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21 Instagramable Places in Yogyakarta Indonesia

by Keziamarcellova

Jogja and a myriad of tourist attractions that will always be able to make us happy. existence of social media is very helpful in the development of the world of tourism in Jogja. Tourist attractions in Jogja are becoming increasingly famous and many new sights are destined.

It can not be denied that now one of the factors that interest visitors is whether or not the place is fit for social media. This is what triggers the many places Instagramable Jogja frequented by tourists, especially by young children. Here’s the Non-Touristy Things to Do in Yogyakarta Area

Instagramable Places in Yogyakarta

If you come to Jogja as well as hunting a good place that can be shared on Instagram, then there are some places you can visit. Such as :

  1. Kalibiru
    You may be looking for Instagramable Places in Yogyakarta. This one place is definitely not to be missed from our tour list. Enjoying the beauty of the incised hills and sermo dam from the top of the viewing tower, it must be very beautiful. In this location, we are satisfied to take pictures with a background of natural beauty in this area. Kalibiru nature tourism itself is in the area Kulon Progo. Here’s the Things to Do in Kalibiru

To reach this location from downtown Jogja is not a difficult thing. This is because many people who know Jogja memorized with this location. So it is best for the first time here, can rent a car and driver so as not to get lost later. To come to this location should be morning or evening. Do not during the day because the weather will be very hot.

  1. Runway Aeromodeling Depok Beach
    If the location of this one is very good for our feed Instagram. especially for those who come to this location with a partner. One place is famous as one of the prewedding places of Jogja. This place is actually very simple.

This place is just a runway with a length of 400 meters and the trees and shrubs that we usually find. However, the atmosphere is owned by this location which makes it very popular by those who want to make prewedding photos or just plain photographs. Do not be surprised if you come here to see many young people who are busy taking pictures ria, or a group of young people who are also busy photographing photos. Here’s the Things to Do in Bantul Yogyakarta

  1. Bukit Punguk Kediwung
    Here are more Instagramable Places in Yogyakarta. This hill is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Bantul. Got a nickname as neberi on the cloud is not a mere figment. This place does have a cloud of fog that is quite concentrated especially if the morning arrives. This place is provided with a pavilion tower, and at the end of the pavilion, we can as much photographed.

If you want to take pictures should come at the time of the afternoon, where the sun is approaching sinking between rows of hills. In addition to the sunset sank in between the rows of hills also dutambah with white clouds more beautiful. If you guys come at the right time guaranteed the photos you produce will add well. This place is really Instagramable Jogja really.

  1. Dlingo Tembelan Gorge
    There are many Instagramable Places in Yogyakarta Indonesia. One more country in the cloud that is in Jogja. This place also gives an impression that is not much different from the scenery in Bukit Buah Mangunan. In this place, we can enjoy the natural beauty at this location from the tip of the long tower rail. Come in the morning when the cloud procession we can still enjoy, or in the afternoon we can enjoy the beauty of sunset here.

If we come and take photographs at two times, our pictures will be more dramatic and beautiful. To get a good photo we can stand at the end of this boat-shaped platform. The pavilion here is pretty solid and solid. But it should not be too much to stand in the end. Also, keep the safety. Here’s the  Non-Touristy Things to Do in Yogyakarta

  1. Bukit Lintang Sewu
    This place is a newly renowned place. This is also because of the social media effect that helped. This location still awaits the enchanting natural beauty of the Dlingo area. If you come to this location, then you will find all the bridges that are not too long.

And on the bridge, you will find two gates are also not too big. This pavilion and gate will be beautiful if you come to this location when the sun goes down. The sunset view presented at this location is very beautiful and very interesting. Here’s the  Things to Do in Kaliurang Yogyakarta

  1. Watu Goyang
    One tourist location in the area Mangunan. This location is still very new. The construction of related facilities is still continuing to improve the location of this tour.

