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Explore these 7 Spiciest Food Coming from West Sumatera

by Ivonne Puspakencana
spiciest food in west sumatra

Visiting a place is not complete without tasting its local food. West Sumatera is one of the provinces in Indonesia that has lots of delicious food, specifically the spicy ones.

West Sumatera is famous for having some food, including the spiciest food in Indonesia and it also includes the foods of West Sumatra. Get the complete list of the spiciest food in Indonesia in these spiciest food in Indonesia!.

If you wish to visit West Sumatera, make sure to try and taste these spicy yet delicious food. These foods are really recommended to try, especially if you love spicy food. Let’s take a closer look at these 8 spiciest food originated from West Sumatera.

  • Rendang
Spiciest Food Coming from West Sumatera
Rendang, one of the most delicious spicy foods

Rendang is famous internationally as one of the most delicious food. Indonesia, specifically West Sumatera should be proud of it. Rendang is simply a dish made of beef that is cooked with lots of rich spices along with chili and coconut milk.

It takes a long time to make Rendang so that the beef will be tender and able to absorb all the spices cooked with it. Rendang is best when it is eaten with warm rice. Yum!

  • Asam Padeh/Asam Pedas
Spiciest Food Coming from West Sumatera

The next spicy food coming from West Sumatera is asam pedas or asam padeh. This food is the traditional food of Minangkabau and then it is spread widely in the Malay (Riau, Riau Island, Jambi and the Malay Peninsula). This food is sour and pungent.

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In terms of the ingredients, asam padeh uses various types of fish and seafood, such as swordfish, snapper, mackerel, carp and squid. These ingredients are mixed with some spices, such as tamarind, chili and other spices.

This dish is well known as the treasures of Minangkabau or Malay cooking, that’s why it is not really clear about the origin of this dish. You can easily find Minang spicy and sour dishes throughout Rumah Makan Padang both in Malaysia and Indonesia.

  • Balado Bawal
Spiciest Food Coming from West Sumatera
Balado bawal, the spicy fish dish from West Sumatera

Balado bawal is another spicy fish dish coming from the west region of Sumatera, especially Padang. Padang is well known for its various foods that are spicy in flavor.

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The ingredients of this dish mainly consists of the fish (bawal fish), garlic, chili, galangal, shallots, turmeric and other spices.

All the spices are blended together while the fish is fried. Then, fry the blended spices with a little bit oil, and put lime leaves. Finally, put the fried fish and mix it well with the sauce.

  • Dendeng Balado (Jerky Balado)
Spiciest Food Coming from West Sumatera

Dendeng is a typical dish coming from West Sumatera. It is made of a thin, wide slices of dried beef which is fried. Then, the dendeng or jerky is flavored with Balado.

This dish uses balado spices that don’t use red chilis. Instead, it uses green chilies that are sliced roughly and the wide and thin sliced beef. The beef is also pounded with a stone mortar to make it tender.

  • Gulai Banak
Spiciest Food Coming from West Sumatera

Gulai Banak (Goulash) is a soupy dish coming from Minangkabau, West Sumatera. This is a soupy curry dishes that is using spicy coconut milk. It uses cow’s brain as its main ingredients. The cow’s brain is cut into pieces and cooked in a curry seasoning.

  • Gulai Tambusu

Tambusu is a cow’s big intestine and it is used as the main ingredient of this dish. Before it is cooked, the tambusu is cleaned thoroughly so it won’t smell bad.

Then, it is tied at one of the endings, then filled with the whisked egg that is seasoned before. After that, the other ending of the tambusu is tied. Finally, the tambusu is boiled until it is hardened, then it will be ready to make gulai.

Spiciest Food Coming from West Sumatera

For the gulai, it uses the common ingredients, such as coconut milk and some spices along with the chili to make it spicy.

  • Ikan Balado

Balado is one of the important condiments in the area of West Sumatera, especially in Minangkabau. Each Padang restaurant must have this dish. The basic ingredients to make balado are shallots, peppers, tomatoes, lime juice, salt and sugar.

Spiciest Food Coming from West Sumatera

This cuisine is not only popular in our country, but it is also well-known in our neighboring countries, Malaysia and Singapore.

So, what do you think of those foods? Are you ready to get your mouth burned by the spiciness of these food? Once you visit West Sumatera, try these foods then!

They are spicy but they are absolutely delicious! Besides tasting the spiciest food, make sure you also spend time exploring these waterfalls in West Sumatra.

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