are sweet martabak and eggs martabak. Thus, sweet martabak has many flavors and toppings. The most favorite flavor of sweet martabak are chocolate, nuts, and cheese. Then, you can also mix all of them in one portion of martabak. The taste is creamy and melting all together in your tongue. There is also another local flavors such as coconut and black sticky rice. Indeed, eggs martabak is made by spring roll skin, meat, egg, and seasoning.

Nowadays, people upgrade the taste of sweet martabak with modern flavor such as martabak with nuttela, oreo, almond, and more. In Jakarta, you can easily find martabak in street food and the price is in variation, but it is quite cheap for people. As a result, the taste of martabak is so delicious. Also, martabak is good to eat for any situation like for hangout with friends or evening pancake with family. This is also the most tasty Jakarta street food.

3. Ketan Bakar (Baked Sticky Rice)

Ketan bakar is another favorite food of Jakarta people. Meanwhile, ketan bakar is a snack made by sticky rice that is baked traditionally. Thus, the original taste of ketan bakar is sweet and savory with coconut and shredded topping. Then, nowadays the seller combines ketan bakar with vary delicious modern topping such as cheese, milk, chili, and durian. Meanwhile, the best time to eat ketan bakar is during evening of when it’s cold outside.

Indeed, ketan bakan is street food where you can find it in South Jakarta.  Yet, it is just so traditionally tasty. Then, the price is cheap. As a result, ketan bakar is tasteful snack that is also makes you glut.

4. Kue Cubit (Cake)

Kue cubit is favorite snack for everyone. Meanwhile, kue cubit is made by wheat flour, eggs, baking powder, and milk. Thus, kue cubit has small shape and the texture is soft and creamy. The traditional topping of kue cubit is just a sprinkle of chocolate messes. However, the taste is sweet and yummy. Kue cubit is traditionally sale in kinder garden school and also along in Jakarta street food.

Nowadays, the taste of kue cubit is upgrade. Following the trend of modern food, kue cubit now is available in many flavors such green tea, chocolate, cheese, and more. Also, the price is cheap. As a result, you can bite tasteful kue cubit as much as you want if you are in Jakarta. You can share kue cubit with your friends, brothers, family with a cup of tea. That is super delicious soft cake.

5. Kue Pancong 

Kue pancong is one of thousand Betawi traditional cakes you need to try. Meanwhile, kue pancong is made by rice flour and coconut milk, and it’s baked. Meanwhile, kue pancong is now rare to find. The influence of fast food and modern cakes almost killed kue pancong existence. By the way, you can find kue pancong in street, quite rare, or in Betawi special events such as Jakarta Fair.

Meanwhile, the taste of kue pancong is so special. It’s simple, sweet, and tasteful. The traditional topping of kue pancong is the sprinkle of sugar and grated coconut. Then, kue pancong is a delicious snack with low price. As a result, don’t forget to try eating kue pancong if you visit Jakarta.

Jakarta’s Special Main Course

What food to eat in Jakarta is these special stapple menu:

6. Nasi Uduk

Nasi uduk is so Jakarta. Meanwhile, nasi uduk is steaming rice with coconut milk and seasoning with nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, lemongrass and pepper leaves. Thus, nasi uduk has delicious aroma than the normal white rice. Meanwhile, nasi uduk is everywhere in Jakarta, from street food to five-stars restaurant. Also, you can buy nasi uduk in the local village with its special taste.

Usually, nasi uduk is served for breakfast, but you can it eat during evening for dinner. Indeed, the special thing from nasi uduk is it’s serving with vary  side dishes such as tempe, tofu, fried chicken, stew, cucumber, and chili. You can also take another side dish as you like. Indeed, nasi uduk is one complete delicious main course special from Jakarta. Then, the price of nasi uduk is affordable. As a result, is it the right food you can take if you feel hungry and it is just so yummy in Jakarta food..

7. Nasi Ulam (Ulam Rice)

Nasi ulam is Betaw’s culinary art. Meanwhile, nasi ulam is rice mixing with seasoning, herbs and spices. So, the taste from its own rice is already so rich. Then, the special ingredients from nasi ulam is it contains centella asiatica leaves that make the rice more tasteful and has special aroma. Sometimes, the centella asiatica leaf replaces with basil. Then, nasi ulam is serving with many dishes such as omelette, potato, tofu, and jerked meat. Also, it is perfect with peanut mashed, grated coconut, and crackers.

Meanwhile, nasu ulam Jakarta has two types which are gravy nasi ulam and non-gravy nasi ulam. Both are worth to chew. Then, you can find nasi ulam in south Jakarta. The price of nasi ulam is also cheap if you buy it in street food. As a result, nasi ulam is your perfect main course to eat for lunch.

