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12 Top Things to Do In Sukabumi, West Java Indonesia – Beaches – Lakes – Attractions

by Yoga Adi

Sit back, we’re going to enjoy a journey to West Java again. This time, going to Sukabumi. Sukabumi is one many cities located in West Java, Indonesia. Also, Sukabumi has the smallest area of them all. The name “Soekabumi” first used in January 13th 1815 in an archive wrote by Andries Christoffel Johannes de Wilde, a surgeon and also administrator of Dutch Coffee and Tea Plantation. There are several opinions about the name “Soekabumi” Wilde used. The first opinion conclude that Sukabumi is a combination of Sundanese words, Suka and Bumen which mean a preferred area to settle, because of Sukabumi’s climate which is cold. Second opinion says that the name Sukabumi comes from Sansekerta Words, Suka (Happiness, Joy, Enjoyment) and Bhumi (Earth, Land).

However, Sukabumi is located in mid south of West Java, and southwest part of Priangan. Also in the coordinates of 106 ° 45 ’50’ ‘East Longitude and 106 ° 45′ 10 ” East Longitude, 6 ° 49 ’29’ ‘South Latitude and 6 ° 50’ 44 ” South Latitude. Sukabumi also located at the foot of Mount Gede and Mount Pangrango which is about 584 m above the sea level, with a maximum temperature of 29° C.

Beside its comfortable temperature, Sukabumi also has several places you must visit. Please, explore them all. With all of your curiosity, you can “conquer” the all one by one. Ready, Set, pray first, and then Go !

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Right away, these are spots you can start to explore things to do in Sukabumi Indonesia:

Beaches in Sukabumi Indonesia

First thing first, you must visit these beaches. The beaches are indeed beautiful, and really nice to see. You better check these out:

1. Cibangban Beach

Cibangban, a catchy name isn’t it?. If you visiting Sukabumi, don’t you dare to forget visiting this beach. This beach is famous because of the panorama. Better go to this beach with your family, because it’s perfectly save for all ages, including kids. Waves in this beach ain’t too big, so its save for children to play around the coast. Beside the view you can enjoy in this beach, you can also see the clear and clean water. Undoubtedly, the best place for you who looking for ideas or inspirations, because this beach doesn’t have many visitors also the sand in this beach is more soft than in other beaches.

For you who just came from Pelabuhan Ratu, you can continue your travel by visiting Cibangban, because it’s not far from there. Only about 10 km. So please enjoy these 2 beaches in one way.

2. Ujung Genteng Beach

Beside visiting Cibangban, you also must visit the Genteng Beach. Well, the journey to get there is relatively takes time. Although the long and quite tiring journey, it will felt quite light and quick because you will provided with incredible natural beauty. In this beach, you can also visit the turtle conservation which opens at morning and afternoon. But remember, this place is heavily guarded by some Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries officers at nigh. So, don’t try to do anything  funny.

At night, you can see turtles nesting about 100 grains of eggs, and immediately protected by officers. The turtles that have been hatched are returned to Pangumbahan Beach. You can also touch those turtles. Beside that activity, you can also enjoy the sunset in this beach. With those things this beach provided, you’ll not disappointed.

3. Cimaja Beach

If you love surfing, this is the perfect place. No need to travel to Bali, to enjoy those bug waves. In here, you’ll get the same experiences. Located in Cimaja Village, Cimaja Beach is becoming the best place to do surfing in Sukabumi, recommended by professional surfers. National Surfing Competitions often held in this venue. So, you’ll know how great the beach is when you see it yourself.

Anyway, it’ll cost 5.000 rupiahs to enter, and only about 10km from Pelabuhan Ratu Beach. It’s not much to pay for surfing heaven.

4. Pangumbahan Beach

This beach is quite well known, because of it’s speciality. It has challenging waves, ready to crush the surfers. Many surfers come to this place, just to feel its greatness. The location of Pangumbahan is in Ujung Genteng.

Beside for surfing, this beach is also known for green turtles conservatory. If you lucky enough, you can see the releasing of turtle babies to its habitat. So come by, if you want to feel Pangumbahan’s greatness and it’s beauty.

5. Pelabuhan Ratu Beach

Last but undoubtedly not least, the one and only, Pelabuhan Ratu Beach. This is the most popular beach in Sukabumi. It’s popularity is well known across the country. Beside providing the absolute beauty, this beach also has a myth about The Queen of the West Seas, Nyi Roro Kidul which is also well known in Indonesia.