The beauty of this one tour located in a position that is on the hill. It makes us satisfied to enjoy the beauty that is in this location. In addition, this place is very suitable to become a place for hunting photos sunset. The condition of sunset in this location can be considered one of the most beautiful sunsets in Indonesia. This is because from the top of the hill we can enjoy the scenery of the hills and the city that is at the foot of the hill. Here’s the Things to Do in Kotagede Yogyakarta 

  1. Museum De Arca
    This time there is one location we must go. A Museum of the first statue in Indonesia. De Arca Museum located in Pandeyan area, Umbulharjo this must be made one place for filling your Instagram photos.

If we visit this museum then we can take pictures and styled together some famous figures not only domestic figures but also foreign figures.

Although not able to take pictures with the original figures at least by taking pictures with the statues in this museum, we can be a little proud.

  1. De Mata Museum Trick eye
    This one museum is still one with De Arca Museum. Being one here means still in the same location that is in XT Square.

If the museum de arca has a collection of statues of famous figures. So this one museum has a collection of 3-dimensional paintings. This painting seems real and alive. It is perfect for filling your Instagram feed with amazing photos.

This place seems to be shown to be an ambassador Jogja. 3-dimensional photo collection in this museum was not half-interest, there are approximately 200 pieces of 3-dimensional photos that we are ready to make a photo object. To help visitors, the manager also installed a small photo next to each photo. This is to help visitors pose to match the photos. Here’s the  Nightlife in Yogyakarta Indonesia Places You Should Visit

  1. Beach baron
    Looking for Instagramable Places in Yogyakarta? Come here! This one location is one of the tourist attractions in Gunung Kidul. A Beach that gives a sensation for us. There is one thing we must do in this Baron Beach. We must try to ride the Lighthouse located on this beach. if we stand on the lighthouse we can take pictures ria with the background of the vastness of the South Sea.

If you come here should the afternoon if you want to enjoy a very beautiful atmosphere. The beauty of the beach is perfect for those who feed their Instagram feeds with beach views.

To be able to enter and climb the peak of this lighthouse we will be charged Rp 5,000.Parga which is quite cheap when compared with the beauty that we will see. besides above this lighthouse, we have to keep the safety of each.

  1. Alun-Alun Kidul
    Alun-alun Kidul or commonly abbreviated to Alkid is one of the night Jogja tourist spot. this place if the night will be filled by a variety of colourful rickshaws. Besides this place will also be very crowded.

We can circle the square of this leash by hiring a colourful pedicab and various forms. If we climb this and send it to your Instagram feed, it is guaranteed that many people will feel jealous.

Because the pedicab is very unique and should not be missed without a try first. In addition, we can also try their luck at the twin banyan in this area.

  1. Waterfall Kembang Soka
    This time the location of the photos you can input on the Instagram feed is in a waterfall. One of the waterfalls in Jogja is indeed quite a famous name.

Soka waterfall itself is one of the waterfalls Kulon Progo. This one waterfall has two levels, and there is a pool that can make a place to swim. For those who like taking pictures ria then this location will be the right place for you guys. The beautiful view of the waterfall and the clarity of the water will make your photo beautiful. 

More Instagramable Places in Yogyakarta 

In addition to these places, there are several other places that show how Instagramable Jogja it. places include:

  1. Mojo Gumelem Hill with its view pavilion.
  2. Thousand Rock Songgolangit with photo concept of Indian style.
  3. Timang hanging bridge with a sense of across the bridge in the middle of the sea.
  4. Swing Sky Watujaran sensation playing swing above the sky.
  5. Pengus pine forest with sky view and city of Jogja at night.
  6. Top Becici enjoy the view of the city and sky Jogja at sunset.
  7. Gangkuk Pasir Parangkusumo enjoys the middle eastern style with romantic photos.
  8. Fruit Garden Mangunan view on the clouds of a beautiful hill.
  9. Hobbit Mangunan’s house photographed with a replica of the movie from The Hobbit.
  10. Asus Pusas Viewer still offers its natural beauty from a beautiful platform.

A place is an example place where instagramable Jogja. By coming and visiting the location is guaranteed, will further enrich your Instagram feed. Remember also if travelling does not forget to keep the cleanliness of the place, let me remain a place that is instagramable Jogja. Happy Holiday in Indonesia!

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