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20 Things to Do in Nusa Penida, Bali – Beaches – Dive – Culture Journey

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things to do in nusa penida

things to do in nusa penidaNusa Penida is an island that lays in southeast part of the famous heaven on earth, Bali island. Badung Strait separates this island from Bali island. Also, this island includes as Kalungkung district, along with another 2 islands around this island which called Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. Nusa Penida locates in the right side of this islands and have the biggest mainland among the others.

Earlier in the 18th century, Nusa Penida was one of the places that happened to be a jail from Gelgel dynasty under the command of Majapahit monarchy. But now, it turns up 180 degrees into a lovely tourist destination with a lot of spots to discover. Just like Bali, Nusa Penida also has a lot of virgin tourism spots that only few people have discovered. We’re going to show you the best options to be considered when you’re planning on having your holiday vacation here. So, here are the choices that worth to try:

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This place offers you various types of tourism spots that suitable for your holiday relaxing and exciting moments. There are several options to try such as its Lovely Beaches & Water Attractions for any of you who missed playing with waters and starring peacefully on the coastal area of the beach, Dive Sites & Bird Sanctuary for you animals lover that want to meet underwater creatures that rarely seen anywhere else such as blue sharks and jalak bali bir, and also a Religion & Cultural Journey to understand more about hinduism and any story behind Nusa Penida and Bali. Have a good time deciding where to visit, fellas!

Nusa Penida Lovely Beaches & Water Attractions

  1. Atuh Beach

pantai atuhUnlike the other beaches in Bali, the beach is going make you relax and comfort. Why? Because on this beach you will find the atmosphere of tranquility mingled with admiration when you reach the Atuh Beach.

The trip trail to the hill will be obvious expanse of ocean beach that stretches atuh approximately 500 meters. Down the hill past the community garden and palm trees will add to the excitement as if you are a true Backpacker. Arriving at the Atuh beach, begin to feel your struggle paid off.

The beach with white sand is very well preserved naturalness, perhaps because this beach is rarely visited by tourists, as well as the beautiful princess who has long been asleep. You can relax or take a walk on the coast, away from air pollution would add to the coolness of your vacation atmosphere.

  1. Uug Beach

pantai uugWhen children of Bali hear this name, they would definitely feel strange because Uug in Balinese word means: Damage. But don’t get yourself wrong because Uug Beach is a tourist attraction which is legendarily amazing. The view has a similarity somehow looks like Uluwatu, Bali but with a calmer waves. From Toyapakehkira port estimated travel time is about 50 minutes. A bit long-time indeed. It is because of the road is pretty hard to be passed. But don’t worry, by a guidance from your tour guide, it will such a worth tiring route to get though.

Uug is the favorite beaches for all tourists who come to Nusa Penida. The beach is located in the village of Bunga Mekar, District Nusa Penida has a typical form of rock – climbing more jutting into the sea. This beach are very natural and do not have a temple like the other beaches in Bali. The sound of calm waves at this beach makes everyone who comes will be impressed. The water at the beach looks very clear and blue.

The atmosphere around the beach is also very quiet so many people who come to cool off or take off stress. A lot of beautiful underwater creatures live here. So when you’re lucky enough, you can see stingrays and turtles swimming near you. And, if you’re a person who likes to take a great shots during your holiday, try a broken bluff! You possibly can capture an interesting photo from that broken cliff that connected to the other side of the plateau. From this point of view of the beach looks stunning.

To reach the beach you can cross the Pasig mentioning from Sanur Beach, Padang Bay or Tanjung Benoa. After arriving in Nusa Penida you can rent a car or motorcycle.

  1. Crystal Beach

pantai kristalCrystal beach includes in a magical spots with sea view that little further inland and there is a small island inside. On this beach, you can do many things, but most visitors usually just sitting or walking on the coast and enjoying the nature’s beauties. But if you are bored with views of the sea view from below, you can rise above to see the view from the beach roundly. With the terrain in the form of hundreds of steps that have been made permanently you will be able to see the beautiful little island in the middle of the sea which is so amazing.

  1. Suwehan Beach

suwehanThe beach is very quiet, isolated, with the stunning beauty! To arrive here, you have to take a down route to fairly steep hill, but the view of the surrounding is verdant, so don’t worry! Decorated with palm trees and a village temple. When you reach this Suwehan beach, white sandy beaches with clear blue sea is immediately welcoming you and your fellow partners.

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  1. Thousand Island of Nusa Penida

thousan island nusa penidaThis thousand Island aligns with Atuh Beach. You can access it from Banjar Pelilit. This place allows you to enjoy beautiful sightseeing which is an expanse of sea with small islands as lovely as what you can see in Raja Ampat, Lombok. So you don’t need to spend too much to see that groups of island because Nusa Penida offers you that! In this location there is another tree house that was built to make tourist able to see the views from the higher level.