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8. Nasi Campur (Mixed Rice)

This is one of the most delicious Jakarta food. Nasi campur or we can say it in English is mixed rice. Meanwhile, rice is Indonesian main food and that is why people cannot get it off. Thus, nasi campur is favorite Jakarta local food. Nasi campur is one complete rice with vary side dishes, in one package, that is why it becomes favorite.

Meanwhile, you can choose the dishes such as shredded, fred fish, fried chicken, tofu,  scrambled egg, stew, pickles, potato, noodle, and more. Every food shop serves different menu, so you me be so lucky to get the complete dishes. Meanwhile, nasi campur is the street food style where you get all kind of dishes in your plate in affordable price. As a result, you can find street shop or restaurant the serves nasi campur in all region of Jakarta.

9. Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice)

From street food to restaurant, every food shop in Indonesia serves nasi goreng. Whether original or fusion style, nasi goreng is a must. Meanwhile, nasi goreng or also known as fried rice has basic ingredients which are rice, eggs, and seasoning. Then, there many variation in nasi goreng taste such as seafood fried rice, or fried rice with meat, egg, beef, salted fish, and more.

Meanwhile, nasi goreng is noted as 50 World’s Most Delicious Food in 2011 by CNN International. Moreover, Barack Obama the 44th America President said that he loves nasi goreng during the interview in 2010. Also, everyone loves nasi goreng as it can be found in everywhere in Indonesia. Thus, the price of one portion nasi goreng is variate depending on the topping you choose, but it’s quite cheap. So, don’t forget to try nasi goreng once you are in Jakarta.

10. Nasi Padang (Padang-style rice)

Meanwhile, nasi padang is not come from Jakarta, but its food shop growing so large in Jakarta. As the capital city, Jakarta welcomes to all food from other island in Indonesia. Thus, nasi padang comes from Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia. Meanwhile, nasi padang is banquet of food from meat, fish, vegetable, and spicy chili. Nasi padang is rich of flavor, spice, herbs, and special Indonesian seasoning.

Indeed, nasi padang is Indonesia’s most wanted food. One menu from nasi padang named rendang (spicy meat) is said as 50 World’s Most Delicious Food and 40 food Singaporeans cannot live without by CNN International. Thus, nasi padang has unique in serving where the waitress place all plates on their hands and walk it to customer’s table. Also, they serves all menu in your table and you can choose what you like to eat. Then, the price of nasi padang is depend on the menu you take, but it is not so expensive. As a result, come on try nasi padang and you will absolutely love it.

11. Gado-Gado 

This is the best Jakarta local food. Gado-gado or also know as Indonesia traditional salad is so tasteful. Meanwhile, gado-gado is made by vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, cauliflower, beans, bean sprouts, carrots, cucumbers, sliced boiled potatoes, tomatoes, eggs, tofu, and tempe. All the boiled ingredients is all mixing all together with special sauce. Thus, the sauce made by peanut, chili, pepper, lime water, and brown sugar all blend together. Then, the boiled ingredients is mixing with the peanut sauce. Sometimes, you can eat gado-gado with rice or rice cake. Also, gado-gado is perfect with friend oniens and crackers.

Meanwhile, gado-gado is healthy dish and it’s also good for vegetarian. Also, it’s so tastefull and yummy. Indeed, you can find gado-gado in street food with cheap price. Indeed, some restaurant also serves gado-gado with premium ingredients. As a result, you can find gado-gado in all region of Jakarta.

12. Sate (Satay)

Sate is almost look like meat barbecue. Meanwhile, sate is food by small cut of meat on stick and baked. Sate has rich sausage made by Indonesia special seasoning, herbs, and spices. Indeed, sate has two types of sausages which are peanut sausage and ketchup sausage. Thus, sate is so tasteful. The meat is juicy and mixing with the seasoning si perfectly delicious. Meanwhile, there are many kind of sate that you can eat, likewise, sate goat meat, cow meat, and chicken.

Meanwhile, during Obama’s speech in 2010 in his visit to Indonesia, Obama said that he love sate. Moreover, sate became quite popular in the world. CNN Go in 2011 noted sate in the 14th list of 50th World’s Most Delicious Food. Thus, you can find sate in all the street in Jakarta, street food or restaurant. The price is also quite middle range. Also, sate is usually eat with rice or rice cake. As a result, visit Jakarta and eat sate as much as you can.

