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20 Romantic Things to Do in Bali Indonesia (Dinner, Resorts, and Attractions)

by steve
romantic things to do in Bali

Bali, the island of the Gods. A place to calm your soul and inner self. A hidden retreat with so many panoramic beauties and rich cultural heritage. A slice of heaven destined to be shared with your significant other. With all the amazing features of this tourist destination, surely there are plenty of romantic things to do in Bali with your partner. Since the 80’s, Bali has been a popular tourist destination in Indonesia, perhaps even more popular than Indonesia itself. A lot of foreigners fell in love with the enchanting beaches, impressive culture & arts, and serene atmosphere of this small island off the eastern coast of Java Island.

The serenity of this hidden paradise soothes the soul of many visitors. Although several parts of Bali have been transformed into a glorious and happening party scene, most of the island are able to retain the tranquility and beauty of Bali. The peaceful repose of this island makes it ever popular as one of the best honeymoon destination in the world. There’s a lot of lovebirds and couples who would love to spend their honeymoon or holidays in here. The Balinese government and denizens reciprocate to these notions in kind by providing idyllic villas, reclusive resorts, charming restaurants, lovely attractions, and other romantic things to do in Bali Indonesia. Every visiting couple will be truly treated to an unforgettable amorous experience to have great Honeymoon Destinations in Indonesia session. So, let’s grab your lovers hand to Bali right now.

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Romantic Dinner in Bali

What is the best thing to do for a couple that’s on a date? The answer is, as you can guess it, a romantic dinner. It is a staple activity for every lover in the world since the old times that it already became a cliche, but almost nobody ever got bored of it. As such, Bali offers a multitude of exceptionally romantic dining experiences with various background settings. It is one of the romantic things to do in Bali Indonesia that will make your trip more memorable.

1. Cave Dinner at Samabe Resorts
For those with a more refined taste, opt for this unique fine dining experience instead. By combining the exquisiteness of haute cuisine with natural outdoor beauty, Samabe resort offers an exotic experience of a romantic dinner inside a naturally formed cave. Tucked away so blissfully from the outside world without any interference, the cave is a perfect setting for a dinner for two. The pathway that leads to the cave is so beautifully decorated it will almost make you feel sorry for stepping on it. Exotic torch stands are guiding you through the path, with lots of decorations and flowers peppered along the way. These flowers can be formed into shapes or words of your request.

The cave itself is decorated with lots of candles and decorative lights, along with the natural decoration of vegetation and rock formation inside the cave. All of the enchanting features of the cave are perfectly decorated to turn it into an exclusive setting for two. The set menu that they offered range from traditional beach barbecues to a full five-course menu ala a fine dining restaurant. Guests can enjoy some dishes that is specifically made for two accompanied with the occasional crashing wave sound and fresh sea breeze. It is truly a wondrous romantic experience to be shared with your loved one.

2. Candlelight Dinner at Swept Away Restaurant

If you are looking for a serene place that offers a combination of fine dining and magical beauty of an outdoor setting, head to the Samaya Ubud to enjoy the renowned dining experience of the Swept Away restaurant. Here, you can dine on a special table set next to a river that is beautifully decorated. There are more than 100 candles placed strategically along the river that will create an impressive view when lit. The riverbank also adorned with a copious amount of flower petals forming a beautiful decoration to make the dining experience better.

The result is a fairy tale-like setting, an impressive view of a glowing river full of candles seen from a lovely table for two surrounded by pretty fresh flowers decorations in the middle of a highland. The menu that’s served in here is not to be trifled with, either. A full-fledged six-course menu of delicious and mouth-watering recipes are available for guests to complement their perfect romantic dinner setting.

3. Sunset Dinner at Jimbaran

What is more romantic than having a lovely dinner by the beach with a stunning sunset panorama as a background? Especially when the dinner itself is so tasty and delicious it made you feel in heaven. Jimbaran is known as the best place in Bali to achieve all of the aforementioned things. Started out as a small fishing village in the backwater area in Bali, Jimbaran quickly rises through the top tourist destination ranks after the development of a lot of high-end villas and world-class beach resorts in the area.

The sunset seen from here are extremely stunning and beautiful and ever popular among the tourists. The beach itself is so alluring, with long stretches of white sands and a calm water, it really adds to the ambiance that is so perfect for sunset sightings. Due to Jimbaran origin as a fishing village, extensive stretches of seafood stalls and restaurant soon emerges alongside the beach. The seafood came from the freshest catch of the day and was grilled to perfection, creating an unbeatable and extremely delicious seafood dish.

