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11 Things to Do in Cirebon, West Java Indonesia – Traditional Arts – Beaches – Tourist Attractions

by Yoga Adi

Thing to do in CirebonCirebon is of one many cities in West Java Province Indonesia. The word Cirebon is from a combination of Sundanese words, “Ci” which means water or river and “Rebon” means shrimp. This city is also known by Shrimp City because its productions is mainly fishery, especially shrimp fishery. So, don’t forget to taste that delicious shrimp of Cirebon!

Located in north coast of Java Island, it has tropical climate. The Cirebon city is about 130 Km from Bandung, and 258 from Jakarta. You can go there by your car, your bike, or maybe public transportation like train. However, in this city you may find many tourist atrractions, but keep this in mind. This city is also known for its rains, so please bring your umbrella at anytime as possible, because even in dry season, sometimes it’ll be rain all day. However, you can enjoy some attractions in this city, some of them you can’t find in other regions. Here are all the things to do in Cirebon Indonesia.

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These are places to visit in Cirebon:

1. Visiting Keraton Kasepuhan Cirebon

Keraton means palace, so the first place you must visit is Cirebon’s Palace. This palace is still beautifully maintained and the most magnificent palace in Cirebon. Cirebon’ palace was built in 1529. Before it was called Keraton Kasepuhan Cirebon, this building was called Keraton Pungkawati. That names was used as a symbol of respect to Panembahan Pungkawati I (Prince Mas Mochammad Arifin). The building is rich of history and has a museum inside it. Here, there are many heirlooms collections and Paintings.

You can feel cultural acculturation here, like the walls surround this palace is made from red brick (typical of Java) and the gates is looks like the gate we see in Balinese Temple. The fences of Siti Hingil is also made from Chinese ceramics. Also the gate has Europe carving style on it.

To enter you must pay a ticket that cost around 15 thousand rupiahs for domestic tourist and 50 thousand for International tourists. The cost in weekend is more expensive, the tickets will be 20 and 70 thousand. Plus, there’s discount for students.

2.Visiting Keraton Kanoman Cirebon

This Keraton has many histories of Islamic influence in Cirebon. Actually the Cirebon’s Palace is divided to 3 palaces. First, Keraton Kasepuhan, second Keraton Kanoman, third Keraton Kacirebonan. The location of Keraton Kanoman is in Winoan street, Kanoman village, Lemah Wungkuk , Cirebon. Prince Kertawijaya and Prince Mohammad Baharudin build this palace in 1588.

Kanoman Palace also has a musem inside it, consist of heirlooms, then chariot of Jempana and Paksi Naga Liman. Paksi Naga Liman has two wings in left and right side as a symbol of a bird. The body and front shape is resembling horned dragon with elephant’s trunk. Anyway it will only cost you 5 thousand to enter. This is a must visit place for you who really love in history.

3. Visiting Great Mosque of Cipta Rasa

This mosque aint too far from keraton square and still inside Keraton territory. Wali Songo ( 9 Guardians ) together built this mosque. If you look closely, the mihrab part is consist of three stone seal installed by Sunan Bonang, Sunan Gunung Jati, and Sunan Kalijaga. Quite unique aren’t they? Cirebon Attractions.

However, Mosque of Cipta Rasa has 9 door, resembling Wali Songo. The door towards the main site of this building is made with small size on purpose, so you have to bend to get into the building. The philosophy of this is a respect when entering the house of Allah. To go to this location, you must take your transportation to RA. KArtini street, Kajeksan, Cirebon. This is a must visit place, for you who want to learn about Islamic History and feel its culture as well. Maybe for you who take Islam as your religion, you can take a moment to pray here before continuing your travels, religious things to do in Cirebon West Java.

4. Visiting Siwalk Tourist Park

One of many places to do outbound activities in Cirebon is Siwalk. This park located in Setupatok, Mundu, Cirebon. Beside the outbound, you may enjoy beautiful scenery with green rice fields and hills in this place. Park with 175 hectare width has many activities you can do such as flying fox, speed boat, ATV, Adventure Zone, Fishing Area, and swimming pool.

Other fun activity you can do in Siwalk Tourist Park is rent a traditional boat called getek, then explore Situ Patok that has really nice scenery. You can play golf too, if you like. This is undoubtedly the best place to enjoy with family in Cirebon. To enter, you must pay the ticket, for just 3 thousand rupiahs. Indeed, that’s one of the best places to visit in Cirebon.

5. Visiting Banyu Panas Palimanan

This venue located in Palimanan, Cirebon. Like its name “Banyu Panas” which is Hot Water in Javanese, this is the place for you who want to relax and enjoy hot water. Beside the hot water, you can enjoy the scenery of Mount Kromong. With that, you can enjoy 2 dominant colors of nature. Green of the woods and grey of limestone. This place is also very unique because source of the spring arise in different places. Interesting isn’t it?

