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12 Things to do in Bitung, North Sulawesi Indonesia

by ydrahmatullah

You may not be familiar with this name, Bitung. But, it is a name of a city in Indonesia. It is in fact in North Sulawesi.

The icon of the city is Cakalang fish. Therefore, it is called Cakalang city. It has a complete sector in form of industrial and tourism. The industrial sector gains its advantages for the city.  Cakalang fish is the main commodity in this city. It is stated that Bitung produces the biggest Cakalang production.

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Bitung itself  is actually a name of a tree; Bitung tree. Why is the city called Bitung ? It is because there are a lot of Bitung trees which grow in the  North Sulawesi.

Bitung, North Sulawesi ,Indonesia is actually a mountain and an island area. Bitung is divided into two zones; Bitung land and Lembeh island. The Bitung land lies in Dua Saudara Mountain which has the stunning green mountain. On the other hand, Lembeh island has some attractive maritime tourisms.

Speaking about underwater tourism, Lembeh island is one of the best destination in Bitung. It becomes diving and snorkeling spots for local and international tourist. You will be amazed to see the beauty of coral reef which is still natural.

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Therefore, there are so many tourism places that you need to visit in Bitung. Here are the list things to do in Bitung, North Sulawesi Indonesia. Number one is a must visit tourism spot you need to go.

1. Lembeh Strait

As I mentioned above, Lembeh island has some the tourism places in a form of  maritime tourism. They will be the fascinating places for you to have a vacation. There are two spots that you likely to explore. It is Lembeh strait.

It treasures various magnificent flora and fauna who live underwater. Because of the specialty and the uniqueness of these, Lembeh strait is called the mecca of diver.

To experience the the Lembeh strait, you need to go to Bitung. Starting from Sam Ratulangi airport, you then go this spot by using land transportation to arrive in Bitung. You will take about 1,5 hours for 60 km trip.

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Get some rest in a hotel, resort or villa around Bitung to prepare the trip to the Lembeh strait. After relaxing your body, go to the bitung quay to rent the boat. Its price starts from Rp. 300.000 to Rp. 500.000. Bring all your equipment for diving. There will bunch of experiences that make you forget the time.

2. Pasir putih Baturiri Beach

Admiring and relaxing  at the beach is the best way for you to see the scenery of the island. There  are many beaches in the island as your preference. When you have felt a satisfaction diving, then you can head to the Lembeh island to find out what beautiful thing is provided in this island.

Pasir putih baturiri beach will be your first place to come. Similar to its name, Pasir Putih, this beach  is a white-sand beach that is close to  Lembeh strait. The situation in this beach is very silent. You can even call this beach as a private beach. What you can do in the beach is snorkeling and swimming. The flat wave that this beach has is right for you to do those activities. Sunbathing is a best recommendation for you who want to lie down on the beach. Facing the blue sea and feeling the zephyr are the nice moment you never forget.

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3. Batu Angus Beach

It is a funny thing to know about the name of the beach. Batu means stone and Angus means scorched. Do you know why it is called Batu Angus Beach? Yes, we get the same point. It is because the beach has black stones like They are burnt completely. The black stones lay on the beach line along the island. The beach has the opposition uniqueness from the other beach that we know.

So, don’t think of white-sand beach and smooth sand. It is all black along the way.  But, don’t be scared, it still shows you  the gorgeous nature to explore. See the uncommon things that the beach has, and figure it out the special characters what becomes the best spots of it.

Batu angus beach is located in Aertembaga sub-district. If you want to visit this beach, you just need to take a land transportation or water transportation. It is actually in conservation area, therefore you need a permission from forestry service to access the spots.

You do not need to be distracted by the black stones, just see the clear water which the beach has. Do snorkeling! It will grant you the best underwater view. Feel bored to do snorkeling? try your luck to hike in this area, you will meet some wild animals, such as deer, tarsius, and other animals. As there are many things to do in Bitung, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

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4. Kasawari Beach

The third beach that you must visit in Bitung city is Kasawari Beach. This is the favorite beach for the local people. They bring family to have fun and enjoy the water. It is free-of-charge beach that is to be your next destination.

But, don’t be disappointed if sometimes you need to pay for the entrance, there may be a beach keeper who has cleaned for the beach. I guarantee It will not empty your wallet to pay the ticket.

Feel the leafy and shade environment. Surely you will not get sunburn if you play with the beach sand here. This beach is located in Aertembaga sub-district. You even can take your motorcycle to swim in this beach. Although, you can not do snorkeling, and diving, but you still get some happiness by playing some water sport, such as banana boat, kayaking, and others.

