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12 Things to Do in Cilacap, Central Java Indonesia

by Yoga Adi

After visiting many areas in Indonesia, now come to us to visit another area in Central Java. We’re going to Cilacap this time.

Cilacap is one of the regencies in Central Java Province, Indonesia. The capital is Cilacap City. Its actually near Brebes and Banyumas regencies in the North, Banyumas regency and Kebumen regency in the East. Then Indian Ocean in the south, and Ciamis regency, Banjar city and Pangandaran regency (West Java) in the west side.


After the general information of it, now its time to go straight out to the attractions available in there. Check these out all the things to do in Cilacap, West Java Indonesia:

1. Teluk Penyu Beach

The location of Teluk Penyu Beach is in South Cilacap subdistrict, about 2 km to the east from Cilacap city center. You can go there by public and private vehicle.

At this Beach, you can fish on the edge of it. While fishing,you can feel the wind blowing that will be refreshing your body. Also don’t forget to stop at White Sands Beach which near Teluk Penyu Beach, in Nusakambangan Island precisely.

However, to go to White Sand Beach you ‘ll cross using a boat. Its actually quite cheap. Usually the starting price is Rp 15.ooo, oo / person. Throughout the journey to White Sands Beach you can enjoy the view of the waves and people fishing in the middle of the beach. What an absolutely good place.

2. Widarapayung Beach

Widarapayung beach hasn’t a large area to explore. But here lies the beauty of this beach, this beach l filled with coconut trees, this makes the beach’s temperature cooler and also there are many green plants on the beach that you can find.

Widarapayung beach provides adequate facilities, such as parking lot, bathroom, restaurant, bathhouse, swimming pool and others. To enter the beach widarapayung, the tourists charged with entrance fee of Rp 2500 per-person, The price is fairly cheap. Beautiful yet ain’t too expensive, so what are you waiting for?.

3. Karang Pandan Beach

Karang Pandan Beach has a beauty that is not inferior to Teluk Penyu Beach. The beach is beautiful with its white sand. But be careful if you playing on his beach because the waves are relatively large and also many corals in there.

You can bring your family or friends to visit here. Karang Pandan Beach is always crowded on Thursday wage(Javanese Calendar), because there are some sacred places in this beach. So many pilgrims who want to get the latest news in those sacred place. Apart from that, Karang Pandan Beach is worth your visit when visiting Cilacap.

 4. Permisan Beach

This beach is still so natural, and not much contaminated by humans. With a panoramic view that is so amazing and the pounding of the south sea waves will make the tourists more comfortable in here. There’s also the view of the beauty of small islands and rocks in front of the beach. This beach has its own value compared to other tourist beaches in Cilacap.

To go to Permisan Beach, you can use ship  or boat either from Port of Lomanis or Wijayakusuma Port to Sodong Nusakambangan. Then continued with private or rented vehicle towards Permisan. However, along the way you can enjoy the natural scenery in Nusakambangan Island. Amazing isn’t it?

5. Jetis Beach

Next things to do in Cilacap Indonesia is enjoying in Jetis Beach. Jetis Beach is located in the southern coastal area of ​​Purworejo. Not many tourists know this place. This beach has big waves, perfect for you who likes to surf. The beach has a black sand and it contains iron ore. When you arrived at the beach, you can find many activities like walking along the beach or fishing.

Unfortunately this beach has not been managed properly, as evidenced by the lack of facilities supporting the safety of visitors in the beach. Maybe after the government will take care of it, it will be heavenly beach in Purworejo. However, you can still enjoy the beach though, but keep safe.

6. Karang Bolong Fort

To get to Karang Bolong you can use fishing boats from Teluk Penyu beach to Nusakambangan Island. It will takes about 15 minutes to arrivee at the port of Nusakambangan through the Segara Anakan Strait. Along the way you can see many ships in Nusakambangan Port.

You must visit this place because the charm of its beauty is second to none. The local residents of Karang Bolong area in Nusakambangan are also very friendly to local tourists as well as foreign tourists. What makes this fort unique is two floors on the ground and two floors below ground level. There is also a relic of a cannon that used defence enemy attack from the sea. In addition, this fortress also has several historic rooms that are used as a logistic storage, a place of weapons, soldiers room, to the torture chamber. Locals say this castle seems haunted because of frequent “strange events” that do not even make any sense. Do you brave enough to enter it?.

7. Pendem Fort

Fort Pendem is located in ​​Kebonjati, Cilacap village, Cilacap sub-district, Cilacap. However, at this moment in the inner courtyard has been built several tourist facilities such as Ticket counter and toilet. While in the outer yard there is a refinery owned by Pertamina behind the fort and Turtle Bay tourist beach in the East. In the outside environment of the castle there are also tombs of the Dutch people like the grave of PH.M. Regena Berg, the wife of JN Lagaar Assistant Resident of Cilacap who died July 23, 1888. Also M.Herz Assistant Resident of Cilacap who died 22Mei 1909. The fort is located face to face with Nusakambangan island which also has a fortress, Karangbolong.

Pendem Fort is a building made of plastered bricks, built through several stages. Some parts of the castle that can still be seen include prison buildings, weapons rooms, tunnels, warehouses and kitchens, accommodation buildings, soldiers / dormitory barracks, bastions and scouts, and trenches. The prison building faces north with barred windows, the walls are cold, thick and tall. The shape of the gun room does not vary much with the prison building, because the weapon space is in a complex with the prison. What distinguishes the prison is that the weapon room has two floors. For an unforgettable experiences, you better visit this fort too.