However, Pelabuhan Ratu located about 60km from Sukabumi City, you can travel here either by your own transportation or using public transportation. Pelabuhan Ratu also providing variety of services, which can support your need while enjoying this beach.

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Best Lakes in Sukabumi Indonesia

Second thing, is the Lakes. Sukabumi also has some wonderful lakes you can visit, such as :

[toggle title=”6. Batu Bacan Lake” ]

Batu Bacan Lake is a tourist attraction located in Bojongharjo village, Cikembar, Sukabumi. This place was actually a mining area, maintained by local residents. But as time goes by, suddenly water appears and drowning the meaning area. Then, the beautiful lake formed.

There’s unique thing about this lake. The water is green. Not because any plant, or moss but because do to the sunlight gradient with the rock bottom of Zeolite rock, so that the water in that 1000m area will look green like the color of Bacan Stone. So, the name of Batu Bacan Lake doesn’t the lake is producer of Bacan Stone. This is a must visit if you seeking for unusual tourism spot.

[toggle title=”7. Situ (Lake) Gunung”]

This is perfect for you, if you like nature and adventure hobby. Tourist who came here will see the calm, cold, and beautiful atmosphere of nature. Bringing  peace for those who need it. Around the lake, you can do several activities but don’t destroy or make a mess in the location. You can throwing stones to the lake, or shouting loudly to release your stress. Or you can just lay down and feel the fresh air, air that feel really different from the air in crowded yet full of polution city.

However, the water is very clear. Almost look like a mirror. To get these fresh and calm experience you need to pay the 32.500 rupiahs entrance ticket. What a perfect place to relax especially with your family.

[toggle title=”8. Sukarame Lake”]

Another must visit lake in Sukabumi is Sukarame. The main purpose to ge here is to see the view this lake provided. This lake is also surrounded by a green tea garden that belongs to Tea Plantation Nusantara VIII Corporation. The combination of tea garden and the lake itself is outstanding.

To ente, you only need to pay 1.000 rupiahs. Really really cheap compared to the view you will see. When weekend comes or holiday, so many tourist will fill this place. Many people come to this place on different purpose such as boyscout, observations, or other community gathering. This place is perfect for all things you want to do.


Beside other places mentioned above, you can’t miss these place too, check it out :

Another Tourist Attractions in Sukabumi

[toggle title=”9. Ancient Megalithic Site” ]

Historical sight that you can visit in Sukabumi is Ancient Megalithic Site. Located in Cengkuk village, Cikakak, Sukabumi. Actually, this tourist spot was established because of accidental discovery of some objects in Megalithic Site Cengkuk. Because of the discovery, many suspects that this location was the center of megalithic era turning into metal era.

If you’re fans of history, you better check this place.

[toggle title=”10. Cipta Gelar Village”]

This village is 650 years old, filled with people with a thick ethnic. This place is very unique and will give you unusual and yet unique experience. Cipta Gelar Village is also called Village of Elders, because in this village lived some elders who still hold thick ethnic this village believed.

Unfortunately, to get to this location you’ll have a very difficult travel and you must be extra careful because the road isn’t pretty good. Please be careful at anytime.

[toggle title=”11. Ratu Crater”]

This crater is a well known tourist  spot either for domestic or non domestic tourist. To get there, you have to travel for about 3 hours. For you who like hiking, this place is perfect. Try to climb to the Ratu Crater during the morning or the day because if you go in the night, the stones will hinder your trip and climbing track at night will look blurry. So keep save, and extra careful.

But, the experience you’ll get is much precious and unforgettable.



[toggle title=”12. Bunaiyu Cave”]

Wow, you’ve been in a cave before? If not, you better try to visit this place first. This place is very suitable for tourist who like adventure. The cave is a natural cave, formed by removal of tectonic plates in millions years old. Lifted tectonic plates that eventually formed the cave and being an interesting sight to visit. The removal of tectonic plates also reveals the fossils on the cave wall. It’s not a sight you’ll see everyday though, so come here if you get the chance.



That’s it, several things to do in Sukabumi, Indonesia. Actually, there’s more thing you can explore, and i want you to find it yourself, and make a great experience of it. Careful not to get lost though. Sukabumi has many great memories that you’ll find, many of them are maybe beautiful and fun memories. Enjoy your holiday, have a great day!

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