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15 Amazing Things to do in Sorong, West Papua Indonesia

by ydrahmatullah

Sorong is a city in West Papua. Known for an Oil City which is managed by Nederland Nieuw-Guinea Petroleum Maatschappij since 1935.

Although,  Sorong City is far from the Capital city of Indonesia,  Jakarta,  but who says that you can’t enjoy this city? You will still be able to experience the busy activities in this city.

Similar to some other cities in Indonesia which have their own attraction,  Sorong does,  too. See the beauty part of west Indonesia nature. The first of many things do in Sorong Indonesia is visiting Raja Ampat Island.  Try to find this out!

1. Raja Ampat Island

This is the famous diving spots in Sorong, West Papua Province.  Raja Ampat actually means King of Four.  Because it is a series of a group of four islands;  Waigeo,  Misool,  Salawati,  and Batanta.

Located in Raja Ampat Regency,  this diving spot becomes the best diving spot in Indonesia,  especially in West Papua.  It has the amazing diversity of fish and coral that can be seen clearly.  For  you who are the diving enthusiasts will know how beautiful it  is and will recognize the different from other diving spots.

When you wanna visit Raja Ampat Islands Indonesia, what you need to do is  reach Domine Eduard Osok Airport in Sorong, West Papua. Then, you head to Sorong Harbor by using taxi, ojeg (public motorcycle), or local minibus. It will take about 10 – 20 minutes ride.

From Sorong harbor to Raja Ampat Regency, you can opt some water transportations, for example, a public ferry and regular boats. The fares are Rp. 130.000 and Rp 100.000 respectively.

2. Tanjung Kasuari Beach

The silent and peaceful Tanjung Kasuari Beach is a recommended beach that you can visit in Sorong. It is a white-sand beach that is right for beach-going travelers.

It is located in Sorong. You just need for  30 – 60 minutes by using taxi or rent a car to come to this beach. Besides swimming in this beach, you can also search a local traditional food to taste, it is papeda and udang selingkuh.

  • Entry Ticket : Rp. 10.000
  • Opening Hours: Everyday

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3. Taman Wisata Alam Sorong

Taman Wisata Alam Sorong is located in an outskirt of Sorong city, however it gives benefit for its park because this condition makes a calm, silent and cool situation. Mostly, the area shows you  a jungle view but it is still beautiful with the various plants and animal inside. Here, you do not only see the animal and plant, but you can also find a-five-meter water fall which adds to the view more beautiful.

Provided by some bird watching posts, so you can see the original west papua bird, such as , White cockatoo, King cockatoo, black-headed red parrot, kumkum, and many more.

There are so many transportation that you can take for reaching this park. Just take the bus for Rp. 5.000, or an ojeg ( public motorcycle) for Rp. 25.000.

  • Entry Ticket: Free
  • Opening Hours: Everyday

4. Sapta Ratna Pagoda

Sapta Ratna Pagoda becomes an exciting place to visit, many visitors come to see this beautiful pagoda with their family or friends. Because of its location in a high land, this area gives you a cool fresh air. This Pagoda has seven floor, and if you are lucky you can step in for every floor of this Pagoda.

Located in a main street city, you don’t be rushed to go home, because from this area you can see the beauty of sunset. Just find the best spot to see it!

  • Entry Ticket : Rp. 10.000
  • Opening Hours: Everyday

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5. Dofior Beach

It is the best place to do culinary recreation. Dofior Beach  is not always giving you a beach recreation, but also a local culinary.

Come to this beach, you will be served by a seafood and many other local food that is worth to taste.

For you the young travelers, this is a good place to hang out with local. Having your snacks here, while you are waiting for the sunset.

  • Entry Ticket: Free
  • Opening Hours: Everyday

6. Werur Beach

This clean beach becomes its own attractiveness for Werur Beach. The long line of the beach makes this beach seems like a white sand carpet. There are many tall trees that save you from sun light. The dense trees around this beach will relax the travelers who just come right to this beach.

This beach is also resided by the friendly local residents. Feel free to chat about the village and get some information about sorong. Well, Werur beach is one of the top things to do in Sorong, West Papua Indonesia

  • Entry Ticket : Free
  • Opening Hours : Everyday

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7. Pulau Um Beach

This the the best place to visit in Sorong, West Papua Indonesia. Pulau Um beach is a beach that you can see a sea turtle. It is a natural white-sand beach that is appropriate for a beach-going traveler to stay.

Serving you with a calm wave, this beach is located in Makbon district. The natural environment in the beach is still well-preserved, so you will find a wild bats hanging on the large trees. The sea turtle conservation is able to make you more aware of sea environment.

8. Matan Island

If you see this island from far, it is like a little hill floating in an ocean. This island serves you not only a white sand, but also some diving spots that you can try.

Some travelers like this island, because there are a lot of activities that can be done here. Fishing is another recreation that you can do around this island.

You just need to take a boat to reach this island. you also can rent the boat for one day trip. so you will have complete activities, from swimming, diving, playing to fishing.

9. Teluk Triton Beach

You may become a traveler who is amazed with this beach. In this beach, there are lots of starfishes which have beautiful color.

Diving becomes the best activity around this beach. Located in Kaimana district, Sorong, Teluk triton Beach has some rare coral reefs that will learn you the variety of them.

Come to this beach, you will pay attention to howw ell this environment is well-preserved.

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10. Harlem Beach

You must have a strong effort to come to this place. Harlem beach is the beach that is far from central city. because of its isolated place, some travelers who have come to this beach called it as a hidden paradise.

The beach like a private beach that you can enjoy there all day long. The color gradation of the sea makes this beach more beautiful, you will not be bored altough you do nothing. Relax in its white sand, and enjoy the fresh air of the wind that blowing to your face.

After visiting the beautiful beaches in Sorong, West Papua, Now it is time for you to taste some original food from this city. The best restaurants are available in Sorong. Try to visit one of the restaurants, so it makes your vacation a complete package.

More Attraction in Sorong

Indeed, there are many things to do in Sorong, West Papua Indonesia:

11. Kitong Papua Resto – This restaurant has special menu, that is Papeda ikan kuah kuning.

12. Ratu Sayang Restaurant – It serves delicious grilled fish. It is a very recommended restaurant.

13. M-Grill Resto & Cafe – The outdoor restaurant is a good place to hang out. The affordable price for the food makes this place becomes the tourists’ favorite.

14. Dapur Berkat – It has a good combination of cozy place, delicious food, and affordable price.

15. Sunshine cafe – this sea-view restaurant will make you taking a longer time to enjoy the food and drink that this cafe serves.

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Indeed, you can enjoy all the things to do in Sorong, West Papua Indonesia that’s so beautiful. However, West Papua Indonesia have so many tourist attractions which is so natural and wonderful. Thus, the accommodation here is a bit rare and expensive. Meanwhile, just happy holiday in Indonesia!

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