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Airport in Bali, Indonesia – Places To Visit in Bali

  1. Seganing Water Springs

mata air seganingLocated about 15 kilometers from the port Toyapakeh, precisely in the village area Sebuluh. There is a spring whose waters plunge straight down into the sea. There is a myth In the past that said, the local villagers get water from this spring. So, the access road from the cliffs heading down this Spring was finally made. Well, maybe that’s the wonderful Bali attraction you’ve been chasing.

Tips for you, do not joke on the way down the cliff because the terrain that will be pursued is extreme. For 30 minutes route, the more you get down, more and more steep and rocky terrain you will be faced with. For those of you who have a height phobia is not expected to impose themselves to prevent from the unexpected happening events.

Another tips for coming here during the rainy season or after a rain, you better pick other time option. Because when it rains or after a rain, the field will be more slippery so it is very risky to be passed. But after you go through such a complicated journey, and be amazed at the beauty of this place. Steep cliffs that are hindrances trip now looks very beautiful and charming.

The road to reach the springs is very slippery, full of rocks and steep. Because it takes courage and a very strong intention. But the natural scenery of springs and waterfalls are very beautiful will pay all the heavy travel. To measure in place, you can start the trip from the port Toyapakeh. The best time to visit is spring or summer when dry. If you really like the waterfall tourist attraction then do not forget to come to the waterfall in Indonesia are required to visit.

  1. Tembeling Water Springs

tembelingStill little known among tourists, forests, beaches and springs Tembeling (or Temeling) save the natural beauty that is a blend of tranquility and wild. You have to walk through the rain forest for an hour before arriving at the Springs Tembeling clear and fresh water. You can swim here, and the pond was split between men and women. But be careful, there are spots depth reaches 7 meters. At the edge of the forest there are beautiful rocky beaches, where you could see the blue ocean.

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  1. Angel’s Billlabong

angles billabongThere’s only two or three suitable describe this place: it’s unbelievably cool! Angel’s Billabong is a river that ends in the sea, forming an enclosed long reef wall. The sea is turquoise and very clear, so you can see basically the recessed-niche. When it was not high tide, you can swim as much here! Located not far from Uug Pasih Beach.

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  1. Pasih Adus

pasih adusSimilar water blow in Nusa Dua, however Pasih Andus still very natural and rarely visited by tourists. The beauty of the ocean you can enjoy from the cliff, with turquoise water rippling and wavy. Suddenly, you were surprised by bursts of waves colliding with the reef, slammed high into the air.

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 Dive Sites and Bird Sanctuary

Well, the best things to do in Nusa Penida Bali Indonesia is getting lost in the dive sites and its bird sanctuary.

  1. Batu Meling

dive sitesBatu Meling can be a stunning, overly beautiful, and unforgettable diving spots for anyone that has ever visited this site.To reach Batu Meling, we can take a bout for an hour long duration from the main harbor of Nusa Penida. The water here are famous for its clearness which then makes the water biota could be seen clearly even when we are standing inside a boat. Other than that, there is a unique underwater phenomenon here. Under its water, there is a hill that overgrown by weeds just like how it looks like in land. In this hills there are lots of perforated rock which then make this place be called as Batu Meling. Batu means rock, and Meling means perforated. Stingrays and blue shark are still the target organisms by all divers that happen to visit this site. So do not hesitate to try diving in Batu Meling for once!

  1. Malibu Point

dive sites 2If you’ve enjoyed the Manta Point and still want adventure then do not forget to go to Malibu Point. Region famous dive has a very good level of visibility is a destination for all over world tourists. This area have more amounts of coral reefs and blue sharks are very famous to swim back and forth in this site. With a depth of about 40 meters from the surface, the divers can enjoy the swarms of sharks that are already accustomed by human companion. Of course, this will give a very different diving experience for you and could be such an unforgettable one!

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  1. Manta Point

manta pointFor those of you who love water and adventure under the water then have to try diving or snorkeling at Manta Point. This area not only provides a beautiful underwater scenery but also a very beautiful trip adventures. Before reaching the sea that will be a place of diving then we all have to walk through the hills first. The hills will surely offer you a lovely views.

After that, visitors can try out diving and see some very distinctive marine life such as blue sharks, bamboo sharks, coral reefs, and various other types of fish. However, all visitors are advised to use the services of a guide because the pressure waves are unstable and can’t be handled alone.

