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10 Top Things to Do in Sukawati Bali Indonesia – Art – Shopping – Best Spots Ever

by Yoga Adi

Things To Do In Sukowati, Bali

Do you like shopping?, well good for you because there’s a place called Sukowati in Bali. It is number one and most famous market in Bali. Sukowati is also known for traditional art market, so its a plus if you like art too. Here, you can buy so many things, either for yourself, friends, lover, or family.

With advanced bargain skill, you can have the thing you want with 50% discount !. Its actually pretty neat. If you want to come here, you better increase your bargain skill to master level, you even get far better discount. It looks like a war between seller and buyer though, what a fierce battle indeed.

The Location of Sukowati is in Sukowati Village, Gianyar, Bali. About 30 kilometers from airport. You can arrived here by car for about 45 minutes.Many tourist either domestic or International will make time to go here. So, many travel agencies create a tour, just for Sukowati. Meanwhile, here are all the things to do in Sukowati Bali, Indonesia:

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Beside all the things you’ll do in Sukowati Art Market, you better do these activities first :

1. Visiting Bali Zoo

This place ain’t too far from Sukowati. Well, this place is good for family touring. Everyone loves zoo. Bali Zoo is located in Raya SIngapadu Banjar Seseh Sukowati Batuan Sukowati, Gianyar, Bali. Just type ” Singapadu Raya, Gianyar,Bali ” in google maps. Many animal species that you’ll find in here. About 500 species. Mostly all of them are put in cages, and some of them not.

Actually, there are only two kinds of atrraction in here. First, Exotic Bird Show which is starting at 11 am and 3 pm near the animal Presentation not far from Petting Zoo. This attraction is free though. Second, Animal Encounters.It starts at 1 and 4 pm. In this show we can take a picture with the animals. This attaction is also free. Besides the show mentioned above, you can also do other activies like  Feed the animals, Pony ride, and elephant Ride. Those activities require you to pay from 25 thousand to 350 thousand rupiahs.

2.Visiting Celuk Village

If you already came to Sukowati Market, dont forget to come here. Celuk Village located only 5 kilometers from Sukowati. You can go here either by walking or taking public transportation.

Well, the good thing about Celuk Village is their Silver Craft,which is really beautiful. Most of villagers are creative and innovative about their creation. Because of that, the silver craft has entered local market, national market, and even International Market.

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 3. Visiting Puseh Temple

Not really far from Sukowati Market, stands one more tourist attraction called Pura (temple) Puseh. Pura Puseh located in Batuan Village, Sukowati, Gianyar, Bali. To enter Pura Puseh, you dont need to pay any ticket, but tourist expected to give at least 10 thousand rupiahs, for Pura Puse maintenance, the bigger the better. The ornaments in Pura Puseh is something else, beautiful in its own way. In the left side, there’s a wall that say ” Pr Puseh Pr Desa, Desa Adat Batuan, Saka 944″, which is give us the information about establishment of Pura Puseh. Pura Puseh built in 944 year of saka or 1020 C. Then, Pura Puseh will reach its 1000 years soon.

Puseh Temple not only resembling great spiritual story behind it, but also representing historical values. You can look inside, there are many wonderful ancient relics from pre historic age. You’ll be amazed by the unique statues in there or by paintings that representing great story of Batara Surya Krama. This place is worth visit, especially for its historic values

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4.Visiting Kemenuh Butterfly Park

Kemenuh Butterfly Park is a conservation park for various types of butterflies which developed to be a tourist attraction. This park is located in Gianyar, Kemenuh Village, Sukowati, Gianyar to be exact. It only takes about 10 minutes from Sukowati Market.

You and your family will not be dissapointed, because you can receive dozens of information about butterflies. In here, you can also look at actual metamorphosis process, plus you can see the wonderful beauty of butterflies. Kemenuh Butterfly Park will provides you with wide parking area, restaurant with a great view, souvenir shop, ATM machines, and Butterfly Museum.The ticket for public is 60 thousand rupiahs, either for kids or adults, but for children under 5  years old, the ticket is free. You can get discounted price if you order it online.

5.Visiting Setiadarma,House of Masks and Puppets

This place located in Tegal Bingin street, Kemenuh Village, Sukowati, Gianyar, Bali. Setiadarma House of Masks and Puppets was built in 2006. It has 1300 mask collections and around 5700 puppets. The masks and puppets are not only from Indonesia, but also from other countries like Japan, China, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Srilangka, Korea, and even Italy.