4. Clifftop Dinner at Pan Pacific Nirwana

Set on a green lawn on the top of a cliff overlooking the ocean, this romantic dining experience at Pan Pacific Nirwana is another great place to catch a sunset while enjoying a meal for two. The view only gets better as the sun sets, so it might be a good idea to book the place for a dinner. The table and lawn are decorated with traditional Balinese decorations, candles, flowers, and also lanterns. The sound of crashing waves beneath the cliff only adds to the already romantic ambiance. The majestic view of ocean and rocks in the distance are truly gorgeous and worth every penny you spend to dine here.

For the menu, enjoy the wide selection of local delicacies and international cuisines brought by a professional chef. All dishes are prepared and served masterfully to make your romantic evening better. Feel the grand feeling as you gulp down your meal accompanied with the magnificent surroundings and refreshing sea breezes. Truly a remarkable experience unsurpassable by other romantic things in Bali.

5. Cruise Dinner on a Phinisi Ship

When dinner by the sea or overlooking the sea is not enough, why not having a dinner at the sea instead? Pirate Dinner Cruise offers you the ultimate experience of your lifetime by enjoying a lavish dinner aboard a full-fledged Phinisi Ship. A Phinisi is a traditional ship from Sulawesi, used by the Bugis sailors in the past to sail around the Indonesian archipelago. The model is based on the Schooner ships used by the Portuguese sailors centuries ago when they first visit Indonesia. The crews are dedicating themselves to entertain every guest onboard, by wearing pirate costumes and performing some spectacular shows.

Enjoy your memorable dinner in the middle of the ocean under the swirling sunset that gradually turns into a starry sky, while the ship itself is being swayed gracefully by the sea. To increase the already romantic ambiance, live music and exotic dancers are there for extra entertainment.

Relax at a Resort

Another popular romantic thing to do in Bali is to relax and enjoy the attraction and amenities of a resort. Most resorts in Bali offers an outstanding atmosphere and panoramic beauties unparalelled with other places.

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6. Seminyak Villas

There are plenty of villas in Seminyak area that offers an affordable place to stay with extraordinary facilities. They are the perfect place to retreat from the busy city life to enjoy a serene moment privately with your significant other or your family. Most of the villas feature a deluxe swimming pool and provide a luxurious interior design with high-quality materials. The Seminyak area itself is easy to access from everywhere, with only 20 minutes drive from the Ngurah Rai International Airport and 5 minutes away from Kuta. It is also known as home to finest boutiques in Bali along with many top-notch restaurants and bars to spend your romantic evening more perfectly.

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7. Omah Apik

Nestled in the peaceful vicinity of Pejeng Village near Ubud, this cozy guesthouse is so perfect to those who want to spend their vacation without any disturbance from the noisy city life and party scenes. Their name Omah Apik derives from the Javanese language which translates literally to Tidy Home. True to their name, the guest rooms and cottage are extremely neat looking and surrounded by various well-kept vegetations and exotic plants. Omah Apik itself is a family-run business that aims to indulge the guests by juxtaposing them with the natural environment, creating a more intimate relationship with the serenity of their surroundings.

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8. Tugu Hotel Canggu

This luxurious art hotel is extremely impressive it could be mistaken as a museum or art gallery. The decoration represents the true Indonesian experience from various cultural heritage. Every guest rooms are beautifully decorated in an immersive display of antiquities and other art objects. The Hotel also tries to revive and bring back the long-lost experience such as lavish Indonesian feast from the Majapahit Kingdom in the 14th century, complete with the parades of soldiers and dancers, to the simple traditional meal of Javanese and Balinese people in terracotta pots. If you want to spend your night with your significant other in a mystical tranquility of Indonesian culture, Tugu Hotel is definitely your choice.

9. The Sakala Resort Bali

The Sakala is a beachfront resort that offers a magnificent five-star luxury on the Tanjung Benoa peninsula, which is known for its plethora of watersports activities. From jet skis to paragliding, visitors can enjoy themselves in these exhilarating water attractions. However, spending your days and nights in the plush facilities of the Sakala seems more interesting for those who want a more romantic moment with their loved ones. The modern suites and spacious villas of this majestic hotel will surely please even the most snappish customer. With an impeccable service and exclusive facilities, guests can make the most out of their holiday in The Sakala Resort, be it with families. friends, or significant other.