8. Nusakambangan Island

There are many top things to do in Cilacap Central Java Indonesia. Nusakambangan is an island located in Central Java. Although geographically adjacent to the Cilacap regency, the island is not included in the administrative area of ​​Cilacap Regency, but is owned by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights and is listed in Indonesia’s outer islands list. 

However, to reach this island you must cross by ferry from a special port run by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights from Sodong Port then crossing to Cilacap, Central Java for approximately five minutes and leaning on Wijayapura ferry harbor in Cilacap. The prison officers (prison officers) will man the ferry, specifically for the transport of prisoners and also for the transportation needs of the prison officers and their families. But don’t worry, they also take the tourists to their destination (not the prison).

After enjoying those forts in this island, there are still many attractions in here, you must experience it yourself.

9. Srandil Mount

Mount Srandil is  located in the village of Glempangpasir, District Adipala, Cilacap, Central Java. The location of Mountain Srandil actually still under the supervision of the Indonesian Army, which is managed by DENSIBANG (Detachment of Arts and Building). For the maintenance, the local community does it. Mount Srandil is now one of the attractions in Cilacap, Central Java. Attractions Mount Srandil  is actually a small hill covered with trees, on the south coast of Srandil. In the area of ​​Mount Srandil there are some ruins that are sometimes visited by pilgrims.

However, to the south of this Srandil Mountain, there is also a beach that became a tourist attraction and a fishing spot. It used to be around 1980 to 1990s. There is iron sand mining on this beach, and now the remnants of mining seem to still exist. You need to check it out.

10. Cilacap Sea Village

The Sea Village (Kampung Laut) is actually  a District located in Cilacap Regency. The great village consists of four villages, Ujung Galang, Ujung Gagak, Klaces, and Panikel villages. Kampung Laut is the name of a settlement located in Segara Anakan area, which is a water area located on the mainland of Cilacap in the western part of Nusakambangan Island. Access to this Kampung Laut can be reached by land or  sea . If you come from the eastern district of Cilacap, you can take a path from Seleko and Tanjung Intan Harbor. Also if you come by land, you can use the path from the port crossing Tanjung Intan or Batre Harbor to the island of Nusakambangan. If using a two-wheeled vehicle or four-wheeled vehicle it will takes about 1 hour.

The natural habitat that surrounding the Kampung Laut tourism object is very supportive of the growth of marine life. Making the tourist area as a paradise for the  fish that live around the location. For the fishing lovers, Kampung Laut location is a very suitable place to do the hobby. Various types of fish you can catch in this location such as groupers, giant prawns, eel fish and many other types of fish. In addition, visitors can also enjoy a variety of seafood dishes such as totok shells, shrimp crabs and mullet fish that became one of the typical menu tourist location. Looks like a paradise.

11. Selok Cave (Rahayu Selok)

The location of this cave is in the Selok mountains, Cilacap, Central Java, precisely in the south side of a cliff that overlooking the beach. Before 1990, every person who wants to Rahayu Cave are encouraged to walk through the paths on Mount Selok. Because of the tide is pretty big and also due to ethic of ritual in that time. By foot, ritualists will be able to appreciate the true meaning of life. From there, they can understand that the process of reaching a goal is not easy, and not in instant way.

But now, the road to Selok cave will not drain a lot of energy. You can use the vehicle and park it in the parking area, right to the beach in front of the cave. From the parking area, you need to take a short walk about two hundred meters to go to cave. If the tide comes, you can cross over with the boat service there. 

However, this cave is actually not too large in size. In this cave there is a source of water pouring from above the cave wall. This water source is commonly used for bathing rituals, washing face, and some others take the water home with a bottle or cans. For those who believe, the water can be used to treat diseases that exist in the body. Dare to try it?.

12. Cimandaway Waterfall

Many people do not know the name Cimandaway Waterfall because it is not as famous as other waterfalls. Cimandaway  Waterfall is located on the border between West Java and Central Java precisely located in the town of Serang, Dayeuh Luhur District. It has been known by the local community since 1986. Its name taken from the word “Ci” which means Water and “Ma” means Amazed , “Da” means Blood and “Way” means Woman. So the whole of it  is the fascinating water that make woman so amazed. Because of that, according to the belief of local community when there is couple who come visit this waterfalls, they will be united together, forever. So if you come to this place, better bring your lover too (if you have any)

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How to Get There

Its pretty easy to go to Cilacap. You can here by any accommodation you have. You can choose to go here by your own  vehicle, or maybe public transportations like Train and Bus.  Also if you want to go here quickly as possible, you can also take a plane to get here. It maybe the fastest way. Choose whatever fits you.

  • Location

The location of Cilacap is in the Central java with its capital city of Cilacap City. Its actually one of many districts in that province. The location is also quite well known, so its pretty easy to get there.

  • Entry Ticket

Because this is a regency of course there’s not an entrance ticket to enter it. It depends on the attraction. To enter those attractions, you must pay entrance fee. Ranging from maybe 2.000 – 10.000 per person. To have all things prepared, its recommended for you to bring at least 200.000 for the entry tickets only. You can bring more if you also bringing more person in your group.

That’s it, several things to do in Cilacap, Central Java. Actually, there’s more thing you can explore, and i want you to find it yourself, and make a great experience of it, careful not to get lost though. Make a very nice memory of it, and please keep the environment clean, to make the beauty of those places still maintained. Enjoy your holiday, have a great day!

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