Moreover, There are a lot of food stalls and huts in the area of the beach. Stir your coffee and sip it under the coconut  tree. In addition,  you can taste the traditional food and snacks in this food stalls.

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5. Kambahu Beach

What’s next things to do in Bitung North Sulawesi Indonesia? It may the only beach that I know to be  used for worshiping. This beach will be crowded at weekend, because so many local people visit this beach for worshiping.

Kambahu beach has the clam and silent situation that is appropriate for local people to worship, especially those who are Christians. After finishing their worship from church, there will be so many people come to the beach. As you know that, the majority population of Bitung people, North Sulawesi are Christians.

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6. Serena Beach

It is your choice to visit what beach do you want to. All the special natural beaches are available to make your day fun. Next, It is Serena beach. It is still located  in Aertembaga sub-district.  It has cliffs along the beach line. you can sail your boat to see the natural architecture stone of the  cliffs. Be careful not to hit the high cliff. Just take a walk on the beach to figure it out the small caves there.

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7. RCTI Beach

It sounds familiar to know this name of the  beach. Yes, It is similar to the television station in Indonesia, RCTI Channel. But, It doesn’t have any similar meaning with it. RCTI Beach means Resort Ciptaan Tuhan yang Indah, or Beautiful resort created by God. That’s the local call the beach. Its name is really familiar in the local people’s ear.

RCTI beach is located in Tanjung Merah sub-district. Come in the morning to watch the beauty of sunrise. you can also see the boats sailing back and forth in this beach.

8. Kanada Beach

Kanada beach is not influenced by Canada. But , once this beach was kept and organized by foreigners from Canada. Therefore, the local people called it Kanada beach. It is located in Ranowulu sub-distric, Bitung.

Watch the natural color of this beach. Green trees, blue sky and sea, and white sand will refresh your eyes and mind. Listen to the wild birds around, while you are swimming and playing the sand. Guaranteed, you will come back to this beach in your next travel.

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9. Klabat Mountain

Klabat mountain is the highest mountain in North Sulawesi. If you feeling hot with the beach air, then hike to this mountain to see the stunning sunset. Camp for a night in this mountain, you will also watch a beautiful sunrise, while you are having your breakfast.

Klabat Mountain was actually a volcano. But don’t worry, it is an  inactive volcano. You will hike safely. The starting point of this mountain is in Airmadidi village, North Minahasa District. You need about 11 hours to hike, then you will reach the top of the mountain. the view from this mountain top is so amazing.

10. Tangkoko Mountain

Tangkoko Mountain is a conservation area. There are many various flora and fauna that you can see when you hike to this mountain. It is located in Bitung, North Sulawesi. It is 70 kilometers from Manado. And it takes about an hour from Manado.  The entrance ticket for entering the Tangkoko conservation area is Rp. 70.000.

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11. Dua Saudara Mountain

Dua Saudara Mountain is located in Madidir village, Madidir sub-district and one of the best things to do in Bitung Indonesia. Speaking about this  Mountain, it was actually a volcano which is not active anymore. When you hike to this mountain, you will see Enau Treesin the mountain slopes.

It is intentionally planted by the Bitung administration. It aims to conserve this mountain. There are not only Enau trees, but there are also many trees that becomes a good commodity for Bitung. Local animals will also attract you, such as Tarsius, Kuskus, Maleo bird, and many more.

You need to take a land transportation to come to this mountain. Start your journey from Manado to Bitung by using public transportation. There are several public vehicle that you can choose from Paal Dua or Karombasan Station.

12. Mangrove Ecotourism

This is an interesting Ecotourism in Bitung, North Sulawesi. Visiting Mangrove  is the last thing you need to do in Bitung. Paddle the canoe to go around this ecotourism area. there are so many kinds of mangrove varieties that you can learn.

Mangrove ecotourism area is located in North Lembeh  sub-district. Take your trip to this area by using a Ferry.  Then, drop your bag in Papusungan quay and take the last ride by land transportation for 25 minutes. Or you can save your time by taking  a taxi boat to the Mangrove ecotourism area for only 20 minutes.

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Well, those are the maritime destinations from Bitung, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. The different features and characteristics that the beaches have will make you prepare several different tools for your traveling. My advice is visit all the beaches that I introduce above, you will obviously impress their contrasting atmosphere and enjoy all the things to do in Bitung, North Sulawesi Indonesia such as the Mountains and and lake that are exist in Bitung are the places that you don’t want to miss.

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