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15 Best Nightlife in Yogyakarta Indonesia Places You Should Visit

by Yoga Adi

Enjoying the nightlife in several places in Indonesia like things to do in Singaraja is of course a good thing to do when you vacationing in our beloved country. Some place already spotted to became a perfect location to enjoying the night. Night life might be boring and noisy for some people, but if you’re the one that always feel calm and relax and want to look at the specific locations in the different time of day, well thi list can be the best guide for you. Balis is of course is a best place to hang out with friends during the night, but it also has some romantic things to do in Bali, which really fit for two.

Even though Bali is very famous with its romantic attractions, there are some areas in Java island that have the same and their own unique aspects to enjoy during the night. For example, one of those best areas is the Yogyakarta, the city of culture. Even during the day you can see how great Yogyakarta is by visiting some unique places in the city. But, in the night, things might get a little bit different. The places will be more lively. So, the places you should visit or the best nightlife in Yogyakarta place you should visit are exist right below you :

1. Malioboro

In the first place in the things to best nightlife in Yogyakarta place you should visit is of course the famous Malioboro. There are so many good things to do in Malioboro. In the day, you can find just usual stuff in here like the existence of the Dokars and then Becak, and maybe some street vendors that sell you some clothes or something. The things during the days are of course beautiful. But during the night, the things can get a little more interesting. Combined with the city lights, the Malioboro street looks so calm in the night.

The vendors of coffee start to appear, many people call the stalls as angkringan. So there are many angkringans in here that you can find in the night. Enjoying the night by drinking coffee and eating the gorengan while looking at the beautiful view of Malioboro street is actually the best thing you should do during your visit in Yogyakarta. Even tough it looks so simple, but the meaning behind it is so strong. The meaning of friendliness is priceless.

  • Opening Hours : No opening hours
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket

2. The South Plaza

The next place you should visit after the Malioboro street is the South placa that exist right on the South side of Keraton Yogyakarta. This place is very lively during the night, so it’s the best time to visit it. While on the other side, during the day the place looks very empty. Even though the place looks a bit scary because of those gigantic tress on it, but the people’s activities are making the place more crowded and far from the haunted feelings.

There are so many things that can be done in here, it’s actually depend on the events in there. If there’s an interesting event such like concert or anything, the place will more and more crowded by the people around. But even so there’s no good event at all, you can still enjoy the place by taking a good look at the food sellers there. So many options of street foods in here, so be sure to check them one by one.

  • Opening Hours : No opening hours
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket

3. Zero Kilometer Point

Next one is the point of Zero Kilometer that located around the Malioboro street. This Zero Kilometer point is not an attraction, it’s not a venue that can be entered. This one is actually a point or the spot that located precisely in the zero kilometer of Yogyakarta. It’s actually just an intersection. In that very intersection, there are many old buildings that can be a great historic tour in Yogyakarta, but during the day. That’s why the place’s nickname is the path to history.

In the night, you can notice some people activities like the food sellers, people using drones, or seven a community that want to introduce them self the people. Plus the wonderful natural view of the sunset and also the unique city lamps, the spot is the people’s favorite. People from young children to the old people like to hang out in the spot. Even though the place is mainly fit for the teenagers, but some families also come to the spot, just to enjoy the atmosphere of people.

  • Opening Hours : No opening hours
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket

4. Rainbow Park / Lamps Park

In the 4th place in our good list of  best nightlife in Yogyakarta place you should visit, we put the location in the north side of Monjali Monument called the Rainbow Park. With a very cheap price of an entry ticket, you can your family or friends can enter the wonderful lamps park in Yogyakarta. This park is actually included on things to do in Cepu.

This can be a great option to enjoy the night life, because the lamps in there are only can be seen during the night of course. The shape of lamps are so vary, the size, the shapes, and the colours. The place is also a good place for photographer, and absolutely instagrammable.