Setiadarma will provides you with several servcies such as Conferention Room, Tropical Park, Exhibiton Room, and Open Stage. Many of cultural activities are often held in this venue, whether exhibitions or performing arts. Its a nice experience you’ll get here, especially to study and enjoy the beauty of those masks and puppets. Don’t worry about the cost, its totally free. But, its recommended for you to fill donation box, for Setiadarma’s maintenance.

6.Visiting Beji Guwang (Hidden Canyon)

things to do sukowati baliThere’s a beautiful and wonderful place which the locals called it Beji Guwang. The actual meaning of Beji Guwang is Hidden Canyon though. Beji Guwang is a river with stone walls which shaped beautifully because of the river abration for hundred thousand of years. This place is perfect for you who wants to do Yoga or meditation because its really quiet and calm.

This place located just beside Sukowati Market. Only takes 15-20 minutes ride from Denpasar, heading east. Because its not a well known place, its suggested to use guide service from local residents. Not only as a guide to keep you from getting lost, but also reduce the chance of accidents.

More Attractions in Sukowati Art Market, Bali Indonesia

Beside visiting those wonderful places, these are some fun things to do in Sukowati Art Market Bali, Indonesia:

 7. Souvenir Shopping

SouvenirsWho doesn’t love shopping? Sukowati is heaven for all of you, who want to spent your money to buy exotique and yet unique souvenirs. Those are clothes, paintings, jars, key chains, even some unique bowls or plates. Many collectors willing to come in here just to buy their things to complete their collection. Even tourist willing to spend their money to buy their favorite stuff.

Sukowati gate opens at 6 am and close at 6 pm. This market never lack of visitors, every hour dozens of tourist either domestic or International come in here. For Your Information, This Art Market consist of three different places, Sukowati Market One, Two, and Three. These markets located not far from one to another, but the most busy place is Sukowati Market One.

This Market built long ago though, but starting to sell Balinese handcraft since 80 till now, the handycarft itself is very unique and a must buy for those who seeking beautiful souvenirs which represent the beauty of Bali.

8. Culinary Tour

Restauran of Traditional Food in SukowatiOne of the best things to do in Sukowati Bali Indonesia is trying Bali traditional food. For those who have a black hole stomach, which can take anything that you eat, prepare yourself. There are bunch of place you can visit here, like Who’s who, Bale Udang Mang Meking, Taco Casa, etc. Plenty option of food provided here, starting from traditional cuisines such as chicken with balinese sauce, duck, and tempeh bacem. You also find Other countries food like Tacos from Mexico and Mediteranian Cuisines.

Well, you can choose whatever you want. If you’re vegetarian, you’ll also find some restaurant providing food especially for vegetarian. If you want to eat International food, you can choose anything you want. You want to eat traditional food? why not. In this market, you’ll find almost any food that you wanted.

Beside restaurant, there also some caffes, just for hanging out with your friends or the love ones. Of course, because of the kind of the food, the price will very vary. Choose whatever will fits you in your desire and your budget.

9. Photo Hunting

Photo Hunting in SukowatiHunting is not just about killing animals for sport, there’s also hunting to capture the exact moment when you click that shoot button. Its called, a photo. You dont need a descent camera to do photography, a phone with a camera is good enough. But if you really care about outstanding quality, better bring those DSLR Camera with you. Many events you can capture here. Kids playing football, tourist trying their best to get a discount, and the people working to get money. Beside, there are many many stuff you can shoot, especially the unique balinese souvenirs that you haven’t seen before.

Dont forget to capture best moments with your friend, family, or maybe your lover. The Photo will become the proof that you have set your foot in this beautiful place.

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10. Tattoo Making in Sukowati Bali 

things to do in sukowati bali For you who love tattoo, many artist provided their service to put an amazing art to your skin. Many tattoo studio built around Sukowati Market. The tattoo is vary, from temporary to permanent tattoo. Consider you consciousness when you choose to put tattoo to your skin though, and be sure your skin isn’t allergic to tattoo, because it may hurt your skin and if the reaction is too strong, you’ll finish your holiday by resting in hospital.

By then, tattoo is the art that needs to appreciate. In Sukowati Art Market, Bali Indonesia, you can find many tattoo artist with the high top of art tattoo making. The price of tattoo will vary, based on how complicated the design is, or color that will used in the tattoo. The type of the tattoo itself will have different prices. Temporary tattoo will cost less than permanent tattoo. Anyway, the price will vary from around 20 thousand rupiah to hundred thousand rupiahs. Pick what you think is the best, either from quality or the price.

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That’s it, several things to do in Sukowati Art Market, Bali, Indonesia. Actually, there’s more thing you can explore, and i want you to find it yourself, and make a great experience of it, careful not to get lost though. Sukowati have many great memories that you’ll find, many of them are maybe the funny ones. Enjoy your holiday, have a great day!

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