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16 Blooming Non-Touristy Things to Do in Yogyakarta Area

by Yoga Adi

So, we come here again to the famous area, which is know for its culture and other unique stuff called Yogyakarta. Like previously mentioned in several articles before, there are so many cool things to do in Yogyakarta, like hang out in cafes or maybe doing some shopping.

Also beside that, as a tourist you can also visit some things to do in Kaliurang, like many places mentioned in that very article. But, if you want to see another kind of adventure, you can see the places we will introduce to you below that included on our list of non-touristy things to do in Yogyakarta. Check them out !

1. Visiting The Famous Temples

As the city that famous for its temples, of course the first things to do in here is looking for them. There’s one famous temple in here, which everyone already knew, called the Prambanan Temple. In here, you can also get some other benefits than the view of the temple itself.

With the entrance ticket of Rp100.000,-, you are able to enter the temple complex and see them for yourself. Not far from there, there’s also one temple called Sewu.The other things you can get here is the theatrical performance that held in here sometimes.

  • Location : Bokoharjo, Prambanan & Magelang
  • Tips : Bring more money to make donations

2. Eating Traditional Foods in Several Stalls

In city like Yogyakarta, the souvenir hunting is a must. Like you can see in what to buy in Yogyakarta Indonesia, there are some products that really reflected the culture of Yogyakarta in every corner, especially the silver craft that made in the area of Kotagede, and such.

But, not only the productsor goods, in Yogyakarta, you should try the traditional foods that sold in the small stalls on the road side. Usually the will cost you for about Rp10.000,-, and lesser. Gudeg is a must try of course!

  • Location : Yogyakarta city
  • Tips : Look for them in the morning, they are so many during that time

3. Enjoying Night Ride in Plazas

While in the night, hanging out in the busiest spots in the city, the North and South Plaza is the best choice. Beside having such a crowd of communities, the Plaza also offers you something that realay unique and can’t be found in other area commonly.

They are the glowing cars. Even though they are no the real cars, you can still hopin them by paying for about Rp10.000,- per ride. Beside the cars, there’s also a small train that usually favored by the kds. They can circling the Plaza with so much fun.

  • Location : South and North Plaza
  • Tips : Cars are more recommended than the trains

4. Visiting The Beaches Near Gunung Kidul

You guys know the Mount Kidul? This mountain said to be the sacred mountain, and also has this beautiful looking of natural ecosystem. Beside hiking the mountain itself, you can als do some other things, by visiting its beaches.

There are some beaches in here, and mostly they are free to enter. So, they are can be a good alternative for resting after doing hike and other tiring activities. As for the choices, the best beaches titles go for Drini and Ngrenehan

  • Location : Gunung Kidul Mount area
  • Tips : Better bring your own swimming equipment

5. Hiking Mount Purba

Beside the Mount Kidul, there’s also one mountain in Yogyakarta that also becomes trending right now called Mount Purba. The mountain is famous because of the instagram feeds that show us how beautiful the mountain is.

Plus, to go for the top, you don’t need hours or days of hiking like the usual mountain hiking. It’s like 1,5 hours from the bottom to the top. Because of its trend, many youngsters also interested because of that beautiful facts.

  • Location : Nglanggeran, Patuk
  • Tips : Come here in evening to see the beautiful sunset.

6. Learning Javanese Culture in Ullen Sentalu Museum

Looking for places to do some relaxing, Yogyakarta has several options. There are restaurants, malls and also cafes in Yogyakarta. But, if you looking for the educational relaxation, you can go to the Ulle Sentalu Museum. Well, the place is not look like the usual museums in Indonesia, which mostly has this kind of deustch architecture. In here, the building is fully modern.

The place is a very good place to learn Javanese culture through tharts and other intangible assets. With the entrance ticket for Rp15.000,-, a group will be guided to the museum itself, while the guide will explain to us everything about the culture. 

  • Location : Boyong street , West Kaliurang
  • Tips : Come here in group that consists of 25 people to be able to have a guide

7. Exploring Jomblang Cave

Last but not least, is the other unique activity. Beside having some references in this article right here, things to do in Yogyakarta you never knew existed, you can also see his option, an activity of exploring the Jomblang Cave.

The cave itself is the wonderful hidden cave, which has a hole on it, so the sun light can go through. Basically, to enter the place you only need the permission from the Village Chief, if yo bring your own equipment. But if not, you can rent them for Rp450.000,- to Rp1.000.000,- by the staff that located around the area.

  • Location : Pacarejo, Semanu
  • Tips : If you have your exploring equipment, this is the perfect time to bring them

Exploring the cave is not the end of your journey in Yogyakarta. You should experience all kind of unique stuff that you can only do whe visiting the city that famous for its Palace. There are also some of them non touristy things to do in Yogyakarta, which you can find easily below :

  1. Learning Silver Craft
  2. Visiting The Kings Tombs,
  3. Sadeng Beach,
  4. Wedi Ombo Beach,
  5. Gunung Merapi Museum,
  6. Ratu Boko,
  7. Taman Sari
  8. Shopping in Beringharjo Market,
  9. Maliboro Market

Yes, the 16 activities covering the topic of the non-touristy things to do in Yogyakarta. Like you can see above, there are several things that you can’t do in any other place, and visiting Yogyakarta city itself is not an ordinary thing to do, right? Covered up with the thick atmosphere of culture and arts, the city will give you much inspiration and fun experience to get.

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