Beside the uniqueness mentioned above, Banyu Panas Palimanan can cure many diseases, because the hot spring contains pretty high level of sulfurs. Some diseases that can be cured are skin diseases and the result is pretty good though. This place also has many facilities such as bathrooms, jogging  track, and beautiful gazebo. The ticket ain’t expensive at all, its just 4 thousand per person, and adding 6 thousand if you want to soak in the hot spring. This is a nice place to relax, either by yourself or some companions.

6. Visiting Kejawanan Beach

Kejawanan Beach is located in Pegambiran, Lemahwungkuk, Cirebon. Beside as a beach, this place is also a place for fish management and therapy. Well, this is a happy news for you. The entrance ticket is only 1 thousand, for cars, bike, and other transportation, but if you just walk, its totally free !

You can enjoy either Sunset or Sunrise, in a great spot, right in the middle of horizon. Here, you also can explore the beach using fisherman’s boat which cost around 5 thousand rupiahs per person, you can negotiate with fisherman to get a discount though. The price is only for 1 hour.  Beside touring and enjoying scenery other thing you can do is eating seafood, while looking at the sea. Seems good, that is one off all the things to do in Cirebon Indonesia.

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More Attractions in Cirebon

Beside attractions mentioned above, these are some other places to  visit in Cirebon:

7. Visiting Gronggong Hills

For you who want to see Cirebon city from a height, please come to Gronggong Hills. This location is mainly fills with teenagers, from afternoon till evening because of romantic atmosphere you can feel. The scenery is perfect for you and your love ones.

There’s no need to pay entry ticket, but you must pay the parking ticket which is only 2 thousand rupiahs. If you feel hungry or thirsty, don’t you worry because there are several food stands near the location, pick whatever you want.

8. Shopping in Batik Trusmi Cirebon

Batik is one of many Indonesian-must-have-art. You can have one or more batik clothes here, dont forget to pay though. The unique Batik art is a thing you can only find in Indonesia. Anyway, Trusmi is one of Batik Production Center in Cirebon. The name “Trusmi” is taken from one of Sunan Gunung Jati’s students who teaches about Islam and also tells the people of Cirebon how to do Batik. However, ther’s two kinds of Batik in Trusmi, Kraton Batik and Pesisir (coastal) Batik.

Like all kinds of Batik in Indonesia, those two Batiks are handmade,using stemple, or the combination of both. There’s many Batik motive, such as Patran Keris, Patran Kangkung, Mega Mendung, Singa Barong, Singa Payung, and many more!

9. Visiting Setu Patok

This tourist attraction has a wonderful scenery, also fishing area and waterboom. The width of this place is around 175 hectar. Its only 6 km from Cirebon city. When the sun set, you can see the beautiful reflection of it, right above the water surface. If you wan to go to this place, its suggested that you go by evening to enjoy the bautiful sunset.

If you lucky enough, you can also see Ciremai Mountain. You can also enjoying other activities such as resting at hut, swimming pool, camp site, and also outbond. No doubt, Setu Patok is one of many rescreation park perfect for family, especially in the weekend. Meanwhile, here is one of the best places to visit in Cirebon. In Setu Petok Lake Cirebon, you can feel the breeze and happiness from its beauty. There are outbound, fishing spots, garden, family road, and more.

10. Visiting Telaga Remis (Remis Lake)

Remis Lake located in Kaduela, Pasawahan, Kuningan Regency, West java. You can feel the quiet and calm atmosphere upon entering this place. This place is pretty  huge, considering the its 13 hectar width plus 3,25 hectar width of the lake. For you who want to feel the calm feels, you can take a walk while enjoying the scenery in the walking track provided in this venue, you can also release your stress doing this. There’s also water bike, for families want to having fun crossing the lake. Also, for you who like fisihing, this is a perfect place for you. There’s many kinds of fish you can catch like Mujair and Ikan Mas  which is taste really good.

Anyway, the name Telaga Remis is based on two words, “Telaga” which is means Lake, and “Remis”  which means yellow shellfish that live around the lake. Route to this location aint difficult. There’s good road access if you go through Cikahalang Village, but be careful though, the road has some holes in it. To enter Remis Lake you must pay the entry ticket which cost arround 7,5 thousand rupiah per person. You can park your vehicles, about 500 meters from the entrance.

11. Culinary Tour in Cikalahang Village Cirebon 

culinary in cikalahang cirebonMeanwhile, it would be just useless if you somewhere new without tasting their local dishes. Thus, you must go to Cikalahang village in Cirebon to try their special sea food. Indeed, the place has a very beautiful spots with nature where you can fishing, riding swan boat, then tasting the seafood from its river. It’s a super experience.

That’s it, several things to do in Cirebon, Indonesia. Actually, there’s more thing you can explore, and i want you to find it yourself, and make a great experience of it. Careful not to get lost though. Cirebon has many great memories that you’ll find, many of them are maybe beautiful and fun memories. Enjoy your holiday, have a great day!

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