  1. Friends of National Parks Foundation (FNPP)

FNPPFNPP & Bird Sanctuary is a breeding bird in Nusa Penida with the aim to preserve the Bali Starling bird populations. Previous bird Jalak Bali is only maintained in TNBB (West Bali National Park) but now there is also a captivity at Nusa Penida. You can reach this place about 40 minutes from the harbor. Ticket prices for entrance to the FNPP is only about Rp 10,000 only. You can see the view and the atmosphere is very attractive where you certainly could see a very beautiful Bali Starling (Jalak Bali).


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Religion & Culture Journey

Meanwhile, another best things to do in Nusa Penida, Bali Indonesia is taking a look about Balinese culture and their tradition religion.

[toggle title=”14. Dalem Penataran Temple” state=”opened”]

dalam penataranFor a spiritual journey when you visit Nusa Penida, you can try this Penataran Dalem Temple. It is quite famous with its quiet and peaceful like atmosphere temple just like the temple in Bali. In general, Penataran Temple is special because of the beautiful scenery of forests and palm trees in the vicinity.



[toggle title=”15. Puncak Mundi Temple“]

puncak mundiPura Puncak Mundi is one of the temples that are situated at 521 meters above sea level. This temple has a very distinctive shape in addition to the driveway with a fairly sharp terrain and winding. This temple is one of the highest temple in Nusa Penida. If you come from the port of Nusa Penida then it simply takes about 1 hour drive. The interesting part of this temple is very cold temperatures and a pleasant atmosphere.


[toggle title=”16. Giri Putri Cave“]

giri putri caveGiri Putri cave is one of the caves in the village Suana, Klungkung, Nusa Penida. Giri Putri cave temple building is a place of worship for the people of Bali. This cave into the cult of Shiva is believed to maintain and care for human beings. Giri Putri cave length is approximately 262 meters and there is at 150 meters above sea level. Part of the cave has a very interesting characteristic such as bats, stalagmites and stalactites. There is 1 tribute spot in the front side of the cave and 3 tribute spots on the inside of the cave. On the inside of the cave found the flow of water is believed to be holy water. Local communities will be visited this cave to worship on the Kuningan and Galungan day. Another interesting part of this cave entrance is very small, but when the body has entered into the interior of the cave it will look great and very spacious.

[toggle title=”17. Nusa Ceningan Cliff Jump“]

nusa ceninganShifted a bit from Nusa Penida, precisely to Nusa Ceningan, there is the Blue Lagoon beach with beautiful and blue water surrounds by exotic high cliffs. This is where the adrenaline junkies test their courage by jumping from a 12 meters high cliff, directly to the sea that rolled underneath. There are instructors who will teach you the correct technique of jumping. But, if you’re not brave enough to try that, just enjoy the breathtaking scenery would be more than enough to be relaxed and whole again.

[toggle title=”18. Gala-gala Underground House“]

gala gala undergroundTo get into it you have to go down the stairs about 2 meters, houses in discussing English is also called the Underground House, the aisle to a depth of 7 meters below the ground surface, inside you down the halls and also there are a number of rooms with different functions such as no a place of meditation, bedroom, living room, kitchen and also the well.

Gala gala is a man-made cave. So, also known as Gala gala underground house. Travelling from yellow bridge to gala gala takes about 5 minutes. It becomes one of the top destinations of many attractions in Bali. The house was built in 1961 in the period to 15 years by a jero Mangku puppeteer named Mangku Vyasa. At the time, he were still using conventional things such as a crowbar, using a lot of burned cow dung making it easier to excavate the limestone. The cave is then used as a residence, a masterpiece that is very appropriate to be appreciated and used as a cultural heritage site. Indeed, that’s a masterpiece.


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How to get to Nusa Penida

There are few options to get you to Nusa Penida Island.

  • The 1st option: Go to Bali island first, and then go to Nusa Penida island by sea through Sanur to the Toyapakeh port. You can choose between going by fast boat or canoe that will take you around 90 minutes to the island.
  • The 2nd option: You can go from Pandangbai harbor with big ferry that can also carry your vehicles, too. Around 1 hour from Denpasar to Padangbai, and an hour duration in ferry, you can finally step your feet onto Nusa Penida island.
  • The 3rd option: You can start from Kusamba Klungkung Beach port and take a fast boat to Gangga, Nusa Penida.
  • The 4th option: Going to Nusa Penida by a Quick Silver from Benoa Port.

There are a wide range of prices to consider when you try considering which option you would like to choose. But don’t worry, any option would definitely gain you lots of exciting stories to tell even before you arrive to your destination which is the hidden gem: Nusa Penida. There are many great attractions and things to do in Nusa Penida Bali Indonesia. Happy planning for you holiday trips, everyone!

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