10. Ayana Resort & Spa Bali

This award-winning resort is truly one of the best luxurious places to stay in Bali. Nestled right above the Jimbaran Bay, this beachfront resort offers you an impressive view of the sunset and a private beach to spend your day with. Boasting 11 outdoor pools and the iconic Rock Bar to guarantee everyone’s satisfaction, Ayana also offers a world-class spa treatment for any guest who needs some pampering. Guests can indulge themselves by visiting the spa to get some exceptional treatment such as detox wraps, aromatherapy massage, deep-tissue massage, spa on the rocks treatment, and more during their stay in this world-class resort. A perfect place to spend your honeymoon with your significant other.

Other Bali Sexy Attractions

Now that you already have a list of places to eat and places to stay, the only thing that’s left is the list of places or things to keep you occupied during your visit. In this list, we have compiled several of the most romantic things to do in Bali, Indonesia.

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[toggle title=”11. Get a Massage Together” state=”opened”]

After a long, tiring day, everybody would love a good massage to their body. Enjoy the relaxing moment of the massage with your partner to make it more intimate and arousing. Or better yet, you can massage each other for the best experience and sensation.

[toggle title=”12. Afternoon Tea at Angelita Tea Salon & Patisserie“]

This trending patisserie cafe is known as the best spot to enjoy an afternoon tea. Patrons of this shop are pampered with a wide selection of gourmet tea and scrumptious pastries. If your significant other is a lover for exquisite meals and pictures, you definitely should take him/her here. Beautiful decorations and deluxe teawares of this place are worthy to be taken pictures of for your social media purposes.

[toggle title=”13. Hike the Lake Batur“]

For those who are the more adventurous type, you can opt to hike the Lake Batur with your lover. Trek through the lush greeneries and dense vegetations to reach a fine camping spot with a magnificent overview of the surrounding area. Truly one of the best feeling that will make you and your partner feel more alive.

[toggle title=”14. Tour the Pod Chocolate Factory“]

Chocolate is often associated with romance, which is why it was given during Valentine’s day as a token of affection. To make a memorable romantic journey with your significant other, we recommend you to try and visit the Pod Chocolate Factory to take one of their famous tours. See for yourself how did they make chocolate out of the cacao pods and beans. Don’t forget to give your partner a chocolate to express your love to them!

[toggle title=”15. Browse the Balinese Silver Jewelry“]

Bali is also known for their silver industry, other than beaches and resorts. There are plenty of silver jeweler and artisans that you can visit, especially around the Denpasar area. Browse through their collection and buy some jewelry or trinkets for your partner to ensure their happiness.

[toggle title=”16. Visit the Marigold Flower Fields“]

You can see a less-known tourist attraction between Kintamani and Bedugul area. An endless stretch of gold, yellow, and orange colors of a Marigold flower as wide as your eyes can see. The place is so beautiful at almost looked like a wonderland. Balinese people use and cultivate these vast Marigold fields as they need Marigold for spiritual processions and offerings. Taking pictures and strolling through this golden sea is truly one of the most romantic things to do in Bali.

[toggle title=”17. Campuhan Ridge Walk“]

This short trekking route is quickly becoming popular among tourist as it provides an unusually romantic experience during the trip. The paved pathway will take you past rice terraces and fields with an impressive view and natural atmosphere. Jogging together with your partner through this path will surely be a memorable experience.

[toggle title=”18. Picnic at Bukit Asah Bugbug“]

There is a secret paradise in Bali that offers an impressive ocean view from a slanted hill near Karangasem. Known as the Bukit Asah Bugbug, the place is a popular spot to enjoy the sea breeze while gazing through the outlying ocean and small islands. It is also one of the best spots to catch a sunrise in Bali, so better get up early with your partner to ensure the best view from here.

[toggle title=”19. Visit the Nusa Islands“]

The Nusa Islands are comprised of three islands off the coast of Bali, which is the Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Ceningan. There are many places of interest that are still unknown to many tourists in these islands, and visiting them might be a good idea with your partner to embark on an adventurous journey to the unknown.

[toggle title=”20. Take a Dip at Sekumpul Waterfall“]

There are a lot of waterfalls in Bali, but this one is perhaps the best waterfall in Bali. Tourists are treated to a sight of streams of water plunging down to the earth in the most majestic way. Feel free to take a dip while you are visiting this place with your loved ones.


With all of these charming and magnificent places of interests and romantic things to do in Bali, you will surely never run out of destination to visit and things to do. So what are you waiting for? Quickly bring your significant other to Bali and enjoy the magical tour of romance filled with  unforgettable moments.

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