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6 Popular Beaches in Pekalongan to Visit

by Ivonne Puspakencana
beaches in pekalongan

Pekalongan is a beautiful city located in Central Java. It has some beautiful and amazing natural tourist attractions recommended to visit. Both local and foreign tourists love to visit this city.

Get to know these things to Do in Pekalongan, Central Java, Indonesia. One of the recommended tourist attractions in Pekalongan is the beach. Pekalongan has some amazing beaches you should visit once you get there.

Let’s take a closer review of each of the 6 popular beaches in Pekalongan. If you love strolling at the beach, then you should consider these beaches once you visit Pekalongan.

  • Pasir Kencana Beach
Pasir Kencana Beach
Pasir Kencana Beach

Pasir Kencana Beach is one of the famous beaches you can find in Pekalongan, Central Java. Not only because it has clean and white sand, but it also serves you the beautiful sunset panorama.

If you wish to find a relaxing spot to calm down your soul, then this beach will be perfect for you. Pasir Kencana Beach is located in Jalan Beach, Wonokerto, Panjang Wetan, North Pekalongan, Central Java. Still in Central Java, you can consider visiting beaches in Central Java.

This beach is suitable for families as there are some facilities provided for kids. There are some arenas, such as swimming pool that will be a fun place for kids. There are also some musical concerts held in this beach.

As the entrance fee, you will need to pay around IDR 5,000 to 10,000. The facilities are complete enough, starting from kids playground, big parking lot, fish market, restaurants and many more.

  • Wonokerto Beach
Beaches in Pekalongan
Wonokerto Beach

Another beach to visit in Pekalongan is Wonokerto Beach. This beach also has some beautiful and interesting spots for taking pictures. Wonokerto Beach is located in Wonokerto Kulon Village, Wonokerto District, Pekalongan, Central Java.

This beach is also suitable for families. Because of its white sand, Wonokerto Beach will be a great place to spend your time with your kids.

You can run around exploring the beach, but if you bring some young kids, be aware of the danger of playing near the beach. There are also some tents around the beach. However, they are not built for the visitors to stay, but only for taking pictures.

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Around the beach area, you will find a pavilion and benches for visitors to relax while enjoying the sea breeze. There are some quotable marks written as background for people to take photos, for example the stilt house.

However, you will need to pay extra money for taking photos at the stilt house and some other spots. It is not expensive, it only costs IDR 2,000 per person.

You can also enjoy some local food while you sit on the wooden benches. It is surely a memorable and fun experience with your loved ones!

  • Slamaran Beach
Beaches in Pekalongan
Slamaran Beach

If you wish to enjoy the nuance of the beach under the pine trees, then you should come to Slamaran Beach. This beach is located in Krapyak Lor District, Pekalongan. You just need to spend around IDR 3,000 to 5,000 to enter this beach.

Unfortunately, you are not suggested to swim at this beach because of the waves. Slamaran Beach is also believed to be the gate of the conqueror of the North beach, Dewi Lanjar.

However, don’t worry because there are some facilities you can enjoy here. You can stroll around the beach, enjoying the sea food in the restaurant near the beach and renting a boat to go around the sea.

  • Krematorium Beach
Beaches in Pekalongan

Krematorium Beach may sound creepy to you, but in fact it is not! It’s named that way because this beach is used to throw the ashes of the cremated body.

Despite the fact that this beach is used that way, you still can enjoy some activities in this beach. Many locals and tourists from other cities come to enjoy the beauty of this beach. Some spots in this beach are also instagramable. You can also enjoy the view of the sunset too!

You don’t have to pay to enter this beach, you just need to pay for the parking fee. This beach is located in Kandang Panjang Village, North Pekalongan, not far from Pekalongan Mangrove Forest.

  • Sari Pekalongan Beach
Beaches in Pekalongan
A crowded Sari Pekalongan Beach

This beach is suitable for families. It opens from 6 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. There are some facilities you can enjoy at this beach, such as snorkeling, toilets and culinary spots along the way to the beach.

If you don’t bring any food here, don’t worry as you will find lots of restaurants here. This beach is also perfect for enjoying the sunrise and sunset view.

To enjoy the beauty of this beach, you don’t have to pay. You just need to pay for the parking fee. And if you love fishing, you can also fish nearby the beach.

  • Mangrove Forest Pekalongan
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If you wish to find a calming nuance, then Mangrove Forest Pekalongan will also be the perfect place for you. Though the location is not built perfectly, it is the one that makes it natural.

This tourist spot is commonly used for fishing and refreshing with families. Also see these mangrove forests in Indonesia.

The visitors can feel the fun sensation while crossing the mangrove beach in the middle of the sea. The wooden bridge is around 1 meter above the sea.

This tourist spot is also used as an educational spot. There’re some gazebos and one of which is a library where you can find a lot of information about mangrove conservation.

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