13. Ketoprak 

Ketoprak is one of the list of food you must try in Jakarta. Meanwhile, ketoprak is made by ketupat or lontong (rice consisting of rice steamed in a banana leaf.) Then, it’s serving with tofu, rice noodles, cucumber, bean sprouts, and boiled egg. Ketoprak has peanut sausage from peanut, onion, chili, brown sugar, and ketchup. Then, the main ingredients is mixing with the sausage. Another addition to ketoprak is the sprinkle of fried onions and crackers.

Thus, the taste is good, yummy, and it’s good to feed your hunger. Meanwhile, ketoprak is a street food style with cheap price. In Jakarta, you can find it in all the way street all day.

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14. Pecel Lele

Lele is catfish in English. Meanwhile, pecel lele is fried catfish served with lalapan (vegetable) such as basil, cucumber, and cabbage. Then, it is also serving with fried tofu, tempe, and special chili. Thus, you can it eat with rice or nasi uduk.

Also, pecel lele is so popular for Jakarta people as most easy and glut food to find. You can find pecel lele stands in the street. Thus, pecel lele stand is mostly open during evening time, for dinner time is perfect. The price of pecel lele is affordable. The taste, meanwhile, it’s so tasty. They fry the catfish til it tastes crispy and the sausage is so spicy. As a result, you must try pecel lele as you never have no idea how you can eat catfish in yummy way.

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15. Pepes

Meanwhile, pepes is the special way to process food with the skin of banana leaf. Thus, there are many types of pepes which are boiled, grilled, or steamed. Also, there are many menu of pepes. You can find pepes of fish, chicken, or tofu. Also, pepes has rich seasoning from chili, onion, herbs, ginger, turmeric, and more. Thus, the special of pepes is due to it’s cooked with the skin of banana leaf, it makes pepes even more tasteful with delicious smell. Indeed, pepes is most of favorite food for Jakarta people as it’s tasty and cheap. Then, you can eat pepes with hot rice. In Jakarta, you can buy pepes in traditional food stands, street food, or Jakarta restaurant.

16. Semur Jengkol 

Jengkol, Archidendron pauciflorum, is plant that is only grow in Southeast Asia. Western said jengkol is dog fruit. Meanwhile, semur jengkol is special food from Betawi where jengkol boils with seasoning and ketchup. Even though jengkol smells bad, but semur jengkol tastes good. In the right cooking process, the bad smell from jengkol will quite decreasing. Indeed, the taste of semur jengkol is delicious, mostly if you eat it with nasi uduk.

Meanwhile, semur jengkol is almost served in all Jakarta’s food stand. You can find it in nasi uduk food shop. The price is also cheap and it’s perfect if you want to eat different unique food in Jakarta.

17. Ayam Bakar (Grilled Chicken)

Ayam bakar or you can say grilled chicken is very common as daily alternative food for Jakarta people. Meanwhile, ayam bakar is chicken with seasoning and ketchup grilled with special seasoning. Thus, the perfect combination of ayam bakar is vegetable such as cucumber, basil, lettuce, and cabbage eaten with special sambal. However, sambal or chili is the special sausage of Indonesia. Thus, it is super hot.

Also, you can try ketchup chili which is copped chili, onion, and tomato mixing with ketchup. Then, you can eat ayam bakar with white rice and nasi uduk. Also, the sprinkle of fried onions and crackers are perfect. Indeed, ayam bakar shop is available in all Jakarta food street and restaurant. It has delicious, sweet and spicy food. Also, it is not so expensive and you can eat it all the time.

Jakarta’s Special Soup

What to eat in Jakarta Indonesia for lunch? Here are the menus:

18. Sop Kambing (Goat Soup)

Want to eat something warm? Sop kambing or goat soup is a dish special from Indonesia that you will love. Meanwhile, sop kambing is goat meat, tomato, potato, and carrot boiling all together with special seasoning, herbs, and spices such as ginger, pepper, pecans, and broth in boiling water. Then, the aroma of sup kambing can make you feel hungry. However, the meat is juicy with tasteful sauce.

Meanwhile, sup kambing costs affordable price and you can find it everywhere in Jakarta. Thus, the best time to eat sup kambing is during rainy or cold days to warm you up, but never mind. It’s also perfect to eat in the hot days. Indeed, you must eat sop kambing with hot white rice to taste it perfectly.

19. Sop Buntut (Oxtail Soup)

What to eat in Jakarta Indonesia? Have you ever tried to eat tail of a cow? Then, you must try sop buntut. Meanwhile, sop buntut or oxtail soup is special food you can find in Jakarta. It is a super delicious soup from cows tail boiling in special broth. Also, it boils by herbs, spices, and rich of seasoning. Indeed, you can bite the tail, so yummy, and let it please your tongue. The oxtail meat is juicy and smells good.