  • Opening Hours : Opens everyday during the night
  • Entry Ticket : Rp10.000,-

5. Bukit Bintang / Star Hill

One of the best place to look at the best night view of Yogyakarta is the Bukit Bintang or the Star Hill that located on the area of Pathuk. The hill is not less beautiful than the hill in the things to do in Jayapura . The venue is very simple, there are only some “bungalows” to look at the beautiful city view in the night. You can bring your binocular if you want, it really helps a lot.

Beside looking at the city view, you can also enjoy eating some corn in there, and enjoying the night breeze with a warm and tasty corn. They added some ingredients in there, so it might be very delicious taste. Just order one, or two of them to make your stomach more ready in the cold night.

  • Opening Hours : No opening hours
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket

6. Ramayana Ballet

If you are the people that really love the theater or the culture of Yogyakarta, or maybe the combination of both, well the Ramayana Ballet is the best option we have for you. No, even though it’s named Ballet, the place is not serving you with Ballet dance or something.

The place will serve you with the beautiful performances of the actors that play the story of Ramayana, right behind the Prambanan Temple. So, you will look at the theater while you can see the Prambanan Temple as a background. Sounds very epic, doesn’t it?

  • Opening Hours : Opens everyday
  • Entry Ticket : Around Rp125.000,- to Rp400.000,-

7. Monument of Jogja

So in this article we’ll talk about two monuments that available in Yogyakarta in the things to enjoy the nightlife. Like the monument you can find in things to do in Pekalongan, this is also the beautiful icon of Yogyakarta city. Located on the center of the city, the monument looks so great with so many people doing their stuff right around it.

The monument even more epic in the night thanks to the beautiful city in there. The monument is also a base of the famous street stalls of Gudeg sellers, which one of the famous traditional foods in there. It’s very good of course.

  • Opening Hours : No opening hours
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket

8. The North Plaza

After visiting the south plaza, time to visit the other plaza that located just in the north side of Zero kilometer point called North Plaza. While in the south plaza is more lively by the adult and teenagers, in the South plaza is mainly filled with kids with their own parents.

Why? Because in this south plaza, there are so many interesting rides that really fit to entertain the kids. Especially the night market that serves a lot of things to play and enjoy. So, it’ll be a very good place for your kids and family.

  • Opening Hours : No opening hours
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket

9. Monjali Monument

After visiting the monument of Yogyakarta, you can continue your journey to the other monument called Monjali Monument. Monjali stands for Monument Jogja Kembali, or The Rise of Yogyakarta Monument. The place looks so patriotic and epic during the day.

While in the night, things can get so much different. So there’s so many lamps in here or so called as lampions, which looks so beautiful in the night. Even though it’s a very historical spot in Yogyakarta, in the night time you can use the place as a dating place with your partner to enjoy the night together under the beautiful lamps.

  • Opening Hours : No opening hours
  • Entry Ticket : No entry ticket

10. Sindu Kusuma Edupark

In the last place included in the best nightlife in Yogyakarta place you should visit, there’s this place of Sindu Kusuma Edupark. The place looks more like the Surabaya carnival in things to do in East Java because in this place you can find several rides that available in the usual carnival.

The place is so great if you visit it not by yourself, you should accompanied by some people, or at least with your lover to enjoy the place with more lively feelings around you. For the couple, best to enjoy the rides that really fit fro two, where you can your partner can have your own good times together.

  • Opening Hours : Opens everyday from 3.30 pm to 11 pm
  • Entry Ticket : Rp 20.000,-

Other attractions to enjoy the nightlife in Yogyakarta Indonesia

So, there are many places left in Yogyakarta that really beautiful to see during the night, those are :

  1. Oyot Godhong Cabaret Show, Absurd yet hilarious show
  2. Angkringan KR, the best lace to chill out with friends
  3. Gabusan Art Market, a market that has so many unique stuff inside
  4. Vrederburg Fort, are you brave enough?
  5. Pine Forest of Pengger, the best spot to take a look at the incredible Yogyakarta view during the night

So, the journey to exploring Yogyakarta during the night or as our list says as the things to best nightlife in Yogyakarta place you should visit finally complete. With many choices of places to enjoy in the night, you can pick whatever you want, whatever that might interest you as the places to enjoy in your beautiful night. Have fun !

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