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7 Recommended Tourist Attractions in Temanggung

by Ivonne Puspakencana
tourist attractions in temanggung

Temanggung is a regency in the Central Java Province. This regency is commonly passed by travellers while they going to Dieng temple from Yogyakarta or Semarang. However, Temanggung itself has some recommended tourist attractions you can visit.

\Many people, especially who want to scratch off the bucket list, prefer to visit Temanggung. Temanggung offers various tourist attractions, starting from mountain, temples, beach, waterfall and others. While you’re in Temanggung, make sure you read these things to do in Temanggung.

Here they are, the 7 recommended tourist attractions in Temanggung you should visit at least once.

  • Gondosuli Temple
Tourist Attractions in Temanggung
Gondosuli Temple

Gondosuli Temple is located in Temanggung, Central Java. This temple is one of the Hindu temples, just like Pringapus, Perot, Gedongsongo temples. This temple was built by Rakai Patahan, the son of Sanjaya, the first king of Mataram Hindu Kingdom.

Not many people know how big the area was because the shape of the temple is not complete anymore. The stones which are predicted to be the top of the temple are thrown everywhere.

It is quite easy to access this temple. Not far from the temple, you can see the natural view of the rice field, houses of the locals and mountain as well.

It is very relaxing. After visiting the temple, you can buy some handcrafts created by the locals, starting from wallet, pouches, or laundry bag. All of them are handmade.

Indonesia is home of temples, both the Hindu and Buddhist temples. Get the complete list of temples in Indonesia by reading the oldest temples in Indonesia.

  • Mount Sindoro
Tourist Attractions in Temanggung
Mount Sindoro

Mount Sindoro is separated from Mount Sumbing by the Kledung Pass. This mountain dominates the Dieng plateu territory. You can also hike this mountain from Kledung Town.

This mountain is considered as an easy hike for beginners, and it would make an incredible hiking experience. Once you reach the top of the mountain, you will see the incredible views of the mountains: Mount Sumbing, Merapi, Merbabu, Ungaran, Slamet and Dieng plateu’s high ridge Mount Prau.

Dieng plateu is a very interesting place to visit. If you plan to visit Dieng Plateu, make sure you put these things to do in Dieng Plateau in your itinerary.

  • Posong Valley
Tourist Attractions in Temanggung
Enjoy the sunrise in Posong Valley

Posong Valley is another recommended tourist attraction in Temanggung. This site is located in the village of Tlahab, Kledung Sub-District, Temanggung. Posong Valley is not much different with Ketep Pass in Magelang, as both of them share the mountain scenery as the main theme.

There’s also a gazebo for visitors so that they can feel more comfortable while enjoying the beautiful panorama. There are also some outbound activities you can enjoy here, such as flying fox. Feel the sensation of gliding in the cool mountain being surrounded by green trees and plantation areas.

  • Liyangan Site
Tourist Attractions in Temanggung
Liyangan Site

Liyangan Site is as large as 10 hectares, and it stands 1,080 meters above the sea level. You will also be able to enjoy some historical objects, such as conventional weapons and some cultivating instruments.

There are also some reminiscences of grains covered by the ashes of the Sindoro’s explosion. There are also several plants and trees near the site.

Liyangan Site is actually the heritage of Mataram Kingdom during the era of ancient Mataram. Tourists are able to enjoy the historical items and structures there. Some villagers even call it as Liyangan Temple.

Do you love visiting historical sites? Then, you should visit these historical places in Solo.

Regarding to facilities, this place has no facilities, so as tourists, you must prepare everything. If you need some information about the site, you may also take advantage of the help of the tour guide.

  • Mijil Temanggung Loka
Tourist Attractions in Temanggung
Enjoy the view from the top of Mijil Temanggung Loka

This is a new tourist spots in Temanggung. It is located in the Ponganan Village. If you love to take pictures with natural background, such as mountains, then you should go here. Though it is not as popular as the other spots in Temanggung, but Mijil Temangung Loka is one of the places you shouldn’t miss while visiting Temanggung.

  • Watu Layah Temanggung
Tourist Attractions in Temanggung
One of the spot in Watu Layah Temanggung

Watu Layah Temanggung is one of the top tourist destinations in Central Java. Since 2016, this tourist spot has been a trending topic in social media.

This tourist spot has an amazing panoramic view which presents the beauty of the mountains and the expanse of lush pine forest. Besides, if you come here in the morning, you will be able to enjoy the morning mist enveloped around very dense trees and small hills. It surely gives you a comfortable to linger.

  • Titang Waterfall
Tourist Attractions in Temanggung
The hidden waterfall in Temanggung, Titang Waterfall

Last but not the least, Temanggung has Titang Waterfall. The height of this waterfall is estimated to be more than 20 meters.

The natural pool formed below the waterfall is quite deep and you can swim there. Many visitors also use this spot as rafting area.

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