Meanwhile, eat sup kambing with hot rice and ice tea drink is super delicious. Also, sop buntut is usually serving in restaurant, but the street food is also have the best taste of it. The price is good. So, if you visit Jakarta, go eat sop buntut!

20. Soto Betawi

It looks like soup, but it is not. Meanwhile, soto betawi is special from Jakarta. Like its name, Betawi is the native culture of Jakarta. Indeed, soto betawi made by coat meat boiling with vary spices and seasoning. Soto betawi is full of taste as it cooks with ginger, onion, pepper and more special herbs from Indonesia. Other ingredients are ketchup, pickles, lemon, leeks, potatoes, tomatoes and crackers.

Meanwhile, you can eat soto betawi whit hot rice in the sunny day. You can find it in all region of Jakarta, whether street food or restaurant. Yet, if you want the best taste, please find the traditional food stand of Betawi. Thus, the price is just okay with your wallet. Also, soto betawi is every Jakarta’s people and visitors must eat food. The taste is perfectly delicious, juicy, and lovely. Once you eat soto betawi, you will want it again.

21. Sayur Asem 

Sayur asem or if you translate it in English is sweat soup. Yet, it’s not literally sweat taste but it’s just the name. Meanwhile, sayur asem is made by vary vegetable such as peanuts, young jack-fruit, corn, betel nut, star fruit vegetable, squash, beans, and tamarind. All the ingredients is boiling with special spices. Sayur asem is rich of seasoning, it’s the best if it’s spicy. The definition of sweat soup is it’s soup taste so fresh, I mean, when you eat it feels refreshing on you.

Meanwhile, the best way to eat sayur asem is with hot rice, hot chili, and fried fish and tofu. Thus, you can find sayur asem everywhere in Jakarta. The price is cheap and it’s super yummy.

Jakarta’s Special Beverages

One more best thing of Jakarta is they have their own traditional beverages. Thus, if you feel full with Jakarta’s special food, now you must try the beverages.

22. Es Teler 

Es teler is fruit cocktail of Jakarta. Meanwhile, es teler is mixing of vary fruits such as avocado, young coconut, jack fruit, and mango. Then, it has other ingredients which are cincau or jelly. All the ingredient is putting all together with milk, coconut milk, sugar, and ice.

Meanwhile, es teler is so refreshing. It’s cold and sweet. Indeed, you can find es teller in street food, or in restaurant. The price of es teler is just okay. Also, the best time to drink es teler is during sunny day. As es teler is so refreshing and delicious.

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23. Es Campur

Es campur or mixed fruit ice dessert is another special beverage of Jakarta. Like its name, es campur made by vary ingredients mixing well in sweet syrup. The ingredients are sugar palm fruit, avocado, jack fruit, pineapple, jelly, and bread. Then, mixing it all together with shaved ice and sweet syrup.

Meanwhile, es campur is always special. The best time to drink es campur is during hot dry day. Es campus is so refreshing and tasteful. Then, find es campur in all street you walk in Jakarta. Also, the price is less than one dollar. So, let’s get energized with es campur. Yes, there are many menu what to try in Jakarta Indonesia.

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24. Es Cendol 

Es cendol is special ice drink from Jakarta. Meanwhile, es cendol made by rice flour, brown sugar, and coconut milk. Then, it mixes all with ice. Cendol as the main ingredient is always in green color. Also, sometimes they chop jackfruit there. So, es cendol is so refreshing, the best to drink in sunny day.

Meanwhile, you can find es cendol in street food. The seller is usually use wagon to sell es cendol in the street. Also, the price is just cheap. Then, it has refreshing, cold, sweet taste. Once yo drink it, you will love it.

25. Bir Pletok (Jakarta’s Beer)

Drink beer? Jakarta has its own beer named bir pletok. Meanwhile, bir pletok is the traditional beverage made by spices such as ginger, pandan leaves, and lemongrass. Though its called as beer but it has no alcohol parentage. It’s called bear because it’s used to warm up body. The ginger contains is useful to warm up and energized body. That is why bir pletok is used as energized drink for Jakarta people.

Meanwhile, bir pletok is classic beverage that has many benefits for health. Thus, bir pletok now seems rare in the store but you can always find it during Jakarta festival or other traditional culture. Also, now Jakarta people have started to sale it in bottle package that you can find it in some selected store.

Meanwhile, Jakarta has a busy life, but this city of Indonesia always have its own uniqueness. There all the lists of all food you must try in Jakarta. As a result, have a yummy culinary trip in Jakarta!

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